A New Change

Best Friends Or Two Lovers? Harry Styles Just So Has Fallen For His Best Friend, Emily. She's The Girl Wanted By Every Guy. She Has Some Deep & Dark Secrets That She Shares With Some. Does Harry Have Competition? Especially When He Thinks She Loves Him?...


6. Ruined

Chapter 4: 
I Listened Carefully At The Beginning, Having Some Hope That There Could Be A Change In Topics. He Started, "Last Summer, I Had Told You. But Now, I Feel It More Than Ever." I Tried To Hold It In. "Im In Love With You." I Didn't Scream, Thankfully, But I Did Jerk My Hand Away From His. I Had To Tell Him Sometime. "Harry. I Can't. I'm With Someone. And I Just Can't Say Yes.He's The Reason I'm Busy Tonight." He Stood Up And Smiled. "Oh Well, YOU'VE JUST BEEN PRANKED!" I Hugged Him And Said, "Don't Do That!" Even Though I Knew This Was Just A Cover Up, I Went Along With It. There Was A Long Silence Which Was Broken By Harry's Voice. "Well, When Were You Going To Tell Me?! Who Is The Lucky Guy?!" You Sat Him Down And Told Him Everything. How Ryan Went To Your Middle School And That He's Back For High School. And Everything Else. 

**Hours Later** 

"Well, I Better Get Going." Harry Dropped Me Off To My Car. "Hey, Can I Sleep Here Tonight? I'm Kinda In A Fight With My Mom.." He Nodded And I Left Without Hearing A Word From Him. I Felt Terrible. I Didn't Know What To Do So I Just Went Along With The Rest Of The Day. 

**At The Date**

"What Did You Do Today?" 'Oh Nothing, Just Ditched School And Found Out My Best Friend Loves Me But Lied To Me So I Could Be With The One I Want' I Thought. "Nothing Much." The Whole Date, Ryan Tried To Talk To Me But I Kept Putting Him Off. I Was Feeling Too Guilty About This Whole Day. I Even Asked To Leave Early. When Ryan Asked If I Wanted To Come Over Tonight, I Agreed. I Didn't Wanna Bother Harry Anymore. On The Car Ride Home, Ryan Asked Me, "Emily, What's Wrong?" "Is It That Obvious?" "Hmmm." I Told Him The Truth. "Well, We Can Always Take A Break. I Mean, I've Noticed Lately, We Haven't Gotten On Much As We Used To And I Know You Need Your Space. When You're Happy, Im Happy." We Reached His House And I Sat On His Sofa. He Took A Seat Next To Mine. I Kissed Him On The Cheek And Laid My Head On His Shoulder Saying, "I Love You." I Grabbed The Bottom Of His Shirt And Pulled It Up A Bit. He Grabbed My Arm And Placed It On My Lap. "No Sex Today. Just Goodnight." Ryan Kissed Me On The Forehead And Walked Me To His Room. I Made Him Stay In The Room As I Changed Into One Of His Baggy Shirts. He Tucked Me In And Went To Sleep. I Turned On My Alarm And Slowly Fell Asleep. 

**In The Morn** 

I Woke Up. I Brushed My Teeth With My Finger And Quickly Changed Into One Of My Clothes I Left Here Last Time We Had Sex. I Grabbed The Keys And Woke Ryan Up With A Kiss On The Lips. He Yawned And Asked, "Want A Ride?" I Nodded And He Dropped Me Off. I Reached School About 20 Min Early. Harry! I Unlocked My Phone And Saw That My Text To Harry, About Canceling Going To His House, Didn't Send! I'm Dead!!! 

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