they saved my life

a girl was left alone once on a vacation, and one direction found her homeless. they save her life and... well read it. I'm kylie. I'm using my friends account to write it. I really hope you like it. There's a really important message in chapter 4. please, if you can, read it.


14. another wedding plan

Perrie's P.O.V.

Zayn and I have been engaged for a while. We just don't want t have our wedding the same months as Niall's and Sara's though. We wanted them to be married first though.

While we were planning it, Olivia came up to us. "hey Perrie, can I ask you something"

"sure." I went over to her.

What she had to say, was important, but sadly, I couldn't help. I ran out of the thing she needed. I'll have to get more... "sorry. Maybe Eleanor can take you to the store and she might have some"

Olivia's P.O.V.

It was so embarrassing that I had to ask for that thing. I didn't want to ask Eleanor too. Maybe Sara left extras. I went back home and looked in her bathroom. 1 extra! well I need it.

I went to the store and got more. I don't drive yet, so it was kind of a long walk. I dropped them off in my room and went back to the boys house. We saw it's the boys house because there are more boys and they lived here first.

"hey. took you long enough to get back", Louis said

"well I walked to the store because I can't drive yet"

"you could've asked one of us to take you"... I froze

"ummm i could've taken the walk anyways"


All of us but Perrie and Zayn, watched a movie. It was a good movie.

"who wants to play spin the bottle!", Louis said.

"fine as long as you don't make another couple", I said. Everyone laughed.

Louis went first as always. it landed on Liam. "truth or dare"


"i dare you to kiss Perrie"

"Zayn will be-"

"DO IT!!!!", Louis shouted as we all plugged our ears.

Liam went up to Perrie and kissed her on the cheek. "Louis told me to", he said while running away. We all cracked up and went back to the bottle.

Liam spun, and it landed on me. "dare", I automatically said.

"i dare you to kiss Zayn"

"but Perrie will be-"

"u chose dare. do it". I went up behind them, then looked back. They were all watching. I kissed Zayn on the cheek and ran away. We all laughed and went back to the bottle. Zayn saw us playing. "what the heck just happened", he said


"...ok", and he walked away. We were all trying to laugh as quiet as possible... but I think he heard us. "I HEAR YOU LAUGHING"... he heard us. there was an awkward silence... then we laughed again.

I spun the bottle... "Louis!"

"oh god", he said in a really high voice. Kind of... well just like when he put the salt in his hat then took it off in the x-factor video diaries.

"truth or dare"

"how bout he only do dares not truth"

"ok. I dare you to... run around in your underwear all over the house singing baby", everyone laughed... It was entertaining watching him do that. Perrie and Zayn were laughing so hard while he grabbed a blanket and pretended to be a super hero. He was still singing it and went outside and jumped in the pool! He ran inside and grabbed a towel and out clothes on.

"was that water cold or something"


"that was your fault", I said. He spun the bottle... It landed on me. "oh no"

"I dare you to change into your swim suit and jump in the pool"

"i had a feeling you were gonna say that"

I got changed and took my hair out of a bun. I went outside, and jumped into the pool... IT WAS FREEZING!!!!!! I ran up stairs and put my clothes back on. I put my wet hair back in a bun and went down stairs.

I spun the bottle... "ELEANOR! i dare you to... stuff your mouth with pizza and french kiss Louis... with the food in your mouth!", everyone said eww. Louis was shocked, then i pointed my finger at him. Eleanor grabbed a slice of pizza and stuffed it in her mouth, chewed it up a little... then started to french kiss with Louis. we all said ewwwwww.

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