A Dream come true

Annette has always loved music she loves to sing and she is really good. She loves Greyson Chance. what happens when one of her friends tells her uncle who just happens to be Scooter Brauns . Scooters helps set up a meeting with Greyson, Justin Bieber and One Direction as a gift to Annette. Will this be everything Annette has hopped for or will some thing go wrong?
This is my first story I hope you like it.


7. Truth or Dare

 "what do you want to do?" I ask sitting in my purple fuzzy rug in my room. "lets play truth or dare." says Louis. we all get in a circle me between Justin and Niall. "I'll start. Annette truth or dare? says harry. "Dare "I say "I dare you to sit in Liam's lap" laughs Harry I get up and walk over to Liam and sit down in his lap. we all laugh and Liam raps his arms around me. " Truth or dare Justin" I ask. "Truth"  he says. "boo" I say rolling my eyes. "what is up with you and Selena."I ask Justin's cheeks turn red "we are together "he says smiling "good I love Jelena!" I say smiling. They all laugh "you are so cute" Says Louis poking me in the side making me giggle. Truth or dare Greyson?"asks Justin "truth." says Greyson. "is there a girl that you would like to ask out." asks Justin asks Greyson. "u-um there is this girl but I don't know her very well and I'm scared she will say no." he answers. hearing him say he likes another girl broke my heart but its not like he would want to go out with me I'm just a random fan. "you should ask her out who would want to say no to you" I say smiling at him. "yea dude she would totally say yes" says Harry,smiling at me. "I will be right back" I say getting up and walking into the hall way and shutting the door before they can say anything. Then my phone starts to vibrate its a text from Tyler saying a ton of mean things. I sit on the floor leaning against the wall I delete the text. Someone sits next to me I look at who it is and it's Greyson. "Hey" I smile at him. "Hi"he says looking me in the eye."would you like to go out" asks Greyson. I can't believe that this is happening to me a guy that I have liked and never thought I would met is asking me our. But why me there is nothing special. Then I snap back to the real world and he is sitting there looking at me. "I would love to" I say hugging him. "I'm so glad you said yes"he says hugging me back. When we pull apart and walk back in to my room hand in hand "he did it" says  Zayn pointing at out hands. I smile and sit on my bed Greyson sits next to me rapping his arm around me.  I turn on the tv and The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio is about to start. I sit back as  it starts. I love this movie it is amazing. Halfway through the movie I start to fall asleep Greyson pulls the blanket around us. I hid my face in his chest he tightens his arms around me and I fall asleep. 





Sorry I did not update. I was away at my church camp. It was so much fun and I just got home so I had to update. Let me know what you think about to book. 

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