Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


10. Greench (unedited chapter)

"God Debs, I'm exhausted." Harry places Debra's forth box on the ground and falls onto her bed. "Ew get off Harry, I just put the sheets on and you're all sweaty." Debra tries to push Harry off the bed but he won't budge. He laughs at her failed attempts and pulls her on top of him. "You're so cute when you think you're stronger than me." " Well I am strong." Debra attempts to flex her muscles and Harry pokes them. "Wow Debra! Please don't hurt me!" Debra slaps Harry's chest and gets off of him. "Ok Mr.strong one, go use your super strength and get the rest of my boxes out the car." Harry groans and rolls of the bed. "Chop chop!" Harry stands up and mumbles something before leaving the room. 

Debra falls back on to the individual bed before looking across at the bunk beds. She hopes her roommates won't mind her taking the single bed. She looks down at her box labled 'Decs' and rips it open. She takes out her Nirvana poster and lays it flat on her bed. 

"Nirvana nice." Debra jolts up a bit at the new voice. "And who said you get to have the single bed, newbie?" Debra eyes widen at the girl in front of her. She places three boxes on the bottom bunk of the bed and walks over to Debra. "I'm Elizabeth but you will call me Liz." The girl extends her hand and Debra nervously shakes it. "Debra." "Debra, I can work with that." 

The girl tussles her dark hair, the blue,purple and green tips catching Debra's attention. The girl was a bit shorter than Debra but she was pretty sure her combat boots increased her height. Her eyebrow piercing shone in the light along with the many piercings on her ear. Her dark green eyes held a hint of mysteriousness to them and her smirk was captivating. 

"Why are you in this prison cell Dorris?" "It's Debra and I'm majoring in English." Elizabeth laughs and begins  unpacking a box. "Thought you would be into something like that. I'm majoring in a new field of spirituality. I can communicate with the dead." Debra tries to hide the fear on her face from this crazy girl. "Your grandma says hi." "My grandma isn't dead." "Are you sure about that?" Elizabeth cocks her head to the side and smiles devilishly at Debra, making her skin crawl. 

"Oh stop scaring the girl Liz." Debra watches as another girl comes waltzing into the room. She places two boxes on the floor and crosses her arms. "Who said you get bottom bunk this year Lizy?"" Well Diana took the single bed." Debra shifts uncomfortably in her place and wonders if she should correct the girl on her name. "Hi! I'm Ariana. I hope Liz didn't freak you out too much." 

The short girl gives Debra a hug and smiles wider. Ariana is a polar opposite of Elizabeth. She is shorter with only a bit of make up framing her eyes. Her thin frame making her look much younger than a college student . Her long brown hair was pulled into a side pony tail and she had on a dress even though the weather was completely England today. 

"Releax Ari, us actors have to be prepared for anything." Ariana rolls her eyes and sits on Elizabeth's bed. "As you can tell, Liz is here for acting. I'm majoring in music." "You should hear Ariana sing, she will slay this music industry one day." Ariana smiles at Liz and falls back on the bed. "I doubt it but thanks. Speaking of slaying, guess who I saw waiting for the elevator? Styles." Ariana peers at Elizbeth and watches her reaction. "Urg, god I hope he isn't living in this building. He's my friend and all but he can be so infuriating." Ariana rolls her eyes and sits fully up in the bed. "You see Debra, Harry is this hot sophomore here. I don't know how long you've been here but he's pretty well known throughout the whole city of London and then some. His family is stinking rich and he lives off campus in some fancy flat. He's basically a male Beyonce." "That's why his hair is so big, it's full of secrets." All three girls laugh at Elizabeth before becoming quite. "No but seriously, if you ever run into the elusive Harry beware, you've been warned. I doubt you'll ever see him though, he's never ar-." " Debs these are the last two boxes. Oh Elizabeth, Ariana, Hi!" Harry places the boxes by the rest of Debra's things and give each of the girls hugs. "For the millionth time Styles it Liz." "I know but I like Elizbeth better, it's so delicate and girly unlike you." Elizabeth extends her middle finger towards Harry and he repeats the gesture. 

"Are you leaving now Harold?" "Well if Debs wants me to stay and help her unpack...." "No it's fine." Debra responds a little too quickly but Harry just shrugs his shoulders. "See you girls later." Harry walks over to Debra and places a quick kiss to her lips that makes her stomach burst into butterflies. 

Once Harry leaves all three girls look at eachother in silence. "Ok what the hell just happened?" 

"Damn it, where's the literature hall?" Debra looks at the various buildings and back at her map. She had managed to make it to all her classes first but her 2nd to last period ,English,  maybe her first tardy. 

"You looking for something, freshmen?" Debra looked at the boy who asked her a question and she then realized how crazed she must look standing in the middle of the walkway with a map in one hand and her class schedule in the other. "Yeah do you know where the English hall is?" "Yeah it's that one right in front of us." Debra laughs at her stupidity and the boy laughs along with her. "Relax, Greench will eat you alive if you look a bit nervous." The boy's smile puts Debra to ease and she nods her head. "Good luck freshmen." The boy walks backwards and Debra watches as he leaves, his bright pink hair disappearing in the crowd. 

Debra walks into the class room and sees that she isn't the first one there this time. She notices a blonde head sitting in the very front row , a seat that she probably would have taken herself. Debra carefully walks further into the room, taking one seat away from the boy. "Hey do you know what time class starts?" The boy looks over to Debra and fumbles to get his phone out of his pocket. In about 15 minutes.""Wow I got here way too early." The boy chuckles at Debra. "You? I've been here for about twenty mintures now. We are even here before the professor!" Debra laughs along with the stranger. "I'm Debra by the way." "I'm Luke." 

Debra continues to talk to the boy until students start to fill in. She liked the way he would stumble over his words or run his finger through his blonde hair. His blue eyes would grow wide when Debra said something interesting and squint when he was laughing. 

Debra was right in the middle of telling Luke a story when an elder man came storming through the door, silencing the class with only his presence. The man slams his briefcase on his desk and makes eye contact with his class. "I am Professior Greench, not grinch not green itch but Greench. Congratulations, you all are smart enough to make it to class on time.There will be no syllabus in this class. Just listen and understand." The man's brevity caught Debra completely off guard. 

When Professior Greench was in the middle of speaking about the importance of taking notes,the door to the room swung open, making a horrible bang against the room wall. "Oh how kind of you to grace us with your presence King Styles." Debra looks at Harry as he waltzes into the room. "Sorry Mr.G, got lost on the way here." "I don't know how, this is the same room you were sitting in last year and ,if history repeats itself, the room you will be in next year." Greench watches Harry like a hawk as he sluggishly takes a seat right Inbetween Luke and Debra. Professor Greench stares at Harry for a few more seconds before beginning to speak again. 

"Hey baby can I get your number? " Debra blushes at Harry's statement. "Oh I hope I'm not interrupting your flirting Styles by my teaching." "Well actually you're kind of killing my vibe but it's fine." Greench is fuming and when Harry waves his hand at him, perching his feet on the desk, the professor loses it.  "That's it, class dismissed. Styles here. Now." Harry lets out a loud groan as everyone starts to leave. Debra stands and Harry grabs her wrist. "Wait for me outside of class? I'll walk you to your next one." Debra nods her head and Greench clears his throat in annoyance. 

Debra scurries out of the room and keeps a reasonable distance from the door. "Lucky break huh? Us getting out early and all." Debra turns around at the sound of Luke's voice. "Yeah it is, I get to be even earlier to my last class of the day." "Hey me too," Luke high fives Debra goofily  and laughs. "Hey I'm probably going to grab a late coffee, you wanna come with?" "Oh no I'm sorry, I'm supposed to wait for someone here, but maybe tomorrow?" Luke smiles and pulls out his cell phone. "Just enter your number and we can get some before first period." Debra takes the iPhone in her hand, inputs her information and hands the phone back to Luke. He looks at her contact and laughs. "Queen Debra? Really?" "Well, I don't like to use titles too often....." "Well until tomorrow, your highness." Luke bows to Debra and Debra curtsies back. Once Luke leaves Debra turns back to the classroom door to see Harry walking out the door. 

"How bad did you get it?" Harry adjusts his backpack  strap and smiles triumphly at Debra. "Gave me a strike. A strike in less then five minutes of his class, now that's a record." Debra shakes her head at Harry. Getting in trouble on your first day is not something to brag about. 

"Were you talking to Hemmings?" Debra cocks her head to the side at Harry. "Who?" "Luke." Debra nods her head and begins to smile. "Yeah he's really nice." Harry now rolls his eyes at Debra. "You should stay away from him, the guy is a little twat." Debra arches her eyebrow. "Do you not like him or something?" "We have some bad blood between us, that's all. Enough about puke, where is your next class?" Debra fishes her schedule out her back pocket and hands it to Harry. "Ah music. The whole arts department is this way, let's go."

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