Summer of Our Lives

Carmen and Alex are two sisters who are 17 and are from Orlando, Florida. Alex's parents died in a car accident when she was at the age of one. Alex's and Carmen's parents were the best of friends. In their Will, their only request was that Carmen's parents raise Alex, so that is exactly what they did. The girls both finished their Junior year in high school and are officially Seniors. Their mom is a fashion designer and their dad is a big time lawyer. As you can tell they don't really struggle with money. Anyway, Carmen and Alex's parents are letting the two of them go to Italy alone for summer vacation. What Carmen doesn't know is that Alex signed the both of them up to win a date with Austin Mahone. Who wins the contest? What happens when Austin has to bring an unexpected guest with him on his date? What hapens when that unexpected guest is Justin Bieber? Who falls for who? Guess you'll just have to read on to find out(;


16. And The Hunt Begins (Part One)

Justin's POV

Today we are making our way to California. It has been exactly a week since Alex and I have been going out. This has been the best week of my life. I know this sounds cliche, but I feel like I have known her my whole life. I wanted to do something nice for our one week anniversary. She deserves to be treated right and that is what I intend to do. I have a whole day planned for us today. I should get started.

I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I took a nice, relaxing shower. I didn't rush it. I took my time letting the hot water relax all of my muscles. I eventually had to get out so I don't prune. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went into my suitcase. I picked out tan cargo pants, purple plaid button up shirt, a white v-neck, and purple supras. I styled my hair in a quiff like I always do. I put on deodorant, put on my Jake by Hollister cologne, and i brushed my teeth and was ready to go. I sat on the couch in the tour bus next to Austin. He looked like he just woke up.

Justin- Morning bro

Austin- Morning dude

Justin- Did you just wake up?

Austin- Yeah

Justin- you look really tiered

Austin- Oh I am. I was on the phone with Carmen until 3 in the morning.

Justin- Why were you up until 3?

Austin- I wanted to talk to her as long as could because we arent aloud to share a bus together.

Justin- Oh. You could of just waited until this morning. We have a day off.

Austin- I know but I couldnt wait. Dont judge me

Justin- Then dont be a shmuck

Austin- I am not being a shmuck

Justin- Lets face it. Your a shmuck!

Austin- Any whooo! Why are you dressed up?

Justin- It is mine an Alex's one week annaversary. I wanted to do something special for her.

Austin- Do you need any help?

Justin- Actually yes I will. I will need a lot of help. I am doing something big and romantic. Do you think you can get Carmen and your mom to help too? Pwease 

Austin- Im pretty sure they wont mind. Ill call my mom, you call Carmen. 

Justin- okay 

I picked up my phone and clicked on Carmen's contact. She answered on the fifth ring

Carmen- What do you want?

She sounds like she just woke up. No wonder Austin made me call her. He knew she was still asleep and he didn't want to get yelled out! I must have zoned out because Carmen kept screaming my name. 

Carmen- Earth to monkey brain!!

Justin- Sorry. I zoned out. 

Carmen- Well thanks for pointing out the obvious! 

Justin- Well isn't someone a ray of sunshine this morning. 

Carmen- It's 7:30 in the morning. Why are you calling?!?!

No wonder she is mad. I didn't even realize the time. I explained to her my plan and asked for her help. That seemed to perk her up because she kept saying "Awwww" and "how cute". She is temperamental in the morning. Whatever. She agrees to help me and hung up on me. I guess she is going to get dressed. 

Justin- Your girlfriend isn't a morning person!

Austin- Nope *he popped the 'p'.* Why do you think I had you call her?!

Justin- I knew it! You set me up! *gasp* how could you. I thought we had something special *i fake cried*

Austin- Cry me a river

Justin- I'm taking it that your not much of a morning person either?!

Austin- Not at all.

Justin- you two are perfect for each other. 

Austin- Why do you think I asked her out?

Justin- because she is pretty

Austin- that's just a bonus 

Justin- you really like her don't you?

Austin- yea I really do. And you must really like Alex if your are doing all of this just because she said she always wanted someone to do it for her. 

Justin- She deserves the best. 

Austin- Then why isnt Channing Tatum doing it for her.

Justin- I reallllllyyy hate youuuuu!!!!!

i pouted and Austin just laughed and pinched my cheeks.

Austin- well I should probably change into something more comfortable since I will be running around town all day. 

Justin- Atleast you'll have Car to hang with. 

Austin- I know I am going to call her 

I nodded and he left. I decided to text Alex. 

To: Mine<3

Good morning baby girl. Happy one week!<3 I am taking you out today. It's a surprise. I will tell you what to wear though. Just wear something casual. Like shorts and a nice ish shirt(: 

I'm not expecting a reply yet since it is really early in the morning, so I decided to get this date ready and make sure everything was PERFECT!

Alex's POV

I was sleeping peacefully until my phone vibrated indicting I had a text awaiting for me. I lazily grabbed my phone to see who it was. It was from Justin<3

From: Bieber<3

Good morning baby girl. Happy one week!<3 I am taking you out today. It's a surprise. I will tell you what to wear though. Just wear something casual. Like shorts and a nice ish shirt(:

I smiled at his text. 

To: Bieber<3

Morning babe<3 Happy 1 week!!<3 I can't wait and okay<3 See you hopefully soon:*

I placed my phone on the charger and jumped into the shower. After I was done, I put on my neon pink high waisted shorts, a cheetah print crop top, a black tank top, and cheetah print vans. I then went into my bathroom and curled my hair with my magic wand(; I put on mascara, eyeliner, deodorant, body spray, and brushed my teeth. I than grabbed my phone and ran to the couch on the bus. I was soo excited. I was jumping up and down on the couch like the freak that I am.

Carmen- well someone is happy this morning.

She scared the absolute living daylights out of me. I probable jumped 5 feet up in the air. I didnt land on the couch though. Nope i landed on my butt on the hard floor. 

Alex- What was that for?!

Carmen- I was saying good morning pea brain!

Alex- Well you didnt have to scare the pee out of me!

Carmen- Well you didnt have to be jumping on the couch like a lunatic.

Alex- Tuche

Carmen- I have to go meet Austin. Love you

Alex- You are going to meet him at 8:00am and in track pants and a t-shirt with sneakers?

She never dressed like that unless she is going for a run.

Carmen- ummm ermm ya. we are going to umm run?

She said it more like a question. She is hiding something from me!!!

Alex- What arent you telling me?

Carmen- Umm nothing. I got to go.

With that she ran off the bus. What the hell!!! What is she hiding from me? Did something bad happen? Does she know something about the date? That has to be it. She is a terrible liar. I really hope that is it. I dont know what would happen if something bad were to actually happen. As my brain ran wild, I decided that I will put on some music. I grabbed my phone and blasted Jake Miller's, Like me. I miss him. He was an old friend of Car and I. He was in love with her though. I started dancing and singing to it as I cleaned the bus. I had no idea when Justin was coming, so I might as well do something to occupy me. 

Carmen's POV

Phewwwww! That was a close one. I am the worst liar that you will ever meet. I couldnt lie to save my life. Justin would kill me if I told her the plan It is perfect. 

Austin- Good morning beautiful. 

Carmen- Morning handsome. 

He wrapped his arms around me. He pulled back a little just so we were face to face. He kissed me with passion.

Person- Ahem! Am i interupting something?

I know that voice all to well. I turned around to come face to face with my childhood best friend who I also had a crush on.

Carmen- JAKE!!!!!!!!

He held his arms out for me to hug him. Instead I ran into them and he picked me up and spun me around. God I missed him. He became famous and left. We were like the three musketeers for the longest time. But i am glad he is living his dream.

Jake- I missed you buttercup.

Carmen- I missed you too jakey.

Austin- *coughed*

Carmen- Oh thats right. Jake this is Austin. Austin this is Jake. He was mine and Alex's best friend. Jake Austin is my boyfriend.

I said while taking one of Austin's hands and squeezing it a little to reassure him. He relaxed a little and put out his free hand for Jake to shake.

Austin- Hey bro. Carmen, Jake and I know each other. We did a show together in Ohio

Carmen- Ohhh 

Jake- Aye man.

Justin- Lets go!!! We have to set up. Who is this?

Carmen- Jake. Alex and my best friend from back home. 

Justin- Oh okay. Well can we get this date planned.

I filled Jake in on the plan and we left or should I say ran to get the supplies. 

Alex's POV

It was now 11:00am and still no word from Justin. He wasnt even answering my texts. I guess he is just busy. Oh well. Cody Simpson's song If you Left Him For Me just ended and at the same time, there was a knock on the bus. That was freaky. I locked my phone and answered the door. On the other side was Kenny he just handed me a note, smiled, then left. Alrighty then. I opened the note.


There is a lovely picnic planed for us today. The only thing is, you have to find me. I will help you out just this once. Go to Don's Flower shop and tell him your name.

Love, Justin

I jumped up and down and ran to grab my keys. I hopped in my car and drove to Don's. Once I go there I ran up to the door.

Don- Good morning. How may I help you.

Alex- Hello. I am Alex Montgomery.

Don- Okay? And I am Don Hutchinson? Oh wait. Your Here to pick up a delivery. One second please.

Well that was a little awkward. He cam back out holding 2 dozen pink roses.

Alex- Thank you.

Don- No problem. I have a lovely anniversary.

I said then you and went to my car. I read the note that the flowers held. It said to leave my car and walk the rest. And to look for clues. I left my car but took my purse and car keys. I also grabbed one rose and was on my way. 

I started to walk straight down a side walk and see where it would take me. It took me 10 minutes to fine the first note. All it had on it was an arrow pointing straight. I grabbed it and started walking in that direction. I found another note taped to a store. It had a picture of him on it holding a heart shaped box. All it said was go in. I went in and the lady at the desk handed me the box. The box said dont open just keep going straight. I told the lady thank you and was on my way. I did as he said and continued walking. I reached a paper that had an arrow on it pointing to the right. I obeyed it. I kept walking until i saw a paper taped to a chocolate stand. 

Lady- Are you Alex?

Alex- Yes ma'am

Lady- Here you go

She handed me a box of assorted chocolates. I thanked her and was on my way. On the box there was a note that told me to make a left at the light. I kept walking and reached a hair salon. There was a note on the door that said go in. I walked up and told the girl at the desk my name, She washed and dried my hair. She did a water fall braid and wanded the left over pieces. She did my make up too. She put on a light layer of foundation and cover up. They put on mascara and eyeliner on the bottom and the top. She did a smokey affect to my eyes. I thought It looked really pretty. Then they did my nails. They painted them a baby blue and did a cheetah print design on the ring fingers. I said thank you and went on my way. The next sign was on a Hollister window. 

Alex- Hello I am Alex

Lady- Hello. Here is you order.

She handed me a dress bag.It was a black bag so I coulnt see what the dress looked like.

Lady- You can change in the back.

Alex- Thank you.

She just nodded her head. I walked into the dressing room and closed the door. I opened the bag to find a light blue cheetah print dress. It was short in the front and long in the back. It was freaking gorgeous. There was also a light blue bandeau with it. I put on the items and was in awe. For a guy he knows how to pick out clothes. I put my other clothes into the bag and walked out of the dressing room. The lady just handed me a box. I opened the box and inside held light blue, sparkley high heals. They were so freaking pretty. I walked out and walked down the street. The next sign had a picture of him holding the cutest York dog on this planet. I walked in and told the guy my name. He went in the back and came back with that same dog. It was cuter in person. He fit in the palms of my hands. It was soo small and adorable. It was as white as snow. I decided to wait to name him and left. I put the dog collar and leash on the dog and started walking again. I reached a Park and was excited for what was in store.

A/N: Sorry for the wait. I have been busy with work and school. I will try harder to update more often. Thank you guys for reading. I hope you like it. Love you(:



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