Catch Me

This is a story about a girl named Mae who sleeps with a One Direction member and ends up pregnant. This is the story of the ups and downs of a teenager who's not only pregnant in high school, has a over controlling father, no mother, and a couple who want to take her baby along with the One Direction member in and out of her life. Who will catch this falling girl?


4. Baby

Mae's P.O.V.

"Well. It looks like everything is going great. Would you like to know the sex of the baby?" A pretty nurse with light pink lips asked.


My dad stood next to my side staring at the image of my unborn child. It has been a two weeks since the out burst with Louis. Last I heard, he went off to England. The band was taking a break. Harry and Liam took off to see their families while Niall and Zayn stayed here. I didn't know why but they both have been supportive this week. They even sat in the waiting room as this appointment went on.


"Woah. She's that far along? She doesn't even look like she's showing." My father said.


The nurse looked at my dad, "Everyone is different especially when a mother is so young. She's around 12 weeks."


"She hasn't been taking prenatal vitamins. We just found out two weeks ago! How can she be so far along? Will this effect the baby?" My dad was shaking.


The nurse stood up. She put one hand on this shoulder, "Sir, calm down. I cant promise you that the baby is okay but from what I see, the pregnancy is on track. She will probably start showing soon and we need to start her on vitamins as soon as possible." she sat back down the looked at me, "Now Mae. Would you like to know what the gender is?"


I looked up at my dad. His eyes looked worried. Sweat was dripping from his forehead. I lifted up to kiss him on the cheek then I nodded my head. The nurse smiled, "It's a girl."


"I knew it." I laughed smiling.


We finished up the appointment and walked out to the waiting room. Niall and Zayn were sitting there. They both looked nervous but the second they saw my smiling face, they both seemed to perk up. My dad went to the check out station while I walked over to them.


"How did it go?" Niall asked.


I couldn't help but smile even more when I said, "It's a girl!"


Both of the boys stood up to give me a hug. Niall's hug was quick but Zayn seemed to hold on longer giving me a little squeeze. I smiled even more not thinking this could be possible. But what was I thinking? Zayn is a famous guy who just felt sorry for his mate who got a girl knocked up but seemed to want to help her too. I was crazy to think anything of this. It was just pity mixed with a bit of kindness.


I pulled away from the hug. Zayn was the first to speak, "I'm happy for you Mae. I know you said that you thought it was a girl!"


I nodded, "A mother knows. I just need to figure out what I'm going to do.."


"What do you mean?" Niall asked.


"If I'm going to keep her or find a family for her..." I trailed off. I could tell Zayn was about to say something when my dad came up.


"Honey, we need to get going. Someone is waiting to see you at the house." My dad said still nervous. Sweat was practically pouring out of him.


"Who?" I asked very confused. Gramps and Grandma weren't due back till the 5th and they still didn't know.


"April.." My dad said. My mouth dropped. Oh hell. Here comes the real fun..


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