Olivia thought that it was just a nightmare....
Little did she know that what she had just witnessed was nothing but the truth....
The truth which has been hidden from her...
To protect her from the devil who threatened her life...

As the truth unfolds, Olivia finds out that she was never even close to being normal...
Yet she was made to believe that she was....

The only question is...
Who she actually is???


1. Prologue


The footsteps behind me were getting louder and louder. At first they were just a distant noise but now, they seem to be pretty close. I quickly increased my pace, started taking longer strides.


“You cannot run away from me.”


That was exactly when I broke into a run. The voice was so harsh and filled with venom that it sent chills running down my spine. I did not bother to look where I was going, I just ran blindly with just one thing running in my mind; lose him.


After running for a few minutes, I realized that I was not being followed, so, I came to a halt. I was desperately gasping for air and was covered with sweat. I started taking long breath, trying to calm myself. I looked around and found myself in the middle of a deserted street. There were no buildings, no street lights, like I said it was completely deserted. There was no sign of civilization. The trees and the darkness were my only companion. I could not use my mobile as it would have immediately drawn attention which was exactly what I was trying to avoid.


I started walking, carefully scanning my surroundings, prepared to break for another run if I were to hear any sound or see any movement. But I didn’t as it had suddenly become too quiet. Silence surrounded me faster than anyone could have ever imagined. The wind had stopped blowing and not a single leaf upon the tree was moving. I never thought that silence could be heard this loud.


It surprised me that I was so calm and under control. I should have probably freaking out but instead I found myself carefully judging my situation.


I finally came across a dark alley, at the end of which I could see light. I quickly made my way to it but stopped at its entrance. There was something about the alley that was bugging me and I was sure that it was not the darkness because I had grown accustomed to the darkness. I decided to cross the alley even though my sub-conscious mind was yelling at me not to do it. I was sure that there was some civilisation from where the light is coming. There had to be something and at this moment, almost anything felt better than this deserted street.


“What could possibly go wrong?” I thought and realized that I was trying to comfort myself. “He is never going to find you. You have lost him ages ago.”


I was halfway across the alley when I again heard the same dreadful, bone-chilling voice.


“I told you that you cannot run way from me no matter how hard you try.”


I stopped dead on my track. I looked around to figure out the direction of the voice and my eyes landed on a silhouette of a man standing in front of me, leaning against the wall. I was absolutely regretting my decision to cross the alley. I tried to move backwards but my legs did not move. I looked down to figure out what was wrong and realized that my legs were glued to the ground. No matter how hard I try, they would not bulge.


DO SOMETHING!!! RUN!!! He is going to kill you.... RUN OLIVIA RUN!!! My consciousness was yelling at me and I knew that if I wouldn’t do something then I was as good as a dead corpse.


“You seemed pretty scared to me. I can sense your fear even from this distance. It is a shame; I was under the impression that you were the tough one, Olivia.” He said as he started walking towards me.


How did he know my name?


It was the first thought that came to my mind but then I decided to ignore his voice and concentrated on figuring out a way to save myself. If only... I could move my legs; I would break into another run and lose him this time for good. But I wasn’t even able to move an inch forget the thought of running.


“That’s right. Thinking about running is a bad idea when you cannot even move and even if you were able to I would have found you just like I did right now.” He hadn’t stopped moving and we now stood only a few feet apart. I still was not able to see his face.


I realized that he could read my mind; if something like that is even possible in this world. But for now mind-reading is possible and he knew exactly what I am thinking. So, the best strategy that I could come up with was to stop thinking and have a surprise of element but it also meant that most of my decisions would be irrational and purely be based on my quick thinking. We both would have equal amount of time to react. After all, you have got to lose something in order to gain another.


My eyes flew open and I was greeted  by loneliness again. I was in such a deep thought that I didn’t even realize that I had closed my eyes.


Where did he go? How did he disappear into the thin air? One minute ago, he was standing right in front of me and the next, he was gone.


I suddenly felt someone’s presence behind me. I slowly turned my head back since my legs were still stuck to the ground. I was prepared to see the mysterious man but instead I found myself face to face with a pair of eyes but they were not just any pair of eyes.


They were glowing....


And they were Red....


That was exactly when I lost it and screamed at the top of my lungs. Suddenly, I felt a sensation of being pulled away and everything started to fade.


“You are mine.”


That was the last thing I heard before everything faded.

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