Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


4. Golfing

"Hello welcome to Palm Springs Country Club! How can I assist you today?" Debra takes a look around the over sized country club. It smells of fresh roses and  everyone that walks pass her looks like they're made of money. "Yes, we're supposed to be meeting the Styles family on the golf course." The receptionist taps around on the company's computer and nods. "Yes the Montez family. Wait right here and we'll have someone to escort you out. Have a Palm Springs day!" 

Debra and her family waits until someone taps on her shoulder. "Is this the Montez family?" Debra turns around to be met by a pair of beautiful brown eyes. She instantly recognizes him as the host from last night. "Hey it's you!" Debra nods her head shyly, praying to god he won't mention her little run last night. "Hello everyone." The dark haired boy  grabs the rest of the Montez family's attention. "I'm Zayn, right this way." 

Zayn leads the family out to the perfectly manicured course. Debra looks for Harry but she's greeted by Anne. Anne gives each of the Montez hugs and says the others are just down the course a bit. "Hello Zayn, I didn't see you there." Anne gives Zayn a kiss on the cheek and he smiles warmly at her. 

The clan does a little more walking until Debra spots Harry, a man she assumes to be his dad and some light haired girl. "Hello everyone!" Harry firmly shakes Mr.Montez'a hand, high fives Zayn, and gives the rest kisses on the cheek. He wraps his arm around Debra's waist and holds her there. "This is my step dad Robin and my sister Gemma." Harry gestures to the two unfimialr guest and Debra waves hello to them. "Lets get this game started!" 

For the next thirty minutes Debra watches everyone take shots.She stared at Harry mostly through the round though. He was looking damn fine in his golfing clothes. And the way his muscle would flex when he would drive the ball gave her chest pains. She stayed back a bit though, hoping she could just slip away. But the way Zayn kept looking at her suspiciously kept her on edge. 

"Hey Debby cakes, why won't you take a swing." Harry holds out the golf club to her and she just tilts her head to the side. "Did you just call me Debby cakes?" Harry laughs, "Think it fits you." "Well Harold, despite how I'm dress," Debra spins around to show Harry her golf dress. "I can't play golf." "It's easy I'll show you. Come here." Harry drags Debra to where he was standing. Harry moves right behind Debra and she tenses up. "You stand straight like this. "Harry adjusts Debra's posture and continues with his mini lesson. "When you drive a ball you wanna keep the form of a T. Swing straight back, keep that elbow straight, and follow through." Harry's large hands cover Debra's as he grips the club and swings. Debra watches the ball go off into the distance and the others clap. "Let me try on my own." Debra bumps Harry out of the way and he laughs. She lines her body up and gives a dramatic back swing. Only to be stopped by something hard. 

And everyone gasps told her it wasn't good. 

Debra slowly turns around to see Harry's lip, swollen and bloody. She drops the club and her hands fly to her mouth. "Oh my god Harry, I'm so sorry!" Harry hand is at his lip and Debra prays that she hasn't broken any of his teeth. Debra grabs Harry's wrists and drags him towards the country club, "I'm going to get him cleaned up." Debra informs the others.

When the two get into the building, Debra spots a family bathroom and pulls Harry into it. She runs the water and grabs a towl from the table inside the room. She damps it and places it on Harry's lip. He hisses at the pain but Debra just applys more pressure to it. "I'm sorry but you're suppose to add pressure to injuries." Debra removes the rag, rinses it and begins to clean off Harry's lips. His plump, pink, soft-. Debra shakes her head ridding it of any thoughts of Harry's attractiveness. "You've got blood all over your shirt Harry." Harry looks down at his blood covered polo shirt. "I wonder why." Harry says sarcastically and nonchalantly takes it off. He throws it in the waste bin and Debra just gawks at his body. 

He had endless tattoos covering his upper half. When they had their one night stand at the club, Harry hadn't taken off his shirt so Debra was in shock. He had animals, words, shapes even a boat scattered all over his upper region. How couldn't she have at least noticed the two huge swallows right by his collar bones. 

"It's impolite to stare love." Harry smirks at Debra knowingly and she just shakes her head. "I didn't know you had tattoos. You don't really seem like the type." Harry arches his eye brows."Didn't they teach you not to judge a book by its cover in America?" Debra ignores Harry's teasing and steps closer to him. She reaches out to touch one but quickly drops her hand back to her side. Harry now steps closer and grabs her hand, ghosting it on his skin. "You can touch them you know, I don't bite. Unless you're into that type of thing." Harry winks and Debra runs her finger along the various tattoos. "What do all of them mean?" Harry shrugs his shoulders. "How about I tell you another time, the others may begin to worry about us." Debra can sense Harry's uncomfortable manner and decides she should change the subject. 

"How's your lip?" Harry pokes out his tongue and feels over the wound a bit. "It would feel better if you kissed it." Harry wiggles his eye brows up and down and Debra grabs the towel, smaking him with it. Harry laughs and Debra shivers at his beautiful laugh ringing out. "I am truly sorry about hitting your lip though." "I will forgive you if you go out to this club with me Saturday." Debra sighs, why is he always trying to get her to go out with him.

"And what if I say no?" Debra challenges as she grabs a strand of his hair  in her hand, coiling it around her fingers. "Ouch." Harry winces in false pain and  begins rubbing his wounded lip. "Maybe I could get Mrs.Montez to get you to take care of me for a week." Harry smirks at Debra and she narrows his eyes. "You wouldn't dare Styles." "Try me." Debra groans in defeat. "Fine." Harry smiles triumphantly. Debra's eyes rakes down his unclothed chest. "Lets get you a shirt." Debra turns around and heads towards the door. Harry grabs her arm before she can leave and spins her around. He pulls her into him and softly kisses her lips. "Thank you for cleaning me up." Harry whispers and Debra nods her head dazed. "No,......... Problem......." Harry laughs and shakes his head. Debra takes one more look at Harry's tattoos. She really wanted to know what all of them meant. 

"You coming love?" Debra looks into Harry's eyes. "Yeah." Harry tries to hold Debra's hand but she smacks it away again. "Oh, what a little challenge you are." Harry mumbles amused. 

But Debra knew she was a challenge, and she was going to be an even bigger challenge on Saturday. 

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