they saved my life

a girl was left alone once on a vacation, and one direction found her homeless. they save her life and... well read it. I'm kylie. I'm using my friends account to write it. I really hope you like it. There's a really important message in chapter 4. please, if you can, read it.


20. Still at the Hospital

Louis' P.O.V.

I really hope Sara's ok. I would feel the second most awful. Niall would be first. I would be tied with Olivia. She's a good friend and a good person. Niall's very lucky to have her.

It's been an hour since Niall came back and we still haven't heard from any of the doctors. "I'm really scared", I said nervously.

"me too. About her and the baby. I don't think it would affect him or her if she got shot in the arm", Niall said in tears.

"Lets pray", Perrie said.

"11:11", I said. "I wish Sara was ok", I went first.

Niall's P.O.V.

"I wish Sara and the baby is ok"

Olivia's P.O.V.

"I wish everyone's ok"

Perrie's P.O.V.

"I wish Sara will be ok"

Zayn's P.O.V.

"i wish that both of them are ok"

Harry's P.O.V.

"I wish Sara and the baby will be ok"

Liam's P.O.V.

"I wish both Sara and the baby is ok"

Eleanor's P.O.V.

"I wish everyone will be ok"

Niall's P.O.V.

I really hope ll of our 11:11 wishes will work. I don't know what would happen if they didn't make it. Even though she got shot in the arm, she can still die. Finally! A doctor came in.

"Sara Horan is ok. One problem", no

"what is it"

"when she got shot, did her head hit something"

"the ground. Kind of hard"

"it caused brain damage. We did some tests on her, she doesn't remember anything. You can see her, just remember she doesn't know who you are", I was the first one to run to her room.

Sara's P.O.V.

I was laying in a bed somewhere... then someone knocked at the door. Was it those people who did these things to me a couple minutes ago? the "tests". They came in. 8 people, a boy with blonde hair, a boy with brown curly hair, another boy with shaved brown hair, another boy with black hair and a blonde strip, the last boy with brown, kind of a little bit of spike-ish things at the top. The girls, one blonde girl, a brunette, and the last one had black hair.

"Hey Sara. How are you", the boy with blonde hair.

"You talking to me"

"yeah. Your name is Sara Horan. It's been for about 4 months"

"I'm 4 months old"

"No. You got married and your last name changed"

"Who married me", I really hope one of these guys. They are really cute. Especially the blonde guy talking to me.

"Me. My name is Niall Horan. That's how you got your last name. From, me", Wow. I really missed a lot. "And, we also have a beautiful baby on the way. You have to know that", I thought it was just fat.

"I thought it was fat. Do we know if it's a boy or girl"

"no, not yet. Next month we can", he held my hand.

"Do you remember me, Olivia"


"I've been with you for almost 13 years. I'm your best friend."

"nope not ringing any bells"

"ok do you remember a little because that's from the Adventerous Adventures of One Direction", this Olivia girl said.

"What's so adventerous about going in one direction", Seriously HOW!!!??!!!!

"One Direction is a band. Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam and me, Louis", Ok, so I kind of know Niall a little  because he's my "husband" and I believe him, but not the rest.

"who's who. And their names. I forgot"

"This is Niall. Your husband, Zayn, Perrie and him are engaged. This is Perrie", he said pointing to the girl with blonde, a little purple, hair. "And Zayn, yeah he'll have the blonde strip in his black hair. Liam, he hardly has hair but it's brown, and Harry... he gets the girlies with the curlies!", And, his name is Harry. "and, his name is Harry and he has really curly hair", the boy who didn't say what his name was yet. He was wearing red pants and a black and white striped shirt.

"Really Louis!", the Harry kid said.

"it's true. Oh I'm Louis. I make the most jokes and I-", I cut him off.

"You are the one who made me and Niall go out in the first place"

"you remember", Niall said.

"Only a little. I can't remember us getting married though. Or getting engaged", I want to remember, but no matter how hard I try I can't.

"Let's just say it was the best moment fr the both of us"

"how did I end up here. My head and arm really hurts, what happened"

"Well, we were leaving Denny's, a restaurant, when you saw someone with a gun pointing at me. You pushed me out of the way and got shot on the arm. You hit your head on the ground pretty hard", Oh my god... I'm speechless.

"oh, I'm so sorry that I dragged you guys here"

"Don't be! You risked your life and your baby's life for Niall", Olivia said.

"And that's good because we will be ok and we can raise a nice healthy kid", I kissed him. I felt a huge spark. I pulled away.

"Niall, I remember"

"really. What happened before the incident"

"The Belgian Waffles that Ivan drew on the drawing war, with the epic face"

"what", Harry said.

"The Belgian Waffles. From a drawing war she had with an old friend. He drew an epic face yelling BELGIAN WAFFLES and then shot them out of a cannon and she lost", Everyone, even I was cracking up.

"So, Shall we leave. We can", Niall said.

"Sure" We all left.

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