We Shouldn't Do This

Normally, we want to stay away from trouble. But I guess sometimes, we can't escape. And I guess I was one of those people who got in trouble with love. I wonder how he got to me like he did. I told him over and over again,"We Shouldn't Do This"


6. Will I what?


"Will you Marry me?" he got down on one knee and pulled out a gorgeous diamond ring. "I- I - I- YES!" I cried and jumped in his arms. "Yes!" he spun me around. He set me down and we kissed passionately. "I love you Harley. You're officially mine," he slid the ring on my finger. "I love you too Haz," I whispered. 

                                 We walked hand and hand along the beach. I couldn't believe it. I'm going to marry Harry! "So, guess who I saw at the police station," Harry smiled. "Who?" I giggled and laid my head on his shoulder. "Do you remember the day we met?" he asked. "Like it just happened," I replied. "I saw the gang that was chasing me get a life sentence for killing a guy. Thank God I bumped into you. I could be dead. Plus, I would die unhappy," he kissed my cheek. "So no one is after us any more?" I questioned. "Right," he laughed. "So we can live at your house in peace?" "Yep. But it's our house. Not just mine," he stated. "I fucking love you," I kissed him. "Let's go home baby," he grabbed my hand.

                              "Welcome home bitch!" I heard. As Harry opened the house door, a man stood there and greeted us. I stepped back and his behind my fiance. "Babe it's just my friend Louis," Harry chuckled. I stepped out and smiled at Louis. "Oh who's this Harry? Never seen you with a girl in public," he laughed. "This my fiance Harley," he introduced me. "No way! Harry finally found a girl! And you look younger. Now I think he might have a fever," Louis checked Harry's forehead. I giggled. "Well, I brought my fiance too," Louis grabbed a hand and a girl appeared in front of me. Holy shit. LIZZY! "Liz?!" I screamed. "Harley!" she cheered and hugged me tight. "You're engaged?!" "You're engaged?!" We shouted. "Ah!" We jumped up and down. Harry cleared his throat. "Oh. Harry, this is my best friend Lizzy," I introduced as they shook hands. "Nice to meet you Liz," he smiled. She smiled and hugged Louis' side. "I don't mean to be rude, but, I want privacy with my fiance if you don't mind," Harry stated. "Ohhhh, I see. We'll be out of your hair. Harry's hand will probably be in Harley's hair though," Louis laughed as they left. I blushed and followed my soon-to-be-husband to the couch. I laid my head in his lap as he played with my hair. "I was nervous you were going to say no," he whispered. "Why?" I gave him a look. "Because. I'm nothing but trouble. I thought that you thought if you got with me, you wouldn't be safe," he sighed. I sat up and crawled in his lap, my chest facing his. "I felt safe the moment you put me under that leather jacket in the rain," I kissed his lips. "I just love you," he whispered, his hand going up my shirt. Things started to heat up as our shirts came off. We didn't stop kissing and didn't plan to. I moaned as he started to slide my pants down. "Wait," Harry broke the kiss and looked in my eyes. "Can't we just cuddle?" he asked. "Of course"

                                                       We changed into comfortable clothes. Me in sweatpants and a tank top while Harry just in boxers. We laid on the couch. My face in his chest, our legs tangled, and his arms around me as he watched Family Guy...





sorry so short :(



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