they saved my life

a girl was left alone once on a vacation, and one direction found her homeless. they save her life and... well read it. I'm kylie. I'm using my friends account to write it. I really hope you like it. There's a really important message in chapter 4. please, if you can, read it.


9. The interview

Sara's P.O.V.

Today was the interview. We got there 10 minutes early so we got introduced to everyone who was gonna be on the show. A lot of people recognized me. Not only from the show, but from that picture of me and Niall on the plane. I sat down in the audience in the first row and watched the show. During breaks I was texting Niall and talking to Olivia.

The host said "coming up is One Direction. Is that engagement rumor true coming up after this", Oh my dog they are actually gonna talk about that. I got  a text from Niall

They're gonna talk about you. Do you think you will get pulled up on stage

yeah. I'm nervous

Don't be. go with the flow <3

you always know what to say <3

See you in a few. Love you

ok. Love you too

I think the person behind me was reading the text messages. Would she know who I am? Does she know I'm texting Niall? I don't know but she was looking at me like she knows me. "are you the girl who went to school in that small town in Arizona?" She knew me.

"yeah why"

"can you explain why my daughter Hannah went home every day with a black eye"

"I went home with the black eyes. And she was the reason why my friend Alexis died. I didn't do anything. It had to be make-up"

"what ever! You're lying! I'm so glad you chickened out of the school and left everyone"

"I didn't want to leave! People saved my life! And I'm not the only one too so stop picking on me!", I can't believe it's back. I wanted it to end already. I heard the show come back on the air. 

"know, the one and only One Direction!!", they came out onto the stage and they hugged the host and sat down. 

"hey. so, how are you", she asked. they all said great. "ok, I'm just going to jump to it. Niall, is it true that you're engaged to the star of the TV show Best Friends"

"yeah", the crowd awed.

"is she here"

"yeah she's over there", he pointed at me.

"Sara come down here", I went down there. Hannah's mom was shocked. I sat down next to Niall. "are you wearing your ring right now"

"well, yeah", I said holding up my left hand.

"wow, it's beautiful", she said almost speechless.

"thanks", I said while Niall put his arm around me. The crowed awed again.

"so, when do you think your wedding will be. Niall you might go on tour soon and Sara, you have the show."

"well, whenever we have time. The season in the show is almost over, so maybe while she's off we can plan the wedding", Niall said.

"yeah and i set them up", Louis said out of nowhere. we all laughed.

"really? How. Tell me everything", she said.

"well, I was always bullied and I ended up by myself. I couldn't stay at my friend Olivia's house anymore, so I had to find a place. Then, I met the boys and, that's pretty much how it started"

"is Olivia here too"

"yeah", I said pointing at her in the audience. She came down and sat next to Harry, obviously. "I got Olivia and harry to start dating too" Louis said. Again, we all laughed.

"ok, how did this all happen", she was confused.

"ok, so I stayed with the boys and Niall wanted to know me better so we went out to eat. We didn't mean it like, it was a date, but it was. Then when we got home, Louis said that we should all play spin the bottle truth or dare. Louis spun and it landed on Niall, he said truth. The question was... Louis"

"Niall, would you go out with Sara", The crowed like gasped and awed at the same time.

"I said yes, then Louis said Great now you're dating spin the bottle now", Niall said then everyone laughed.

"that was the worst impression of me ever", Louis said. Niall just shook his head and looked away.

"so, what about Olivia and Harry"

"ok, this happened last night. I took Olivia out on a date and then Louis said that we should play spin the bottle. The last time we played, I had to do something so embarrassing I don't even want to say it, so Sara spun the bottle and it landed on me. I obviously chose truth. The question was, Sara"

"would you ever date Olivia", I said then the crowd laughed.

"and i said yes, and Olivia said yes. Then Louis was like so are you gonna go out or not!", the crowd was laughing a lot now. "and we said yes. Then, we realized the same thing happened with Niall and Sara"

"wow. So we are gonna take a break and when we come back, the boys are gonna preform for us", the host said. The crowd applaud and Olivia and I sat back down. "got some explaining to do Sara", A voice behind me said.


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