A Dream come true

Annette has always loved music she loves to sing and she is really good. She loves Greyson Chance. what happens when one of her friends tells her uncle who just happens to be Scooter Brauns . Scooters helps set up a meeting with Greyson, Justin Bieber and One Direction as a gift to Annette. Will this be everything Annette has hopped for or will some thing go wrong?
This is my first story I hope you like it.


17. The Concert part 2


 I lean my head on to his. "I love you Annette. and I have since the day we met." he says sitting down on the couch still holding me.. Am I really in love?

(Still Annette's POV)

I DO LOVE GREYSON MICHAEL CHANCE! "I love you too." I say quietly kissing his nose."I never thought you would say that." says Greyson letting out a big breath " why would I not love you. I knew I loved you before you even knew I existed." I say letting out a little giggle " well I love you more." says Greyson kissing my forehead. I sit down next to him and lay my head down on his chest, "you will never know how much I truly love." I say closeing my eyes lightly.


I finally told her how I feel and she loves me back. my life right now feel perfect. I saw her to day rehearsing and I can see how much she enjoys it. I can hear her breathing slow down and I notice she is asleep. she is so cute and tiny its hard to believe I get to call her mine. I pull out my phone and take a picture of her sleeping and tweet it saying "isn't she the cutest! I'm glad I get to call her mine." I text scooter and tell him to let me know when we need to be back. he says we have a hour so I might as well take a nap with her. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her nose. and whisper goodnight.. then fall asleep.


I am stocked for tonight it will be one of the best shows I have put on. Tonight I and going to

make sure everyone has a great time. I cant wait to see Annette preform. she is amazing but I worry about her. she is so small that it cant be healthy and everything she does has to stress her out a lot that's why  after to night we all agreed that we are all going to relax until we have to leave. I hope Annette will have fun this week.


I feel some one shaking me, I flutter my eyes open and see Greyson. "hey Grey." I say peaking his lips " oh so now you have a pet name for me." says Greyson standing up and helping me up. " only cause I love you." I say smiling at him. Greyson goes down the latter first and then helps me down. "thanks" I say as we intertwining our fingers as we walk back to the stage area. when we get there the lads are running over to us. "where were you to." asks niall in his cute accent. " hideing why did you really look for us the whole time?" I ask laughing like an idiot "we'll it's not our fault we were play still and you didn't tell us to give you" says Louis pouting "oh I'm so sorry.   Lou" I say dramatically throwing my arms around his neck. I hear him start to fake cry "I want a hug" says Harry opening his arms for me. I walk over and  wrap my arms around his waist since he is so tall. "Your so small" says Harry making me laugh. "We'll if I didn't I couldn't dance and do gymnastics like I do" I say sticking my tung at him. "We'll then how do you eat everything you do?" Asks Niall "well I do a lot of exersize so that I burn off fat and not muscle cause that to Demi lavoto I learned how to stay healthy and stay small at the same time."I tell them smiling." We'll I have a six pack I bet you don't" says cody challenging me. I lift my shirt and cody does the same thing. As I lift my shirt you can see my stumech and all the muscle on it "dang that must take alot of work" says cody. I simply nod and run over to where justin and his dancers are dancing. "Hey cutie" says justin soon as he sees me I wave and smile siting down on the floor to watch him dance. A few select fans are let in. One of Justin's racers challenged him to a dance battle "I call uAnnette" yells justin when the fans have calmed down. "We'll you have to do a contemporary dace"says fredo thinking I can't dance. I put my long hair  in a bun and tell Dan what to play for my dance. I do the dance that won me state last week. When I'm done everyone goes crazily and Greyson me spinning me around. "We'll that was unexpected" say fredo making everyone laugh. "Don't hate me hate justin he knew but didn't tell you"I say hiding behind Greyson "thanks Annette " says justin sarcastically I nod and smile. Everyone laughs as the  two guys chase each-other around. When they finally calm down we say by to the fans and go back stage. "Annette how you felling" asks cody. The I'm starting to think about how many people will be watching. "I don't think I can do this" I say hugging greyson "you will be fine he says kissing my hair. Who am I going to do this what if my not good enough. "Your on Annette" says Kenny I let go of greyson and walk on stage "hey all you awesome people my names Annette and I'm filling in for Carly  cause she is sick. So yea hope you like this song. " I say before singing call me maybe. People sing with me as I dance around the stage I preform a few more songs before Greyson walks out and joins me. " hey everyone" says Greyson wrapping his arms around my waist. The crowd goes crazy, making me giggle "so right now if you have and questions send them in right now and they will show up on the screen and we will try to answer as many as we can make sure you tag the with #believetour2013" as Greyson. soon I see everyone pulling out their phones and typing away. we turn around and the first question appears.  "Are you two a couple?" Greyson and I look at each other. “yea so all you guys out there she is taken."says greyson kissing my cheek "yea sorry girls but he is mine" I say giggling. "What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you." Asks the next question "for me it's is getting to be standing on this stage. Normally right now I would be at home running laps around my neighbourhood" I say smiling. "Yea for me it was being on the Ellen show and netting lady gaga "says Greyson we answer a ton more questions then say goodbye to the crowd. Soon as we get back stage greyson hugs and kisses me lightly "you were amazing" he says spinning me around. Soon everyone is hugging me and telling me I was great. Greyson sits down on a chair setting a cupcake. I walk over and sit in his lap and take a bit of his cupcake "hey "he says outing icing on my nose making me giggle I lean my head on his and he kisses my nose. Suddenly I see a flash and its a ton of people taking pictures of us I start to blush like crazy and hide me face in greyson's ceast. My phone starts to riderate I pull it out and everyone posted the picture of me and Grey "aww someone text that to  me please "I like that picture" says Greyson kissing me. "You want to watch justin preform?" ask scooter "yea" I scream jumping off it Greyson. Me and grey go to the front row and watch. When Justin starts to sing fall Greyson wraps his arms around me waist and my around his neck we sway to the music "I love you beautiful" he says before kissing me. I feel like we are the only ones there every thing else just disappears when we pull apart justin is looking at us "If only everyone could have seen what just happened over here you guys would go crazy these two are so cute and perfect together" says justin pointing at us the whole crowed goes crazy. I blush and hide my face in Greyson chest justin finishes the rest if the concert and goes of stage. Grey and I following behind him "you were great" I say hugging him "thanks" he says whipping his sweat off with a towel. "M and g then back to the hotel." Say Scooter. We all go into the room where the meet and great will be held the first fan walks is she dream as soon as she sees us "hi beautiful" says justin making her freak out "hi" she says hugging him "what's your name asks cody "Katherine" she says smiling. We all take a group picture.
When we are done we head back to the hotel. "I'm gonna change then you want to have a huge movie movie night" asks Greyson smiling down at me "that sound perfect" I say kissing his cheek before walking away. I quickly change into sweatpants and a tank-top and remove my makeup. I walk into the living room and the couches pull out beds are pulled out and there are blankets and pillows all over the floor in front of the tv. "Movie night!" screams Louis picking me up. We all start to laugh Louis puts me down and I lay down cuddling with Greyson. "Aw your so cute" says Selena "thanks" I say getting closer to Greyson he pulls the blanket over us Harry starts the movie we watch a walk to remember. When it's over they start a scary movie. Every time something scary happens I hide my face in Greyson's chest. He runs his fingers through my hair. I slowly start to fall asleep.


I cant believe how many of you are reading this I never thought that this would happen. Please let me know what you think.

sorry it took me so long to up date I have been really busy in school. I will try to get back to updating more often.

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