they saved my life

a girl was left alone once on a vacation, and one direction found her homeless. they save her life and... well read it. I'm kylie. I'm using my friends account to write it. I really hope you like it. There's a really important message in chapter 4. please, if you can, read it.


13. A little vacation

Zayn's P.O.V.

I still don't know when Perrie and I are getting married. We thought that Niall and Sara should get married first. We don't want to have our wedding the same month as theirs. Maybe next month. We'll think about it.

Harry's P.O.V.

Olivia and I have been going out for a couple weeks now. She's perfect. It was also funny how we started going out by playing spin he bottle. Can the same thing happen to us like Sara and Niall. That would be very weird. It can be destiny though.

Niall's P.O.V.

Sara and I were going on a vacation for a couple weeks. We might go to Hawaii. Sh's never been there and I've only been there twice. It was pretty but we were on stage.

"hey, how bout Hawaii. You've always wanted to go there"

"that sounds fun"

"lets go", she kissed my cheek then we packed up enough for 2 weeks. We said good bye to everyone and left. It was kind of, unexpected, but you know. We can just do what we wanta do while we're gone. We got to the airport and got on the plane. People did recognize us. "Niall can I gt your autograph", a girl pry about 13 or 14 years old asked. "sure", I said and she handed me her phone case so I can sign it. "here you go"

"thank you so much"

"you're welcome", I hugged her and she left.

"wow, You get that a lot", Sara said


Sara's P.O.V.

It's really nice to go on vacation. Hopefully we don't go surfing though One, Niall doesn't surf and two, I haven't been surfing in 13 years! i forgot how to and I really don't wanta try again. Before the plane left, Olivia texted me

Did the plane leave yet

no it's leaving in about 10 minutes why

Because I wanta talk to you! Gotta problem with tht ;)

lol. ya people recognized us. someone even asked where u were

really r r u just saying tht


wow. we're known

and for 1d. hey out plane is gonna leave in about 2 minutes text u tomorrow

kk bye


the plane took off and Niall and I were seeing London like 3000 feet in the air.

Olivia's P.O.V.

I really missed Sara already. she and Niall will be back in a couple week though. All of us went out to eat and talked. 

Sara's P.O.V.

When we got off of the plane, we got a taxi ride to a hotel. It was pretty nice. "hey you want go to the beach", Niall said.

"sure", I got my swimsuit on and we let.

When we got there, Niall dragged me to get a surfboard. "uh Niall, I thought you didn't surf"

"I wanta see you surf", oh no.

"I haven't surfed in like 13 years!"

"I wanta see you"

"fine". I grabbed the surfboard and went to the water, then got on it.

"you can do it babe"

"whatever", I said back and giggled.

Then, a perfect wave was coming. I paddled, Then stood up. I did it. Niall was cheering me on. I always put a board on a huge mountain of pillows and blankets and pretended to surf... That was it. I fell off the board and ran to Niall and hugged him.

"13 years huh?"

"i always practiced at home with a board and pillows and blankets"

"Wow. Well you lived in Arizone, no beach"

"yeah... did you just say Arizone?"

"yes, yes I did. We both played at the beach for a while longer, then went back to the hotel.

Niall wanted to take me somewhere... Where? We walked up a huge pile of rocks and had a picnic watching the sunset over the ocean. "It's beautiful", I kissed him and we ate while watching the rest. 

When it was over, we went back home. I forgot to text Olivia, so I had a million texts from her

hi. u texted

ya enjoying ur vacation

ya we just watched the sunset on a hill on the beach shore

lucky... like all couples do that.

what time is it there


did i wake u

no i was awake all night long

wow go get sleep

kk night


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