We Shouldn't Do This

Normally, we want to stay away from trouble. But I guess sometimes, we can't escape. And I guess I was one of those people who got in trouble with love. I wonder how he got to me like he did. I told him over and over again,"We Shouldn't Do This"


4. The Shower


                                I awoke that morning and Harry appeared as my eyes peeled open. The sight of him sending shivers through my spine. It has been 2 weeks since the day that I was led to this place by a dark teenage boy. I remembered the night we ran into trouble at a pub 2 nights back...

                                "Don't touch her!" Harry had pushed me behind his back. Protectively standing in front of me as he looked in the eyes of the man who was clearly drunk with intimidation. He had been groping me before Harry caught him. Now I could tell by the way more men had gathered around that there would be a fight. I brought my hands up to his broad shoulders, peering around to see the two men having a dead stare off. "What? You can't blame me for having a little touch of that piece of ass you got there," the man smirked. "What do you want now Max?" Harry scuffed. Clearly the two knew each other. "I want that," he pointed to me. I ducked down behind Harry and laid my head against his back. Harry deeply chuckled. I felt his back vibrate against my hair. I could tell it was a sarcastic laugh. "Well too bad. You can't have her. She's mine," he stepped up. Becoming more intimidating. To any other girl, they would be scared. But for me, it was Harry. And I knew all he was trying to do was protect me. "Oh has Harry become a little pussy and fallen in love with one of his sluts?" Max laughed.

                                 All the sudden, Harry fisted the man's collar between his fingers. He lifted him from the ground as he stared darkly at him. Filled with anger. "I swear to God, you touch her again... Ever. I'll personally hunt you down and kill you. And don't you dare call her a slut. She's slept with only me. Oh and yes, I do love her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me!" he slung Max to the concrete ground. Causing a small amount of blood to drizzle from his head. I hadn't seen this side of Harry. And to be honest, it was kind of sexy. The way he stood up for me and confessed his love in front of other guys. But at the same time, a little frightening. Seeing what he was capable of. I suddenly felt his palm slam into mine. A shiver shooting through my body. He dragged me out of the club. I glanced over our shoulders, seeing the man he had just beat down still in pain on the ground as his buddies ran. I turned my head back to Harry who focused on his car a few feet away. He looked on both sides of the road. We started to walk again but he suddenly stopped in his tracks. I peered into his eyes that were now darker than usual. "If someone ever lays a finger on you, you call my name. Got it?" he yanked my arm. I nodded nervously as we walked across the road, my body pinned closely to his. He opened the door and I slipped in. He shut the door and I watched as he walked to the other side of the car. The lights off the street lights making his dark brunette curls glisten even in the dark night. He climbed in and shut the door, placing a hand on my knee. I jumped as his hand wandered up my thigh and across my crotch. Harry leaned in slowly and bit my ear. His hot breath tingling my neck, giving me goosebumps.  "I love you. So much," his wet, plump lips met my cheek before he inserted the key and cranked the ignition. 

                                                                  I shook my head, feeling a small smile at the edge of my lips. I wriggled out of Harry's strong arms, climbing out of bed. I was wearing nothing but Harry's shirt and my hot pink laced underwear. I smelled myself. And then found I needed a shower. I wandered over to the drawer, fondling for something to wear. I picked one of Harry's t shirts. Harley Davidson. I was named after that. I walked quietly over to my purse, grabbing some lace underwear. Black. I checked Harry once again, seeing him sleeping peacefully. He looked like an angel. My fighter. My protector. My angel. I smiled and walked out of the room, closing the door slowly and quietly. I tip toed to the door labeled Bathroom. I turned the knob to open a dark room. I flicked the light, the bulb illuminating the room. There was a mirror that was a little big. From my head down to my waist. I set my clothes I had just picked on the counter, along with my underwear. I looked in the mirror once more before pulling my t shirt over my head. I slid my shorts and panties down my legs and placed my hands behind my back. I unhooked my bra. Letting it fall. I walked to the tub, turning on the water and then pulling up the knob. The water from the faucet stopped as the water transmitted to the shower head. I put my hand under the water to check the temperature. The warm water tingled my fingers. I climbed in. Feeling the tiny jets of water splash against my bare skin. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. Enjoying the warm sensation. I massaged my scalp. Wetting my hair more and more with each hand movement. 

                                                  I heard the door of the bathroom open and shut over the loud sounds of the heated water coming from the  shower head. A lump formed in my throat as the tall dark figure of Harry appeared behind the curtains. And then I realized, if he comes in here, I have no way of escaping without him seeing every last bit of who I am. "Harley," his low raspy voice made me jump causing me to almost fall. "I'm in here Harry," I spoke. Hoping he would turn back and leave the room. But he didn't. I slowly stepped away from the pouring water. It now shooting down my bare thighs as I peered  around the curtain. There he was. Harry. I watched as he held the sink and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He exhaled, as if he were pep talking himself in his mind. He started to turn so I quickly went back behind the curtain that now separated him from me. I looked through the grey curtain, trying to make out his movements. I saw as his hands moved to the bottom of his shirt, peeling it off. I gasped as he slid his boxers down. And now, for the first time, I see Harry. All of him. But just barely. He slowly made his way to the opening in the curtain. No no no no! He cannot see me naked! His hand was just about to pull the fabric back as I yanked it closed. But he was too strong. He opened it. I stepped back further into the water as his foot appeared. I watched as he fully entered into the shower. His back turned to me as he slowly closed the curtain. There stood the two of us. Naked. I was wet while he was still a little dry. He was slowly turning so I quickly turned in the other direction so he couldn't see my most insecure places. My stomach, my breast, my um... pubic hair. All of those were places that I kept hidden. I heard footsteps come closer to me. I jumped as strong arms wrapped around me. His hands settled just above my crotch. I shook in his hands. "It's okay love. It's just me," Harry whispered as he kissed my neck. The hot water splashed us. My back pressed firmly to his chest. His hands slid up my curves before landing on my stomach. I gulped nervously. "Babe, you feel so beautiful," he trailed his kisses up my neck and to the side of my jaw. His hands moved up, landing on my breast. I moaned and laid my head back on his shoulder. Then, his hand moved south. Slowly reaching down to the tip of my pubic hair. Slowly, they trailed down. His fingers inside the "flaps". He rubbed fast as I moaned. I gasped as I felt his erection rub against the bottom of my crotch. "You feel that?" he pressed my hips closer to his. Feeling every inch of him. "That's how much I want you," he growled which sent goosebumps running all through my body. I want him. Now. "Harley, mmmm, you're so wet baby," he moaned, running his fingers up and down my crotch. I turned around, pressing my chest to his and feeling his crotch make contact with mine. He bit his lip. He looked so good. His toned abs were dripping and his hair was damp. I ran my fingers through his hair then kissed him deeply. He picked me up. My legs now spread across his abs as my legs wrapped around him. His hands trailed down my back and squeezed my bum. "Harley, beg for me. God, beg for me," his heavy breathing was visible. I gasped and answered him. "Harry, I want you inside me. I want you to push me up against the wall and pump in and out of me. God, Harry, I want you to make love to me!" "God Harley!" he forced himself into me. I gasped and held onto his biceps as he had me on the floor, pumping in and out of me.  The water hitting us, making it hotter. We kissed passionately as the moans escaped us. He pumped in me faster as I was about to go over the edge. "Harry!!!" I dug my nails in his back as I exploded onto him. "HARLEY!!!" he panted hard. Screaming my name. He thrusted two more times hard before finally reaching his climax and landing onto me. Both of us breathing hard as the water continued to pour. "Harley, you're amazing," he gasped for air. "And you were unbelieveable," I bit his lip. 


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