How to save a life

Ali and Sam have been friends ever since they met on a sunny American afternoon at kindergarten. Quickly their friendship blossomed into something special and unique. They have share chocolate bars, birthday party's, double dates and as time flies an apartment. Ali is confident funny and knows everything about Sam...His dreams, His crushes, His secrets and his fears. Sam is shy and caring and knows just as much about Ali. Everyone around them knows they are going to be friends until they grow old together in an old peoples home, they're inseparable

But as time goes on. Sam is stolen from her by society itself. It's ripping away everything she has ever known and trusted about him. She can only watch helplessly as Sam morphs into a different person and she is terrified of what lies in their future...

The roles between them have changed. Now its only Ali who has the power to get Sam back but through blame and hurt the main purpose is lost and she might just be on the losing side...


2. Blame & Hurt

The boy is rushed back into reality.  He is still staring at the brush, Thinking about a girl that is just on the other side of the door. He smiles to himself as he recalls how angry his parents and hers had been about missing those oh so important interviews. He still had the photo on his phone. Him smiling with lipstick smeared across his lips, eye shadow shaded round his eyes and his nails painted a girly pink. It hadn’t been that long ago, though it seemed like it. As he thinks about the Ali from then, the Ali on the other side of the door seems more and more like a stranger to him.

When had she gotten so fearful so strict and paranoid?  Hadn’t it always been her who was the dare devil? Sneaking out at night going to a movie even when she was under aged?  Hadn’t it always been her gaining detentions every five minutes to add to her collection? Hadn’t it been her who had tried her first cigarette while he stood and watched, silently refusing to join in?

So then why had the roles changed so suddenly between them?

He sighs and walks to the door,Listening closely. He cannot not hear anymore sobs. And no one bangs on the door. She is gone. He doesn’t know why it hurts him as much as it does... Of course she is gone... Did he really expect her to wait, Even though she knew he wouldn’t come out?  And as he thinks about it he is ashamed to admit to himself that he did. He wanted her to wait until the next day. To refuse to go until he opened the door between them. But she didn’t. Even she has given up on him. He thought he knew that no matter how many people who turned away from him, His friends, His teachers, and his own parents that she would always be there ... Would always understand. But he was wrong.

He is now sitting on the bath. And he looks around him. This bathroom has become nearly a second home to him. When he would stagger home too drunk to remember even his name the bathroom would be the only place he could go. Confiding in the toilet slurring his words and not knowing why he had tears streaming down his face, he would sit on the dirty floor for hours until he fell asleep his forehead resting on the lid of the toilet. Another memory plays in his mind... But this one isn’t so happy...


“Oi Pretty!”

“Yeah sexy come ‘ere!”

The girl jumps from being called. And sharply turns around. I can see why the guys picked her to harass she is HOT. Her slightly tousled bleach blond hair runs along her slender back like waves. And her black dress hugs her waist tightly.

“Come on babe!”

Mike shouts his eyes looking the girl up and down, you can tell from his expression that he likes what he sees. That is until the girl bravely gives him the finger.

Mikes eyes flash. He drops his can of beer. And motions for the other guys (Including me) to come closer.

“Did you just see what that bitch did?” He demands staring at us

“Yeah I say we teach the little whore a lesson” Tyler says

Mike nods. Almost as if him and Tyler have a secret agreement. Then he looks at the rest of us. Me, Ben and Damon. We all nod...


We have the girl trapped. There is nowhere for her to run. But still her hands claw at the gate as she tries to hoist herself up.

Mike laughs evilly. And gestures for us to come forward.

I don’t want to do this. I really don’t. But Mike would kill me if I refused. He already has a criminal record for assault and I don’t want to get mixed up in it. So I make my feet move.

“W-Why are you doing this?”

 The girl whimpers, she is no longer trying to climb over the gate instead she hangs her head not looking at any of us, she probably thinks being submissive and looking totally defeated will make us let her go. There is no chance of that happening I can tell by just looking at the angry greedy look in Mike’s eyes. He wants revenge and he is going to get it.

“Because love I don’t like your attitude. And neither do my boys here, We are going to teach you how to have some manners....He growls.... “Even if it kills ya” He adds.

Then he races towards the petrified girl. And traps her in a strong headlock. His arms wrapped around her neck like a vice. He then looks up and speaks to me...

“Sam... Mate... Have the first punch” He isn’t asking he is commanding.

He sees the shock in my face and grins showing crooked and un-brushed teeth. Normally he gets Ben, Tyler or Damon to do this. Not me...

But I step forward anyway. Mike turns the girl to me. She cannot speak because of the strain around her neck but her eyes are wide and pleading me to stop.

But still i raise my fist... The girl screams....Mike grins.... and then all goes black...


The boy looks up. He thinks he heard a noise it sounded like crying or shouting. But just as he pays attention to it, It goes away so he continues remembering that awful day....

He remembers her face as she glared at him through wet eyelashes. Her face had been drenched in tears. She couldn’t believe he had done that; had nearly hit a girl. He couldn’t believe it at the time either. But it made more sense to him now.

She had shouted at him, He should have said sorry should have promised to stop hanging around with Mike and his gang but instead through all the blurred anger and blame he laughed. He laughed in her face. A girl he had known all his life and he laughed at her. As if she was nothing. Calling her stupid, thick, pathetic and god knows how many more horrid words until she couldn’t stand it and she ran. Ran away from him. She should have been running to him. He should have apologized but him and his stupid pride held him back, as he had watched her go he remembers feeling a deep stir in his chest, His heart, His soul. And deep down he knew that whatever happened in the future she would never forgive him for doing that to the girl and to her. That was the beginning of everything. All of this was his fault. And alone at night in a deserted bathroom he was only just realizing it.

He couldn’t really properly remember how the girl had been saved. He just remembered before delivering the punch to her pasty white delicate face he had felt a sharp sudden pain in his back. Then all he remembered was a lot of yelling and heavy metal bands (Which he later realized after were handcuffs) being clicked around his wrists.  He did remember Ali though. How hurt and angry she had been. She had screamed and screamed at him but in the end she just cried. He watched her cry her eyes out and did nothing to comfort her. He had felt so bad and so guilty but little did he know that was only the beginning...

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