Just a Friend

Hi i'm Claire i'm seventeen and my best friend is Justin Bieber a World Famous Pop Star Ever-Since he got discovered i haven't seen him in a while but whenever i do see him he is out with a new girl or is busy making music but after a hangover at a party my whole world has changed.


1. Intro:)



 Hi i'm Claire i have black long hair, blue eyes, and i'm 17.

my best friend is Justin Bieber. I know what you're thinking justin Bieber?

crazy right? well it's true i haven't seen him in a while and i had the biggest crush on him!

I know that we will only be in the friend zone but I also hope that he secretly likes me...

Oh and one more thing i live in a orphanage in Canada and i'm bullied alot at school by my 

Ex boyfriend Cody. 

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