A start of a new life

Two 19 year old girls "Harmony and Avery" move to England with their dad after their mum died. Harmony and Avery are directioners and love to sing and suddently they accidentally run into one direction can this change there life forever ? read to find out !


4. Harry's Day

while i was getting dress i heard a knock at the door."

"who is it"

its Harry remember where going on a date . "oh yeah i forgot one minute.

i shoot upstairs to get ready , i literally take 10 mins to get ready

"ok im ready to go " ...."Great !"

were in the car and i ask "where are you taking me "? he said "were going to the zoo"

in my mind im like i hate the zoo im really not an animal person, but i acted like i was excited .

we arrived at the zoo and when we got out the car ,Harry ran over to me and held my hand , im not going to lie i kinda liked it but i started thinking of niall so i let go .

i dont know who i like i mean harry just rushes into things and niall is just niall he so cute.

but then again Harry can be fun sometimes.

"im hungry Harry"

"ok what do you want to eat my love "?

"i want sea food i was just trying to make something up for we can leave the zoo

ok lets leave and grab sea food harry said.

so were eating and Harry pulls out a ring and i say " omg "

he says "Harmony will you marry me" ? "Harry i cant marry you"

why not" says Harry because i have feelings for niall and i think i wanna be with niall .

Harry put on a sad face and says 'well lets go home for you can be with your boyfriend niall !!!!!"

"hes not my boyfriend" i said

"well hes soon too be" says Harry

we get home and niall hugs me for i dont know what reason . i asked :" what was that for"? he said "i just missed you harmony" , it was kinda akward because Harry was next to me so i say guys i made my decison i wanna be with Niall . niall jumped and cheered.

Harry had a angry/sad face on and he threw the ring at me and said i hope your happy , dont ever talk to me again Harmony get out of our house NOW !

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