My one and only love <3

this will be a fanfiction of Caroline that has a big fight with her mother and is kicked out the house and lives on the street, until oneday a tour bus comes by and stops. Now Caroline lives with the one and only one direction, but does she have feelings for niall horan or is it all just a dream.


12. Again

*Niall's Pov.*

I woke up early, me and Caroline had the best night of our life's last night. We were lying there naked in the sheets. I got up and went to our dresser to get some underwear. I bent down cause I dropped my underwear, when I heard voice say nice view. I chuckled. We got dressed and I kissed her saying that I have to go meet with the boys it should only be a few hours. Then I left

*Caroline's Pov.*

I was in the living room when I heard the doorbell ring, I opened the door when I saw MOM!!!!! I ran away but she caught up with me and slashed my around the room. She grabbed a pan and hit me in the face. Causing my nose to bleed. She picked my up and threw me across the hall. While I was on the ground she when to the sink and filled it up with water and she yanked me by my hair. She pushed my head into the water so I couldn't breathe. I got out of her strong grip and turned around and put her head in the water. She quickly got out of my grip and she pushed me to the ground. then she grabbed my hair for me to get up and then she punched me in the stomach. Then she stormed off. I was thinking in my head *Not Again*

*Niall's Pov.*

I got Caroline a big teddy bear and a bouquet of roses. I pulled up in the drive way when the door was wide open. I ran inside when I saw Caroline on the floor with blood flowing down her nose. What Happened??? She Came, She Came and did the same thing to me before I met you. No Caroline it is okay. I carried her to the bathroom and I cleaned up her nose. Ouch !!!! Sorry Caroline lets go to bed. We slept peacefully cuddled up together.


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