Million Dollar Secrets

Debra Montez is a wealthy teenage girl that has just moved to London,England. She's ready for just another boring year but when she meets the wealthy bachelor Harry Styles, everything changes. Harry surprises Debra in ways she can't even image. But pretty boy has a dark secret, and Debra will stop at nothing to figure it out.


3. Dinner and a Show

"Debra darling, Harry's here." Debra gags at her moms singsong tone and takes one more look in the mirror. This was as good as it was going to get. She had on a floral t-shirt with dark skinny jeans and brown wedges. Her hair was thrown into a ballerina bun and she had no accessories on. She was giving a bare minimal of herself tonight. 

Debra makes her way down the stairs and all eyes are on her. Mrs.Montez frowns at her daughters casual attire but then goes back to her fake smile. "Ready to go Debs?" Harry smiles at Debra and she rolls her eyes. "Yeah." Debra's moms eyes go wide at Debra's rude attitude and shoots her a 'watch it' look. Debra grabs her purse and stands near Harry. "I'll have her back by 11 mrs. Montez." Mrs.Montez shoos the two out of the door. "Have fun kids." Debra looks back at her overly happy mom. She could poison her right about now. 

Debra and Harry walk to a large SUV which Debra assumes to be Harry's. "For you malady." Harry opens the door and Debra slips in the vehicle. She fastens her seat belt and watches as Harry jogs to his side of the truck. "Where are we going?" "Criterion." Debra nods her head at the Strange place Harry just said. She was going to ask if that was a restaurant but she didn't bother. She felt unsafe in the closed space with him. He made her, nervous. 

"Hey Harry." "Yes love?" "How old are you?" Harry looks at her with amusement. "19, why?" Debra looks out the window. "No reason." The two ride in silence until they pull up to a fancy looking restaurant. "We're here." 

Debra looks at Harrys smiling face and she mentaly gags. She tries to push the door open but it won't budge. She pushes harder but still it doesn't open. She starts freaking out, having a spazz attack on the door. She remembers reading a fanfic once about this guy locking the doors from the inside so the girls couldn't run away. Harry leans over her and flips a red button. "You have to unlock the door first before you get out." Debra opens the door embarrassed , "I knew that." She mumbles under her breath and steps out the SUV. 

Harry grabs her hand and she pulls it away. Harry just lets out a low chuckle and leads the way into the restaurant. Debra looks at the high class restaurant and sighs. Looks like it's going to be another stuffy awkward date. 

"Hello, we have reservations under Styles." "Of course sir, right this way." The tall server leads the two to a table in the back, isolated from everyone else. "Can I get you two anything to drink." Debra and Harry sit down in their seats. "Yes I will take a raspberry tea and my lady will be having lemonade." Debra huffs at Harry, she could order her own things. The server hands Harry and Debra a menu and leaves to get their drinks. 

Harry scoots his chair closer to Debra and rests his hand on her thigh. She looks around in horror but then realizes no one can see them, they're basically in a whole new galaxy than everyone else. "So tell me about yourself love." Harry slowly moves his hand up Debra's thigh and she hits it away. She studies the menu intently, hoping Harry will leave her alone. "Come on don't be like that." Harry begins kissing her neck and she freezes right there. A shiver goes up her spine and Harry smirks. "Oh I just can't wait to get you naked again." That was Debra's cue to leave. "I have to go to the bathroom. Debra grabs her purse. "I'm kinda on my period, where's the bathroom?" "It's towards the front of the restaurant, I can show you if you want?" "No." Debra says a little too quickly."I'll be back in a bit." Debra quickly rushes to the front of the restaurant and looks back at Harry. He's on his phone and she thinks this is as good of a time then ever. "Hi yes, in about 15 minutes can you tell that gentleman over there his date wasn't feeling well and went home." Debra looks at the host with pleading eyes and he just laughs. "I've seen Harry here with many girls before but none have ran away 10 minutes into the date." Debra just continues looking at the boy with her pleading eyes and he sighs. "Yeah yea,  I'll tell him you're leaving." "God thank you so much." Debra takes one more look back at Harry and he's looking right back at her, confusion plastered on his face.. He starts getting up from the table and she gasps. 

The only thing she had to do was run. 

So that's exactly what she did. 

She runs  out of the elegant restaurant into the drizzling London weather. She didn't have a clue which direction she was going in but that didn't stop her. She sprints down the road and urgently looks around to see if she could run into a building. There was just black nothingness ahead. She takes a sharp left and starts running down an alley. No no, just her luck that this alley would be gated at the end. She hears heavy steps behind her and sees that Harry is hot on her heels. She starts sprinting to the gate now. She would climb it in three inch Jimmy Choo wedges if she had to. 

She gets to the gate and tries to pull herself up but she's failing horribly. She curses herself for never working on her upper body strength. She turns around, her back pressing to the gate as Harry approaches her. The now moderate flow of rain has ruined his pushed back hair, now it's falling in his eyes. He gets right in front of her and she pushes her back into the gate further, causing it to shake violently. She cowered back with fear at Harrys facial blank expression. 

Harry takes off his jacket and simply drapes it over Debra's shoulders. "Lets get you somewhere dry, yeah?" Debra is utterly shocked when Harry picks her up and effortlessly swings her over his shoulder. 

They walk in silence and when they finally reach the truck, Harry opens the door for her, gently placing her in the passengers seat. Harry enters the car from his side and buckles his seat belt. He runs his fingers through his damp hair and Debra is anxiously waiting for him to say something. 

Harry just starts the car though and drives Debra back home. Debra can't help but dart her eyes over to look at Harry. He has on his best poker face and she can't help but to feel guilty. Maybe he was just putting up this whole facade until he knew her better. Maybe he was a really nice guy and Debra just hurt his feelings. Or maybe he will leave her alone after this.....
"We're here." Harry lazily smiles at Debra and begins to exit the car. He opens the door for her and helps her step down. She mumbles a little "Thanks." and the two silently walk to her front door. 

"Hey Harry?" Harry turns  to face Debra. She licks her lips and continues. "I'm sorry for erm, running away during our date. Thank you for taking me out and I understand if you don't want to contact me anymore." Harry lets out a low laugh. "Oh babe no, we're going golfing tomorrow afternoon.I think you sort of owe me." Harry takes one step closer to Debra and she takes one step back. "But I ran away during our date, shouldn't you be upset or something?" A laugh passes Harry's lips and Debra looks  at him in utter confusion. "Babe," Harry grabs Debra's hips and pins her against the front door. "I don't give up on things I want. And you'll find that I can be a very persistent person sometimes." 

Harry buries his head into Debra's neck, kissing and nipping at her skin. Debra's hands finds their way  to the back of his head, tangling themselves as Harry viciously starts sucking her neck. Debra quickly realizes the situation and rips her hands from his hair and shoves him back. "Oh yes, you're going to give into me soon. " Debra lets out a snort." Yeah I don't think so." Harry knocks on the door and Debra straightens herself out, taking a place beside him. 

"Hi kids!" Debra and Harry are greeted by an overly perky Mrs.Montez. "How was the date?" "It was lovely, so lovely that I wanted to invite you all to play a few rounds of golf with my family tomorrow around noon." Mrs.Montez claps her hands excitedly. "I can't wait! Tell Anne we'll see her tomorrow !" Harry smiles his million dollar smile and Mrs.Montez blushes. Harry Styles is quite the charmer ladies and gentleman. 

Harry places a kiss on Mrs.Montez's cheek and one on Debra's forehead. "I'll see you tomorrow  love." Debra falsely smiles at Harry and he shoots her a wink. 

She enters the house and closes the door with a little more force than necessary. "Debs, sweetheart?" Debra sighs, waiting for all her moms nosey questions. "What is that on your neck?" Debra hands feel around her neck until she feels the little bruise Harry just left a few moments ago. Her eyes go wide and she covers the mark. "Oh that's er nothing. Just a bug bite probably." Debra mentally face palms herself for that terrible  lie. 

"Nice jacket also." Mrs.Montez gestures to Harrys jacket and winks. "Ok mom this is my cue to leave to go to sleep now." Debra sprints up the spiral stare case to her mom's amused laughs. 

She finally makes it to her room and she throws the jacket on her bedroom floor. She rips back the sheets and blankets, getting right into her bed. She doesn't even bother to change into some clean night clothes, she was too tired to think.

To think of anything other than Harry. 

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