A New Change

Best Friends Or Two Lovers? Harry Styles Just So Has Fallen For His Best Friend, Emily. She's The Girl Wanted By Every Guy. She Has Some Deep & Dark Secrets That She Shares With Some. Does Harry Have Competition? Especially When He Thinks She Loves Him?...


3. Ditch

Chapter 2:
Harry?! I Roll Down My Window As He Walks Toward My Car. I Lean Over Across The Passenger Seat Attempting To Hug Him. He Reaches His Arms Out For Me To Touch. "What Are You Doing Here?!" I Pull Back And Exclaim. I Unlock The Car And He Sits Down Into The Passenger's Seat. He Closes The Door And Says, "Well, I Finally Convinced Paul To Let Me Finish My Last Year Of High School And Graduate!" I Yell In Excitement And Hug Harry Once More. I Let Go Of The Poor Boy And The Car Behind Me Honks. I Honk Back And Drive Quickly To The Parking Lot. I Park And Grab Harry's Hand And Lead Him To Find His Classes. Once We Find It, We Compare Our Classes. "No. Noo. Nooo. Noooo! We Only Have Home Room Together!" I Frown And Give Harry Back His Schedule. "Don't-" Harry's Cut Off By The Bell. Harry And I Walk To First Period Together. They're Right Next To Each Other, Just Like All Our Other Classes. After 90 Min Of Class (Block Schedule) Harry And I Decide To Ditch At Lunch. Time Flies By And It's Already Lunch. We Leave Campus For The Security Guards To See, Come Back For My Car, And Leave For The Rest Of Our Day. "Where Are We Going?" I Stop My Car In The Middle Of An Empty Road. "Hmm. Good Question.." Harry Laughs And Says, "How About My Place?" I Smile At Him And Drive The Fastest I've Ever Drove. I Reached His House. One Word. Paparazzi. 

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