The Heros Quest Chronicles: Orehs Adventure by Megan McClung

The world is changing, and nothing anyone can do will stop it. Only the Hero's of legend can keep the world from falling into darkness and despair. Will they succeed? Or will they fail and plunge the world of Arantarios into a never ending cycle of terror?


2. Foreword

I realize that many people dislike books about magic and sorcery. However despite that my book does contain these two things, I want everyone to know that that is not what my book is about.  The Heros Quest Chronicles is about a man who defies the natural order of life as his world know it in order to protect those he cares for. This series (yes I said series) is about the importance of friendship and love, and how one can overcome any obstacle as long as you believe in yourself, and the ones around you.  

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