Afraid *Luke Hemmings FanFic*

*5 Seconds of summer fanfic*

Ashlie has an overprotective dad. but when he is on a two week trip she meets Luke. Instantly she is in love but is also afraid. With her recently broken heart she doesn't want to hurt again. Can Luke fix that?


5. A heart-to-heart

Ashton's POV:

I sat up thinking. I  couldn't sleep. I looked over at the beautiful girl in Luke's arms. He's lucky. Why did Destiny have to cheat on me. I thinks thats what hurts the most (p.s. do u guys know that song?) I stood and went into Ashlie's kitchen. I sat at the table and let my face fall into my hands.

Ashlie's POV:

I heard a chair scrape across the floor and someone fall into it. I opened my eyes and looked around. I counted the bodies 1..2..3..4...5... Someone was missing. I looked carefully around. I eased my way out of Luke's arms and stood up. I stepped over Michael and weaved through my living room into the kitchen. Ashton sat with his face in his hands. I slowly walked over and laid a hand on his shoulder. "Ash?" I said gently. He looked up. He gave me a watery* smile. I sat next to him "You okay?" He nodded then shook his head. I urged him to talk and he spiraled off into a whole story.


I stared at Ashton's now tear streaked face. 20 or so minutes had gone by as he told me his story. Now I sat silently rubbing his back.

"OKay Ash I'm not going to let you be hurt over this. Come on. Okay listen The boys love you. Your family loves you" Quietly I added "I love you." He looked up and stared into my eyes. He smiled genuinley and then leaned in slowly. His lips lightly touched mine and then he pulled away. He ran a hand through his hair. His bracelets fell down his wrist. I froze cold. On Ashton's wrist were scars. And over the scar 5 or 6 fresh cuts. I stood up abruptly "Ashton Fletcher Irwin what the HELL is wrong with you?!" I yelled. He stood up and shushed me. He grabbed my hands and pleaded with me "Please don't say anything. I'll stop I promise just please Ashlie." He held my face. I let a few tears slip. "I don't know Ash." I whispered. Then I pulled away and left him alone.


*Watery smile: a smile through tears. not menaingful

HEY GUYS! SO ye ashton has cut himself before and he did recently in my story. sorry for the short chapter. Love u all!!! XX

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