Afraid *Luke Hemmings FanFic*

*5 Seconds of summer fanfic*

Ashlie has an overprotective dad. but when he is on a two week trip she meets Luke. Instantly she is in love but is also afraid. With her recently broken heart she doesn't want to hurt again. Can Luke fix that?


2. Date

Author's Note: So i've given up on trying to find out what happened to chapter 1. Here's chapter 2.


Ashlie's POV:

My phone rang once.

Twice. I rolled over and unplugged it. I had two text messages. Both of which were from Luke.

From: Luke<3

Goodmorning Beautiful!

From: Luke<3

Hope you don't have any plans! I'll be around at 10!! xx

I smiled and checked the time. It was about 9:15. Perfect. I got out of bed and walked over to my dresser. I pulled out a floral tank top, matched it with jean shorts and converse. I walked over to my mirror. I applied a line of eyeliner and a swipe of mascara. Done! I thundered downstairs.

Jasmine had gotten up already and made herself pancakes and some bacon. I reached over and snatched a strip of bacon, shoving it in my mouth. She slammed down her magazine chuckling "Hey! I was going to eat that!" I shrugged and rolled my eyes. There was a knock at the door. It was only 9:30. I walked over and swung it open. There stood Luke holding flowers. He blushed and scuffed his feet off the porch "I know I'm like really early but I couldn't wait to see you." He looked up into my eyes. I smiled and invited him in. Jasmine eyed him as I took the flowers and went to put them in a vase.

Luke's POV:

I stood there and watched Ashlie roam around her kitchen setting the flowers in a vase and arranging them just right. She turned and faced me holding up one finger "One sec I'll be right down. I forgot my phone." She turned and ran upstairs. Her friend kept eyeing me.

"What?" I asked shoving my hands in my pocket. She shook her head and smiled "You and Ash huh? Cute!" She emphasized 'cute'. Ash came down the stairs then. She shot Jasmine a look out of the corner of her eye and smiled at me. I motioned for the door "Shall we?" I asked walking to it. Ash nodded "We shall."


Chapter 2! Sorry it's so short! But I'm in a crunch time!! Love ya! Thanks for reading!!

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