Comedy; My Life

"FIGHT!" Some random kid yells.

"Where?" We all say to watch it as if it's a new movie

"OVER THERE!" Then you see all the nerds, smarties, baddies, and other kids stand up on the cafeteria tables

"FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT..." We all scream while you see deans screaming and yelling.

Then there's the fire alarm being set off... *beep* *beep* *beep* (and our fire alarm is crappy loud cause it's sets off alarms of all different pitched tones.)

*everyone starts running out the exits like a herd of elephants screaming* (including the kids who were fighting)


1. Church; The Real Deal

Yes, I go to church. No, I'm not the girl who if you say something like "OH MY GOD" and "HOLY SHIT" I would get offended. I seriously won't. If that's what you want to say... you go ahead and say... but then theres karma but that's for another chapter.

Church, well the church I go to, we are very friendly. In the way people who don't go to church think. Because yes we are on 'Facebook' and 'Instagram' during the sermon. After church on the car ride home, I look at my news feed on Instagram and see that one of my fellow church members posted a pic and said "Hey guys... at church! Listening to God's Word! #bored #morning #textme" And yes, this happens no lie. And I study the pic and I see the pews in the background and people peeking in at the persons phone. Yes, lol.

 I have a spanish friend at church. And yes you can have church friends. I have his number, and yes he texts me. Doesn't mean that you go to church means that you have to be a church. These are how my texting convo's go with him.

 Him- Hey, guess what?

Me- What?

Him- I gotta a new girlfriend!

Me- Really, text me a pic...



Me- Ok sure

Him- Yea and I met her at the YMCA


See... now compared to school friends convo's

Him- Hey, Maria do you have the homework from last night so I can copy it?

Me- Yea sure, so....

Him- I'm still single...

Me- No Alex... I'm not going out with out

Him- Whatever got to go bye!


See, that's what I mean, Church people are really good influences... (not really

) ;)


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