16 and pregnant

Hayden lived in a small town were not a lot of people lived like 73 at the least 100 at the most. she has a grate life nothing to stop her from getting her dreams not even her wonderful boyfriend niall. she wanted to leave this town with him and live and do something bigger and better her life. but a fun night under the bleachers with niall one night can change her hole life and dreams. PARENTHOOD. she finds out she is pregnant with nialls child. will her baby be the thing that stops her from getting her dream. read and find out




ok so i drive to nialls house and i see him waving me to get out of my car. so i get out and walk to him. he starts to smile. oh his smile is so SEXY. he kisses me on the lips and get into him car. we go to the game and we have allot of fun.




                              <3 AFTER THE GAME<3 HAYDENS POINT  OF VIEW <3


its agter the game and me and niall hide in the bleachers so no one can see us. when the gates lock. we know we are safe. we start making out, then we start to take off our clothes. that's when i knew i was going to lose my virginity tonight.he starts slow and them niall go faster. i really hope he is wearing a condom. when he was done. we started to get dressed and we jump the gates and head back to his house. i brought a bag of clothes so i can spend the night at his house. when we get to his house, we  run to his room and you know what happens next.



nialls p.o.v


  we head to my room and we start having sex again. i feel like im forgetting something. i dont know what. oh well it probably does not mater. when we are done with our second time we lay in bed and fall asleep in each others arms.  

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