It Was For The Best

Harry and Monique have been dating for 5 months now, but as Harry’s dream to become a world famous singer starts to build up…Monique finds out news that will change her life forever…… she’s pregnant. She knows that Harry is finally living his dream and she doesn’t want to ruin it so she decides to leave him and raise the baby by herself. But what happens when they bump into each other again. Was it faith telling them they were meant to be together and live as a happy family or will they go back to their own separate ways and think it was just a coincidence?

P.S. This is my first book so I hope I do well and I hope you like it. Love Ya!!! <3


1. Shocking News

Chapter 1: Shocking News

One Direction was on a break because they just finished their Canadian Tour and Harry and the boys decided that they would all sleepover at Louis’ house just to hangout a little bit more. While they were there I just sat in the bathroom looking at the pregnancy test in complete shock. “I-I’m pregnant” I said to myself. Tears were rolling down my face but I didn’t know if it was for joy or sadness. I was happy to have a child but I’m only 17 I don’t know how to raise a child yet and I can’t tell Harry because he’s finally living his dream and I can’t ruin it for him. I have to leave him; more tears were rolling down my face now. I decided to go back to the U.S. so I went online to check the earliest flight back to the U.S. There was one flight that would go to Baltimore, Maryland at 10:00 p.m. tonight. I remembered my best friend lived there and I knew she would say that I could stay at her house so I booked myself on the flight. After that I called her.

“Hello?” Mitchy said

“Hi Mitchy. It’s Monique.” I said to her

“Oh hey Monique. Wow it’s been a really long time since I’ve talked to you!” She said

“I know it has, but can I ask you a question?” I asked

“Sure, what is it?” She wondered

“I’m going back to the U.S. tonight and I was wondering if you could pick me up at the airport and if could stay at your house until I have some other place to settle down in?” I told her

“Sure, but why I thought you were living with Harry. Did something happen between you two?" She asked getting concerned.

“Nothing happened between me and Harry. It’s a long story. I promise I’ll tell you when I get there.” I answered.

We both hung up and I started packing, and then I wrote Harry an ‘I Love You, Goodbye’ kind of letter. After I finished I looked at my watch and it was exactly 8:50 p.m. I decided to walk around the house a little bit because this house was very special, this was where he asked me to be his girl friend, this was where we had our first kiss, and this is where I lost my virginity to him (sorry I know that was kinda nasty). I looked back at my watch and it was already 9:03 so I put everything I packed in my car and drove to the airport.

-Skip Plane Ride-

I finally got out of the plane and I saw Mitchy standing there waiting for me. I walked up to her and she squealed and gave me a really tight and long hug.

“I’ve missed you so much” She said getting a little teary.

“Me too” I said back.

We got to her house and she helped me carry my luggages inside. We put it in the guest room then we went and sat on the bed.

“Spill” She said

“Mitchy, it’s the middle of the night and I’m tired can we talk about it tomorrow” I whined.

“Fine” she sighed

She left the room and went to go to sleep. I got my PJ’s out of my luggage and wore them, and then I went to sleep.

------------------------------------------------------------Author's Note-------------------------------------------------------

This is it for tonight guys! I hoped you liked!! I will try and update everyday.

Love Ya!!! Bye!!!!<3 :D



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