sisterly love

summer is a pretty troubled 15 year old girl. But when her parents die its her brother matts responsibility to take care of her. its matts job to keep her save but when he becomes over protective there may be some problems. how long can summer stay out of trouble?


1. the funeral

I went up there infront of all those people with my notecards. i stood at the front and looked around. I swallowed hard as i was very nervous. i took a deep breath as i started my speech.

"Every one here new my parents. They where the kind of people you could talk to them about anything. I told them everything and they helped me through everything. They kept a roof over my head and food in my stomache. What happend was a tragic thing." trys to hold back tears. "Someone else was not paying attention on the road and there lives where taken. i stand here today to show how much i care about them. This funeral means everything to me. They will never be forgotten i still have all the memories from when i was little. I want to thank the people who put this together. Uncle jim, aunt sally, grandpa ted, grandma lori, and my brother matt. Im so glad everyone can be here so, we can all get through this together. thank you." i walk to my seat trying to pull my self together.

a week ago i made this speech . It made me relize that my parents are gone. It also makes me feel like i can move on now. I can't spend the rest of my life depressed.

*bell rings* i get up from my seat and go to my locker. i open my locker and begin to pack up my stuff. Someone then comes behind me and puts there hands over my eyes.

"Guess" said a guy voice.

"umm let me think jake." jake is my boyfriend. He is the most amazing person ever. He has blonde hair and blue eyes just like me.

"yup." he said takeing away his hands.

i turn around "so whats my prize?" i said smiling

"how about this." he puts his hand on my neck and kisses me softly. i kiss him back. as we let go i see my brother looking at me by his friends locker. i finish packing my bag.

"well i got to go."

"ok i will see you tonight right babe?" jake said

"yeah of course!"

i close my locker and walk over to my brother.

"who was that?" matt said

here we go...


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