The Secret

Timothy Blunt was an average citizen of Paradox the daughter of the United States after it fell in 2035. Until of course he stumbled upon the secret that would change his life, and his family's for the worst.

Timothy worked for Renaissance Corporations he believed like all the rest that they believed in rebuilding the world and the cultures that were lost in World War Four. Until he overhears the conversation. What is RC hiding? Read The Secret to find out.


7. Interrogate

Chapter Seven: Interrogate



Maxwell leaned his aching head against the cold brick of the interrogation room. He had been in the room for twelve hours and his hopes of his wife posting his bail was diminishing rapidly. He heard the door open and he looked through foggy eyes at the BOT that had entered, he was surprised to see not a robot but the last remaining human cop. Officer Vanders was the most famous human police officer in Paradox. He was just fifteen when he graduated from the Academy, and ten years later made detective. Now in his early fifties the man sat a crossed from him.


"I assume you know who I am." Maxwell said sleepily, one would almost say he sounded bored.


"BOT 3456 said you didn't commit this crime, but you've committed others? Please elaborate on that, won't you?" Officer Vanders asked, his voice like steel, and his eyes filled with ice. This was definitely not his first rodeo. 


"Yes, I said it. Doesn't mean I have to elaborate without my attorney present. I know my rights."


"Maxwell Tylerson, you are one of the most powerful men in the country of Paradox. Believe when I tell you, that if you have been lying to the police about anything, I will not hesitate to put you behind bars. Do you understand?"


"Crystal." Maxwell replied. "Now, my attorney will be here shortly. Then I will confess everything. I just don't want you twisting my words." Maxwell smirked. Officer Vanders leaned back in his seat, looked at Maxwell up and down; smirking at his handcuffed hands. 


"You know Tylerson, there are a lot of people who want you dead. One of them wants to speak to you right now. If you don't cooperate I'll let him in and he can kill you."


"You wouldn't!"


"You don't know that, so I suggest you start talking." 


"You're bluffing! You'd lose your job!"


"I can always say it was suicide or an 'accident' that the murderer got in to this top secret below ground interrogation chamber." Officer Vanders leaned closer towards Maxwell, the ice in his eyes hardening into diamonds. "Start talking, and maybe I'll talk to the DA about a deal."


"Fine, its a wonder you haven't been assassinated yet."


"They've tried and failed. The BOTs think I'm bullet proof."


"Alright- Twenty years ago I met Timothy Alexander Blunt in college. We became friends quickly at the time I had no idea he was the 'Prince of Paradox' until he brought me home to meet his family over Fall Break. There I learned how powerful their family really was. I met his sister Rebecca; I fell in love with her, against the wishes of her brother we began dating and later married five years later.-"


"I don't need your life story. Just what you did to break the damn law!"


"But this is part of what happened."




"Anyway. I few years into our marriage Rebecca's father passed away."


"Yes, it was tragic, stabbed through the heart."


"That was me." Maxwell looked directly into Vander's icy stare.


"You're confessing to a cold case?"


"Of course. Anyway that started my ten year plan to take over Paradox, the world, and then the drum roll please, the UNIVERSE!"


"You're joking, right?"


"Does it look like I'm joking?"


"Keep going."


"I employed Dr. Chestworth to be my consultant."


"The Pod Child man?"


"The very same. Anyway he created a word that would affect the memory of anyone who stumbled upon us. Timothy Blunt stumbled upon our little scheme and ever since I've been trying to contain him from spreading what he found. I erased his memories and threatened those he held dear. Finally it became too much when he pulled my wife from her mental break back into sanity and telling their uncle. The key part of my plan is to take over Medieval Incorporated, without the uncle believing I had their companies best interest at heart, my plan would fall through. So I killed Timothy's fiance, Tishabeth Davidson one of the first pod children. So lock me up forever you have my confessions, oh and I also kidnapped Tim and Tish from their home."




"Jesus had nothing to do with it Officer Vanders."


"Its just a saying you son of a bitch."


"Please leave my mother out of my wrong doings. She's a sweet woman."


"I'll be back. I know your mother trust me we've met." Officer Vanders winked and left. Leaving Maxwell shocked and slightly confused. He signed the piece of paper before him and a BOT came and got it. Maxwell couldn't believe it had come down to this. He just confessed to everything he had done. There was no going back now; he was going to jail, his wife had abandoned him and Timothy would take over Renaissance and probably would use everything he could to make sure Maxwell could not escape the prison. 


The select leaders of the world ruled that it was no longer safe to house prisoners on earth. So it was decided that a planet would be the new international-galactic prison. Maxwell couldn't recall what planet the prison was on, the only thing he knew was that once you were there; there was no coming back. There were no visitors...he'd never see Rebecca again or the unborn child that now grew in her womb. The door reopened and Officer Vanders walked in. 


"Oh its my best friend! So what does my future hold for me?"


"Mr. Tylerson. You were discharged from your position at RC earlier today just before you signed the confession. You see the will of the late Mr.Blunt surfaced, funny that it was in your office. The will stated that the company in the event of his death would not only belong to Timothy Blunt, but so would any of the business' assets. I suppose you didn't like the fact that you and Rebecca would get nothing. Did you? So you had to settle it didn't you? You threatened him and he drew up a fake will putting you as the sole heir of Renaissance. You are a piece of shit, you know that? I knew Rebecca in school she was sweet and kind and certainly didn't deserve to be married to you. I hope you rot for what you did to her and Timothy."


"Is this when you say that you and Timothy are soul mates or whatever and I ruined your friendship?"


"No, this is when I say that you screwed with the wrong family you son of a bitch."


"What are you talking about?"


"Timothy is my brother. I was adopted late into my teenage years and vouched to keep my original last name. Virtually no one knows we're related. I didn't have a say when Becky chose you, but now I have say on how long you are put away."


"Strange they never mentioned you."


"I liked secrets. Keeps suspects on their toes. Should I get my dear younger brother so he can have a go?"


"No, I think I'm ready to go."


"Good. A BOT will be with you shortly. Too bad no one cares about court or trials these days. Only a confession is needed to be put behind bars. Have a nice day Mr. Tylerson."


"I plan to." 



Officer Vanders exited the interrogation room and found his brother, the new 'prince' of Paradox leaning against a wall.


"Hey Martin."


"Hello Timothy."


"So have you decided on a sentence? Or can I just kill him now?"


"Tim, he's going away for life. He hurt my family he's not getting away with it. Now go to Becky, she'll need help getting through this. That son of a bitch."


"Hey, swing by my apartment later. Rebel and I need help planning Tish's funeral."


"Hey sorry about Tish by the way. When I heard I was so devastated. She was sweet girl."


"Yes, the only one I'll ever love, and that monster killed her, he killed dad, he tried to kill me, he-God damnit. Why was I so stupid?"


"Why are you stupid Tim?"


"I didn't see the signs of him being that psychopath that is Maxwell Tylerson."


"You'll be fine alright. Just focus on Tish's funeral, and keeping Rebel sane; okay?"


"OK, thanks again Marty."


"I'll see you later my Prince." 


"Seriously dude?"


"Seriously." Timothy laughed and climbed the stairs. Martin Vanders Blunt smiled and went into his office and marked an ugly red 'x' through 50 to life, plus 50 years. "You pissed off the wrong cop Tylerson." 



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