eyes that lie

when one direction move into a house that use to be nialls great grand father but sherley doesnt appreciate them moving in... themaids been living there so they know what the house is all about ..would they tell niall and the boys about sherley? what will happen when zayn opens the forbidding door? would someone fall in love with something that is not there


5. please explain

Niall POV

i walked down stairs right in time to see all the boys walk in the living room 

"so what did you guys find around the house" i said sitting down on the couch

"well i meet this girl her name is sherley she was beautiful she had black hair and blue eyes" harry said

"shut up harry you find every girl beautiful" zayn said and we all laugh since it was true

"well i found some girl name scar she said we shouldnt open the door at the end of the hall way so we shouldnt open it"

"oops i opened that room" zayn said in a low voice and we all looked at him and all i could hear was 'what' and 'what would happen if we did'

"we need to find scar she said that door is forbidden to be open" i said in one breath

"you called" i heard someone call from behind me 

"Oh scar its you that was fast" i said looking shocked

"what will happen if someone open the forbidden door" louis said right away

"well we cant talk about that" she said and harry didnt waist any time on telling her that zayn open the door

"what did you see when you open the door" she sad walking up to zayn

"well all i seen was this weird room full with red and black stuff" he said 

"did you see someone come out of the room" she said walking up to him closer

"no i didnt i closed it right away" he said stepping back

"good she didnt escape just dont ever open that door"scar said

she walked away to the kitchen i followed her but once i got there she was gone 

"wow shes fast" i said in a low voice


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