eyes that lie

when one direction move into a house that use to be nialls great grand father but sherley doesnt appreciate them moving in... themaids been living there so they know what the house is all about ..would they tell niall and the boys about sherley? what will happen when zayn opens the forbidding door? would someone fall in love with something that is not there


1. news

*the boys are not famous but know each other *

Niall POV 

so today i got a call that my great grand father is passing his mansion on to me i cant believe it im planning to move over there but i want the boys to move in with me too so i have to see what they want to do

i started walking to the living room of our apartment to go deliver the news to the boys 

"hey guys come over i need to tell you something" i yelled once i was there they all rushed in from there rooms

"what is it" liam asked me right away

"well i just got of the phone with my dad and turns out that my great grand father is passing down his mansion to me and i was wondering since we all like here together you know you guys would like to move in over there with me too" i said once i finished they all had shocked faces

liam looked at every one and finally spoke

"yes we will finally we can practice and not have the neighbors complain because its 12 at night" he said jumping up and down

"well lets get packing the sooner the better right" i finally said and they all rushed to there rooms while louis when to go get boxes 

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