Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


8. Not Again

"Debra can you come here for a minute." Debra rolls off the couch and joins her mum in the kitchen. Mrs.Montez is quickly tapping away on her computer. She looks up at her daughter and smiles. "Are you ready for the benefit dinner tonight?" Debra nods her head. "Got my dress laid out and everything." Debra tries to sound excited but she fails. "You know Harry's going to be there right." Debra nods her head at her mom. 

Of course he was going to be there. Everyone rich was going to this big benefit.She hadnt contacted Harry in anyway over the last two weeks and she didn't have any attention on doing so. 

"Maybe you two can work things out?" Debra shakes her head and exits the kitchen without another word. She decides she should mentally prepare herself for the hell that is soon to come.
Debra was currently sitting at a table in the lush banquent hall for her mom's charity benefit. Mrs.Montez insisted on arriving early to 'greet all of her prestigious guest.'  Debra looks at the clock as it strikes eight. The benefit starts at eight fifteen so people should be arriving any moment now.

 "Anything to drink madam?" Debra whips her head around to see Zayn smiling down at her. He's dressed in server attire and is holding a platter with drinks on it. 

"You work at a lot of places." Zayn smiles at her. "Well some of us must work to pay the bills; we are all not as lucky as others." Debra shakes her head feeling awkward. "I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that." Zayn laughs at Debra unnecessary apology. "Nah I know you meant well. So any drink you want?"  Debra reaches for one of the flute glasses of champaign but Zayn hits her hand. "Your mom gave all of the serving staff strict orders to not give you any form of alcohol at all." Debra blows her bangs out of her face and slumps back against her chair. "Of course she did. I'm not an alcoholic I swear." Zayn smiles at her and someone calls his name. "Looks like duty calls but I'll catch up with you later." Debra nods and watches Zayn disappear between the doors to the kitchen. He was pretty cute..... 

Debra sat up, trying to make herself look somewhat presentable as she hears large clusters of voices. Debra watches as large heaps of wealthy aristocrats sot down at their assigned tables. She mentally gagged at all of them. 

"And you look like you are just having the time of your life. " Debra glares at Sarah as she takes a seat next to her. "I fucking hate coming to these things Sar.  They're always way way too fancy and everyone here are just judgmental ass holes who-" Debra stops talking when she notices Sarah's glazed over expression. She looks to see what Sarah is gawking at and sees Louis Tomlinson chatting with someone by the bar. "Earth to fucking Sarah." Debra waves her hand infront of Sarah's face and Sarah smacks it away. "Hey yeah I think I'm going to go talk to Louis." Sarah hastily gets up and walks over to Louis. Wow, her own blood left her for some pretty rich boy. Typical. 

Debra fiddles with her gold necklace awaiting for some one to keep her comany. "Hello Debra." Debra looks up to see Anne and her family approaching her. Debra smiles at Anne before standing up and giving her a hug. She waves at the rest of them and they all sit down at the circular table. This isn't what she meant for company. She hardly knew these people and really didn't feel like conversing with them.

"Mind if I sit here Debs?" Debra looks at Harry then at the seat next to her and back at Harry. "Sorry, Sarah was sitting there." She actually  wanted to scream hell no but the rest of his family was intently watching her. "There's a good thing there's another seat next to you." Harry give a smug smile and Debra returns with a sarcastic smile. Debra watched as Harry took his seat. He had a black suit and tie on that fit him in all the right places and his hair was as perfect as ever. 

"So Debra, Megan tells me you're taking classes at Oxford this fall. How exciting." Debra smiles politely at Anne. Leave it to her mom to tell her business. "Yes ma'am, majoring in English and minoring in music." "Youre so young! You know Harry is going into his second year at Oxford." Of course he fucking was Debra commented in her head. "Oh really? He looks like more of a Cambridge type of lad." Debra smiles sweetly at Anne and at Harry. "Oh no Gemma is the Cambridge one. Harry just refused to follow in his sisters footsteps! Between us he barley got into Oxford-" Harry clears his throat and Anne just waves her hand. Sarah and Mr. Montez take their seats and Debra thanks the heavens as they begin talking about something that didn't involve her attention. 


"Can I have your attention ladies and gentlemen." Everyone focused on Mrs.Montez making some speech on how grateful she was everyone donated. Debra honesty zoned out, she's heard about what the money was going to go to so many times from her mom already. Mrs.Montez finishes up her speech and takes a seat at the table. Everyone begins to applaud Mrs.Montez on the event. 

Debra starts swaying to Emperors Waltz , it was one of her favorites and the small quartet really did it justice. "Hey Debs do you want to dance?" Debra looks at Harry and she snorts. "No thanks, I'm fine." Mrs.Montez stares at Debra in horror at her rude manner. Debra rolls her eyes and lets out a dramatic sigh. "On second thought,yes I will dance with you." Debra flashes her mom a tight smile before getting up and following Harry to the dance floor. 

She loosely wraps her arms around his neck and he wraps his around her waist.  It was awkward and silent. Nothing could be heard but the soft chatters of everyone around them and the elegant music being played. "You look nice tonight." Debra looks down at her peach baby doll dress and nods her head. "Thanks." Another moment goes by before Harry is walking Debra out of the banquet. 

Harry drags her outside and studies her face before speaking."Why won't you speak to me?" Debra widens her eyes at Harry and starts laughing. "What the hell is so funny Debs.?" Debra can't stop laughing at Harry, cackles now coming from her mouth. Tears are falling from her eyes and she hunches over from the pain developing in her stomach. Harry stares at her bewildered as she wipes the tears from her face. "Good one Harry, good one." Harry scratches the back of his head, still confused. "I don't know why you want to talk to me anyway? I'm just some random girl who you fucked one time and clearly I'm not all that important." Harry face falls at Debra and he steps closer to her. "Debra, I didn't mean that." Debra shakes her head and steps backwards. "But I'm pretty sure you did Harry. You're like this mysterious dreamy rich boy who breaks hearts and I honestly don't have time to be played." 

Harry kept trying to move closer to Debra but when he took one step forward she took one back. Her back finally hits a wall and she realizes she can't escape. 

Harry swipes his thumb across Debra's lips and she flicks it away. "I'm sorry for saying that. It's just girls don't really go against what I say like you do." Harry lets out a little chuckle before continuing." And I've got a lot of hidden baggage with me and l honestly I just don't want you to get hurt, but theres something about you I can't stay away from." Debra's thoughts get more jumbled as he touches her lips with his thumb again. Harry parts his slightly and she gets a grip on reality. "Well you better find a way to stay away from me because I'm cutting this off before it really starts."

Harry moves inches closer to Debra's face and she can't really can't think. She needed him to take about 3782262 steps back. His minty breath was almost as inciting as his warm and inviting lips. 

"Why don't I take you to my beach house tomorrow. I'll pick you up at around noon and we'll spend the whole day there. Just us." Debra mulled it around in her head. She did like the beach. No she couldn't be drawn in by him again. Fuck it she thinks as he sucks his bottom lips in between his teeth. 

"Fine." Harry smiles before looking down to Debra's lips and back into her eyes. "I really wanna kiss you." Harry slowly moves his lips to Debra's lips. She tugs on the hairs at the nape of his neck as they continue kissing. 

Debra couldn't belive she was going to get herself involved with Harry. But, she was ready to take on the challenge that was Harry Styles. 

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