Summer of Our Lives

Carmen and Alex are two sisters who are 17 and are from Orlando, Florida. Alex's parents died in a car accident when she was at the age of one. Alex's and Carmen's parents were the best of friends. In their Will, their only request was that Carmen's parents raise Alex, so that is exactly what they did. The girls both finished their Junior year in high school and are officially Seniors. Their mom is a fashion designer and their dad is a big time lawyer. As you can tell they don't really struggle with money. Anyway, Carmen and Alex's parents are letting the two of them go to Italy alone for summer vacation. What Carmen doesn't know is that Alex signed the both of them up to win a date with Austin Mahone. Who wins the contest? What happens when Austin has to bring an unexpected guest with him on his date? What hapens when that unexpected guest is Justin Bieber? Who falls for who? Guess you'll just have to read on to find out(;


17. And The Hunt Begins (Part Two)

Justin's POV:

She walked through the Park gates looking as beautiful as ever. The way the lights reflected on her perfect face. It was like a dream. I didnt even realize i zoned out until she waved her hand infront of my frozen face.

Alex- Is everything okay?

Justin- Your just so captivating

Alex- *blushed* Thank you. You dont look to shabby either. This is beautiful.

I just nodded and took her hand. I walked her to picnic area I had set up. It was a picnic blanket placed right underneath the stars. She layed down on her back as did I. We just sat there staring at the stars in a comfortable silence. It was nice to be there with her with no paparazzi. They always find away to ruin every good think in my life. For example when I WAS dating Selena, they kept following us around and she couldnt take it anymore. She got tiered of being followed by a camera everytime we were going on a date. She wanted me to give up everything that meant something to me. She said it was either my career or her. It was one of the hardest decisions I had ever had to make in my entire life. Even though it was a hard decision, i think it was the right one because if i was still with Selena, I wouldnt be with Alex. I wouldnt change what happened for the world. Alex means everything to me. She walked straight into my heart and stole it. I never want it back. It may have only been a week since we have been dating, but i am falling hard and fast.It is hard to explain. She is just perfect.

The rest of the night was like a fairytale. We ate and walked throughout the park. It was the best night of my life. 

~!2:00 am~

I get back to my bus at 12 in the morning. I had just dropped Alex off at her bus. When i walk in, I see Austin and some guy (that looks vaguely familiar) sitting on the couch. Austin looks distant, like he is thinking about something. I plop down next to the stranger and begin a conversation.

Justin- Hello I am Justin Bieber

Guy- Hello. I am Jake Miller. I am an old friend of Alex and Carmen's

OHHH he is that upcoming rapper. Wait a minute why did he smile when he said Carmen's name. HOLD ON!! Alex mentioned him to me before. That is Carmen's ex boyfriend. I remember her saying that they started dating when they were 13. This cant be good for Austin. I wonder if he knows. Does he know why they broke up? He would be worried about losing her if he found out. I have to keep quiet about it and hope for the best. He can't find out from me. He needs to find out from Carmen.

Justin- It is nice to meet you

Jake- likewise

He had a devious look in his eyes. Why is he back? Is he back for her?


Sorry for the short chapter and for taking so long to update. I am going to add some drama to it because i dont want it to sound too lovey dovey. If you have some constructive criticism  please tell me. I wont get mad. It will make the story better. Also if you have any ideas of what you want to happen, let me know. 

I am crippled for a week and am not allowed to go to work until thursday so I will probably update a couple of times. Thank you to all of you who support me. Love you all <3 (:

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