Learning to Let Go

Ariana Murphy knew since she was little that she wanted to perform.She loved playing all sorts of instruments and she had a beautiful voice as well.When she was 17,she got accepted into a program at school for musical prodigies.She was a really hard-working student and she kept her grades up.But what happens when she meets a very "special" blue-eyed beauty at school.Will falling for him distract her from school work?


1. Chapter 1

 Ariana's P.O.V :

It was only fall but the weather outside was already freezing.I grabbed my sweater,jumped out the window and dashed for the forest.I could hear him,running out the door,stumbling over twigs on the way.He quickly glanced both ways when his icy blue eyes met mine.As hard as I tried,I couldn't keep him from catching up.He was really fast too.Of course,my bad luck had to get in the way because as I was looking over my shoulder at him,I didn't notice the large branch right in front of my forehead.I caught a quick look at it before I smacked right into it.Then,everything started to fade and darken.As this happened,I felt a pair of hands grab my arms.Suddenly,I heard a loud noise,but I couldn't hear it very well.The noise started to get louder to the point where I could hear it very clearly......


My eyes fluttered open.Another nightmare.Ever since my mother died I've been having dreams much like that one.But,I've always thought that they were "signs" of some sort.Then I thought of something even scarier.Monday.Ugh I hated school,I always have and I always will.You would thin that since I'm in college now and I am pretty much an adult that I would've learned to be more appreciative.NOPE.I crawled out of bed and dragged myself to the bathrooms down the hall.After soaking myself in the water,I walked out to get dressed.When I noticed that my room mate Aubrey wasn't there,I quickly stumbled towards my alarm clock.Crap,7:45.I must've showered longer than I thought.I threw on some jeans,a plain white t-shirt with a plaid shirt that I left unbuttoned,and my bright blue converse.I grabbed my bag and ran out of my dorm.


I was about halfway through class when a thought passed my mind and a grin crept across my face.The only thing that could make me smile during class was MTS.MTS is a program that I go to for musically talented students.I've always wanted to be a singer when I was younger and that program might be able to help me.The student with the highest GPA and wins the competition at the end of the year gets the chance to sign with Syco.Since summer was coming up pretty soon,I tried my best to keep my grades up and constanly practiced.At the end of class,I packed up my things.I reeaally couldnt wait for my next class.I rushed straight out the door,not wanting to waste another second.MTS was what made staying here so much better.I started doing covers on YouTube ever since I started the program,which was 3 years ago in my freshman year of highschool.Doing covers have let me meet some really awesome people and I'm lucky to be able to be doing this.If I hadn't been daydreaming I would've noticed the boy in front of him instead,I bumped straight into him,knocking over the drink he had in his hands.As soon as it flew to his shirt , I realized that I reaaaally shouldn't have done that....


 Hey guys!This is my first story soo sorry if it kinda sucks.Umm...like,comment,and favorite and I'll update later :)

     -Kayla :)

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