A New Change

Best Friends Or Two Lovers? Harry Styles Just So Has Fallen For His Best Friend, Emily. She's The Girl Wanted By Every Guy. She Has Some Deep & Dark Secrets That She Shares With Some. Does Harry Have Competition? Especially When He Thinks She Loves Him?...


8. What To Do?

Chapter 6:

~Phone Call~

Me: Woah There. Go Back. What Happened?!
Nurse: A Young Man Has Been Calling Your Name For The Past Half An Hour. He Has Just Recovered From An Accident This Morning. I Believe His Name is Har-

'Please Don't Say It' I Was Thinking.

"-Ry Styles. Do You Know Him?
Me: Yes Ma'am. 
Nurse: Please Report Here Immediately. 
I Hung Up. 

On My Way To The Hospital, I Bought Harry A Flower Bouquet- To Slap Him With! Then I Started To Talk To Myself. "I Know It Couldn't Have Been His Fault. But What If It Was?! And I Know That Harry's Lucky He Survived, But I'm Still Mad." After About 15 More Minutes Of Talking To Myself About How Mad I Was At Harry, I Reached The Hospital. 

The Security Were Busy Holding Back Fans So I Just Drove Right Into The Parking Lot. I Used The Lift, I Mean Elevator- Woah, Ive Been Hangin With Harry Too Long, Haha- Up To The Receptionist's Desk. 
Me: Hi, Im Emily Sandoval, Im Here To See Harry Styles.
Receptionist: Yes, And So Are A Thousand Other Girls. I Need ID Ma'am. 
Me: *Takes Out ID* Here Ya Go...
Receptionist: *Examines ID And Hands Back* Second Floor Ma'am. 

I Walk Back To The Lift, Ugh, Elevator-This British Thing Is Weird, Next Thing Ya Know, I'll Be Calling Fries Chips- And Went Up To The Second Floor. Which Door? Lets Try Them Out.. I Opened And.. I'm Not Quite Sure What. The Patient's Mouth Is Wide Open And The Doctor Just Took Out His... Tonsils?! EW! I Slammed The Door Shut And Heard Harry's Name. I Ran Into The Room From Which The Noise Came From. " "Harry!" The Nurse Was Yelling. I Laughed And As Soon As Harry Heard, He Yelled, "Emily!" The Nurse Calmed Down, "Oh, So You're Emily? Harry's Been Waiting. He Just Wouldn't Listen Till He Saw You." I Smiled At Her And She Took Me Outside. 

"There Is This Rare Disease- Well, I Wouldn't Say Disease, More Like Sickness- Called Fantasia Where Your Brain Cells And Emotional Feelings Combine In A Way That Everything That Harry Wants To Believe Or Wants In General, He Convinces Himself It's True." 
"I'm Not Catching On...?" I Said Confused. 
The Nurse Thought For A Second Then Said, "Say, If Harry Ever Wanted To Marry You, And If He Wanted It Very Bad, This Sickness Would Allow Him To Think You Two Are Married. If He Wants Anything Bad Enough, He'll Convince Himself It's True." 
I Sighed. "Oh. I Get It. Will It Wear Off?" "It's Unpredictable. If The Sickness Is Bad Enough, It Can Grow, But If He Remembers Everything By A Couple Of Weeks, It's Gone. It's Always A Good Sign If He Starts To Remember." The Nurse Brought Harry Outside And We Left Leaving Her A 'Thank You.' What To Do Now?

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