My one and only love <3

this will be a fanfiction of Caroline that has a big fight with her mother and is kicked out the house and lives on the street, until oneday a tour bus comes by and stops. Now Caroline lives with the one and only one direction, but does she have feelings for niall horan or is it all just a dream.


3. Living together

*Caroline's Pov.*

Wow this is a big tour bus. I said. Yea it is pretty big. So do u want to meet me and the lads. Yea I guess? She said. Come on guys  * I Yelled* They all walked in one by one.

Hi! Liam said

Hello! Louis said

Vas Happenin! Zayn said

Nice to meet u love! Harry the flirt said

Hi, its nice to meet all of you!!!! . So Caroline I told them your story and we are about to go back to London so!!!!! So u can stay with me cause the other lads either have a girlfriend or living with their mum(harry)* Niall said*. Oh okay then!!! that's fine

1 AM* Niall's Pov.*

We are at the hotel

Good night Niall . all the boys said . Goodnite is said back.

So Where will I sleep * Caroline said*

Umm u can sleep in the bed and I will sleep on the couch over here okay.

okay *she said* Goodnite Niall thanks for everything.

No Problem. I couldn't leave a beautiful girl like you just sitting there

She giggled and fast asleep she was.

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