eyes that lie

when one direction move into a house that use to be nialls great grand father but sherley doesnt appreciate them moving in... themaids been living there so they know what the house is all about ..would they tell niall and the boys about sherley? what will happen when zayn opens the forbidding door? would someone fall in love with something that is not there


4. open doors

Zayn POV

i followed niall up stairs but he disappeared once i got there so i decided to look around i seen a room at the end of the hall way and walked up to it i reached for the door knob and i oped the door once i did i felt a cold air rush threw me but i just ignored it and walked in all i seen was this weird room (picture at the bottom)it was weird looking so i just closed the door and walked away to my own room looking for all my mirrors but i couldnt find them so i just  fell asleep thinking ill go buy some mirrors later on today

Harry's POV

i didnt really bother to even look around the house since i knew where most of the stuff where at i walked to the kitchen after a few moments and i seen a girl around her 19 perfect i walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder and cleared my throat she turned around like i wanted her to she has blue eyes and black hair you dont see that much she had a short black dress with combat boots

"well hi im harry and you are" i said introducing my self

"im sherley why are you here" she said narrowing her eyes at me 

" well you see this is niall's great grand fathers house and he passed it to niall why are you here and how did you get here" i said explaining why i was here

"well i been living here for the passed years and i was locked in my room and some one opened it letting me out a couple minutes ago" she said sitting down and fixing her dress

"well would you like to go outside sherley" i said reaching my hand out to her

"No i cant go outside this house" she said rapidly

"why cant you" i said with a questioned look

"because my world is just like that okay" she finally said and walked away


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