A Photo To Remember

A girl named Tori was kidnapped when she was 6 years old and now she is 17 and in 1 day she will turn 18 and she planing to escape when she was looking at a photo of her family and her old best friends family. This photo was the last thing she had of her family. And hopefully she can find her family, her old friend or will she find the kidnapper aging? And is her Family alive or are they dead?


8. Date night

Niall P.O.V 

I look at her and she was blushing big time. but at the same time so was I. I was amazed that she kiss me! Even it was on the cheek it meant a lot. I was sure she fancy me. "I better go." I responded to her. "Ya, I better get to sleep." I left the room and go into my bed to sleep.  

**********next morning************

I walk down stairs to see what every one was up to. "Hey what's going on?" I ask. "Not much just eating breakfast." Louis responded. I grab some cereal for breakfast. "So Zayn what are you doing for your date tonight?" Louis questioned. Then Tori and Jenna walk in. "Never mind" Louis reacted quickly. "Hey girls how are you two today?" I asked "were good." Jenna replied "Well I have to get going i have a date see you all later!" Louis said. All the boys left.  We heard a knock on the door a few minutes latter Jenna ran. Tori and I were walking behind her. When we got their Jenna was holding a two bags. "What that you got their?" I ask "Well it's my stuff from the mall!" She chirped "how did they find who to give it too?" "We'll my phone and wallet were in one of the bags, they called Zayn on my phone to see if I was their and then I told them were I was and ya." She was said this all so fast. "Oh ok." I said "Oh also can we use your car aging?" I ask "Sure as long as I can come with." I look at them hovering them no chose to. I am not going to let Tori or Jenna get hurt aging. 


Tori P.O.V  

Niall is coming with us? That's different, but maybe he is concern for our safety. "So when are we going?" He look at me and Jenna. "We thought right now. If that's ok?" I told him. "Ya it's fine. Lets go!" He  added. We got into his car and drove to the mall.  "Niall do you know we're Zayn is taking me?" Jenna ask.  "No I don't he didn't say anything to me." He responded "Oh ok. So what are you two doing tonight?" She ask both of us. "Um I don't know haven't thought about it." I told her "Same haven't thought about it." He said "But anyway we are here!" We all got out and head in to the mall. "So what do you two Ned here?" Niall ask "Tori needs a new wardrobe." Jenna responded. "Alright you two do your thing and I will be in the food court" He told us. "Ok" and we left to go shopping.  We went to some stores and bought some cloths. "I think we are finish!" I squealed. "Ya we got you shoes lot of cloths yep I say we are done too!" Jenna responded. We left to go find Niall at the food court. But was not their. "Maybe he went in to the washroom." Jenna recommend. "Ya he probly is." I said. We wait their for few minutes and we see Niall coming out of a sports store.  "You ready to go?" He ask. "Yep!" I told him. We got into the car and went home.  


Jenna  P.O.V 

When we got home I realized I need to get ready for my date! "Tori can you help me get ready for my date?" I questioned her. "Of course!" I squealed.  Tori did my hair and makeup, I got my dress on and shoes. "How do I look?" I look at her. "You look great!" She smiled at me. I heard a knock on the door and ran down stairs. I open the door and it was Zayn. "Wow you look amazing!" He said to me. "Thanks you don't look to bad your self" I responded. "Shall we go?" "Yes one min." I turn to Tori and said "don't do anything bad now!" I wink at her and she just smile. "Hey don't stay out too late!" she yelled i just giggled to myself. I left with Zayn. "So were are we heading?" "It's a secret!" He whispers. "Kk" I responded. We where in the car for about 30 mins. "We are here!" He yelled. He got out and ran to open my door. We walk for a few minutes. And we were at the beach!  Their was a table with two chairs and a candle! "Wow! This I beautiful!" I said "thanks shall we eat?" "Ya" we sat down and ate. "Hey I have an idea! Do you want to go on a walk?" I ask. "Ya that would be cool!" He responded . We walk across the beach then randomly he pushes me in to the water and I drag him down with me. We were both laughing. Then Zayn look at me and lean in to me and kiss me on the lips. His lips were so soft. We pulled apart and head to the car. And head home.  


Tori P.O.V 

When Jenna left for her I went to the living room to watch tv. I sat near Niall. I was thinking all last night about Niall and I did fancy him. "He do want to watch a movie?" Nails ask. "Sure as long as its not scary." I told him. I saw him just a smiling. I knew I was in trouble. "Do you want to order pizza?" I ask "sure I will call." He pick up the phone and call the pizza got here in 10min. By then we were watching the lorax. After that movie was over Niall put in anther one. I still had no clue what it was. Niall sat right next to me then the main menu was on the tv it was Friday the 13th. "What the! I said no scary movie!" I shouted. "It's ok I am right here nothing will hart you!" He comfort me. "Ok" I responded. He stared the movie. I was screaming and in Niall's arms half of the movie. When it was over he look at me and said "if was not all that bad was it?" I knew he had planed this, but it was not that bad I was in Naill's arms! "Not bad" I responded still in his arms. He lean in and kiss me. *cough-cough* I turn and it was Jenna and Zayn. I turn bright red.................... 

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