Beneath Your Beautiful (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Looking back. Replaying a story, when Jo is forced into a auction for charity by her best friend Lizzie, her world gets turned upside down. Can one night really change her life forever? Will one curly haired boy be able to show her how beautiful she really is, and what it means to be loved?
You've carried on so long, You couldn't stop if you tried it.
You've built your wall so high That no one could climb it, But I'm gonna try.
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect? Take it off now, girl, take it off now, girl
I wanna see inside.
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?


7. Well Hello Jo... And Harry

"Hey." Harry said shyly as he stood at my front door, roses in hand. 

"Hi!" I replied painting a smile on my lips. He smiled and shoved the roses in my direction. 

"Hope you not allergic to roses too!" I chuckled along with him. 

"Thankfully no. Thanks." I blushed putting them on the kitchen table. 

"So, where are we going this lovely evening." I asked letting out the window shield. 

"Um... A restraunt up the road." He nudged his head toward the road up ahead. 

"Oh, classy." I sniggered as we pulled up to the restraunt. 

The inside was truly as stunning as the outside. a candeler dangled high above, the color scheme simple yet effective. Creme walls balanced the dark blue accents that were found in almost everything else. 

"Every classy." Harry smiled smugly at my comment. Which then earned him a elbow in the ribs. 

"Here you are Mr. Styles.  Is there anything I can get you before I leave?" The waitress asked sweetly. "Um... No I think we're good." Harry looked at me then nodded in agreement. 

"Okay! You two enjoy your dinner!" She beamed winking at me as she walked away. 

My eyes wondered the room aimslessly, my eyes then glued to a pair of dark brown pair. 

He smirked before I abruptly pulled away a avoiding his gaze. 

His eye melted holes into my skin as he stared me down. 

"What's wrong?" Harry asked after several minutes of me glancing back to see if he was still there. And he was. 

"Oh, nothing really..." I lied. 

"Don't believe you tell me what's wrong?" He stared intently into my eyes. 

"Um....okay. There is this guy.... Tom. He had asked me out. But I got caught up with you and ended up never contacting him back. Now he's here. And staring at me. " I stuttered til it all came pouring from my mouth.

"that dude! He was the one that was bidding against me." He peered over my shoulder before looking back at me. 

"He is staring..." He mumbled. 

"It's okay. I don't like him. " 

I reassured. 

"Well hello Jo....and Harry." 


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