A Dream come true

Annette has always loved music she loves to sing and she is really good. She loves Greyson Chance. what happens when one of her friends tells her uncle who just happens to be Scooter Brauns . Scooters helps set up a meeting with Greyson, Justin Bieber and One Direction as a gift to Annette. Will this be everything Annette has hopped for or will some thing go wrong?
This is my first story I hope you like it.


16. The Concert part 1

Annette's pov

I slowly open my eyes as I fell someone shaking me. "Annette can you wake up Greyson we all tried and he won't move."says Harry pointing at sleeping Greyson who'd has his arms wrapped around me. I turn and face him and kiss his lips. His grip tightens and he kisses back. I pull away and smile at him "hey beautiful."says Greyson smiling at me. "well thanks" says Louis jumping on us. we all burst into laughter "I was talking to my girlfriend." says Greyson pushing Louis out of the bed. hw falls with a loud thud"oww." yells Louis rolling around on the ground like a little kid. "get up Louis we got to get ready" says harry "not until Annette kisses my booboo" says Louis. crap I forgot abouit the concert. I get ot of bed and walk over to Louis and kiss his arm and help him up. "go get ready you guys." I say pushing them out of my room "do I have to leave. "asks Greyson kissing my cheek. "no you can stay." I say rapping my arms around his neck he gently pushes his lips to mine. at first it is gentle  and sweet then it intensifies with him licking my bottom lip begging for entrance. this time I let him in I can feel him smirk as he leads me to the bed and sits down with me in his lap he never brakes the kiss. Pull away and smile at him " I need to get ready for the concert and so do you." I say smiling at him  "but this is more fun then any of that stuff." says Greyson kissing my shoulder, making me giggle. "well im sorry but we need to get ready I am not going to be late for my first Justin bieber concert." I say getting up and going to pick out my clothes. I get a white tank top with a purple knitted sweater that stops halfway on my stomach. I pick my favorite black shorts "go get ready you weirdo." I say kissing him on the cheek "fine." he groans as he walks out of the room. I quicly take a shower and wash my hair. I dry off my body and hair then get dressed. I apply my makeup then cry the ends of my hair the ends fall the my shoulder bones. I brush my teeth then I go into the living room I see everyone talking to Scooter when they final see me they all stop talking and look at me and smile like idiots. "what?" I ask as I walk over to them "well you look beautiful." says Greyson kissing my cheek. "thanks" I say blushing. "aww Annette is blushing." yells harry picking me up and spinning me. I giggle and try tho get away from him but his grip it to tight "put me down hazza." I yell he puts me down but does not let me go "get you hands of my girlfriend" says Greyson smiling at me as Harry lets go of me and laughs. i feel Greysons' arms rap around me and he kisses my cheek. "Justin we have a problem." says scooter rushing in the room. "what's up." asks Justin with a worried look on his face. "Carly is sick and fans are already lined up. Also if we cancel we can not reschedule it." says scooter that sucks. "is there any thing we can do to still have the show." asks Cody. "well we need someone to fill in for her." says Scooter. then everyone looks at me "Annette would you fill in for her?" asks Scooter. my heart just stopped "i don't know there would be a lot of people would be watching me and i don't think in good enough they might hate me." i say starting to freak out "They will love you, come on imagine how good it would feel to say you preformed on stage at you first Justin Bieber concert." says scooter trying to get me to do it. "please please please please" beg Justin getting down on one knee begging me. " fine but only cause I love you I say hugging him. "oh my god you are the best." he screams as he picks me up and kisses my cheek. "no problem." I say smiling at him as he puts me down. "lets go so you can do some vocal warm-ups." says scooter opening the door for us. we all walk out and get into the limo "I cant wait to see you on stage." says Greyson kissing me on the lips. "awww the cute little couple." yells Louis waving his arms around in the air. "God are you ever quit." says Greyson getting mad. "no he is never quit he is always super crazy. and he is in love with carrots." I say smiling they all look at me and smile. "finally someone gets me." yells Louis hugging me tightly "ow your smashing me you dork." I say pushing him off of me. "so now im a dork." asks Louise acting hurt. "yea but you are my dork I" say kissing his cheek. "hey I want a kiss." says Greyson as we stop. We get out of the car and I kiss his cheek "there" I say smiling at him. "Thank you beautiful"he says grabbing my hand and intertwining out finger making me blush. "Come on you too" says Justin walking to the side of th building. I can see fans lined up in the front as we walk to the door. They all go crazy as we walk we wave at them making them screem even louder. Wow to think that would have been me last week and now I am going to rehearsal. When we get inside Justin hopes they all hope onstage and I pull out my phone and take a pic and put it up with the caption “big suprise tonight on the believe tour. Be ready!!!" I put it on instagram and Twitter. I have so many new followers and they are doing the same thing I would be doing if I was them. They are asking for me to follow and I try my best to follow everyone. "Get up here and show us what got."yells Justin  helping me on stage. "Well got more then you"I say smiling  everyone start to laugh and cheer. "whatever short stuff." says Justin pushing me a little making me lose balcnce and fall over "oww I say holing my rib cage. "oh my gosh Im so sorry are you ok." Asks Justin helping me up. "yea im fine I think." I say getting up "Annette you need to start." yells scooter as he comes over to us to watch. they all sit in to front row to watch. "can you play lets go crazy by hannha Montana please" I ask. The music starts and I sing and move around the big stage. "Annette do you think you could throw some of you dance and gymnastic moves in there." asks scooter. "um yea I guess." I says shrugging my shoulders. "ok that would make the show at lot better and maybe you guys could sig a song or two with her." says scooter looking at the lads. " that would be fun" says niall. "ok then lets give it a shoot." says Scooter. the lads get on stage and we sing Kiss You. "that sounded great, Annette you are done with sound check so now just pick what songs you want to sing." Says Scooter as me and Justin trade places. "lets play hid and seek tag, back stage" says Louis. "yea lets go Louis it. " says harry, Louis turns around and starts to count. Greyson grabs my hand and runs pulling me behind him. "where are we going."i ask as we run down a long hallway. "my secret room that no one knows about." he says  pulling down a latter from the sealing. "are you sure this is safe?" I ask looking up. "don't worry i got you. you go first. " he responds stepping out of the way for me to go up. I quickly go up latter with Greyson right be hind me. I look around the room and there is a couch and a window that lets you see the stage. "wont they see us?" I ask pointing at the window  "no its hidden very well." he says hugging me from the back. "oh." i say turning around and hug him. " Have i told you how amazing I think you are amazing." he says as he gently presses his to mine. he licks my bottom lip begging for entrance and I decline him so I feel Greyson's hands slide lower until I feel his finger tips touching my butt. making me open my mouth just enough for him to get his tong in my mouth. I feel him smirk. Greyson lifts me up and I rape my legs around his waist and he hooks his hands under me holding me up. As we continue to kiss I hear a noise we pull apart I lean my head on to his. "I love you Annette. and I have since the day we met." he says sitting down on the couch still holding me.. Am I really in love? 



I know its been a long time since I updated but here you go. I know its not he best but I hope you like it. from now on I will not be updating as often because I have started school. this year I am making changes in my life so the book will not be a my main forces, but I still want to know what you think about it so I know if I should continue. Also I need input on what I need to work on or what you want me to add or take out. I love you all my stars. wish me luck this year and I wish you luck, love and happiness.

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