A Dream come true

Annette has always loved music she loves to sing and she is really good. She loves Greyson Chance. what happens when one of her friends tells her uncle who just happens to be Scooter Brauns . Scooters helps set up a meeting with Greyson, Justin Bieber and One Direction as a gift to Annette. Will this be everything Annette has hopped for or will some thing go wrong?
This is my first story I hope you like it.


18. The Beach

In the. Morning when I wake up everyone is asleep on the floor. I gently get up and walk over to to the mini fringe and get some water suddenly I feel arms wrap around my waist "good morning" I say leaning on to Greyson. "I love you" he whispers in my ear sending shivers down my spine "I love you too" I say smiling "you want to go to the beach today." Asks Greyson letting me go "that sounds great but we need to wake up the others" I say smiling "fire" I scream everyone jumps up. "what the hell Annette your such a little bitch." yells justin looking at me with guilty filling his eyes. "Annette" Justin starts "just leave me alone I never want to see you again" I yell before running away with tear stained cheeks. I slam my door and lay down on my bed and cry.

I feel someones hand rub my back" Annette he didn't mean it, he is just grumpy." says Greyson I sit up and lean on him. "I used to look up to him but now I don't know he seem like such a jerk. when everyone was bad mouthing him I was the only one that stuck around." I say crying on to Greyson's shoulder "everyone makes mistakes, you have to forgive them. Justin means so much to you and always will." says Greyson hugging me "I don't want to talk to him" I say whipping away my tears "well don't then just come hang out with me at the beach." says Greyson I laugh lightly "ok im gonna change then we can go" I say kissing his cheek. He nods and I grab my black stringless baknii. I walk into the bathroom and change. I walk out and put on shorts. "Ready beautiful" says Greyson kissing me "yea "I say blushing I grabe my sunglasses. Greyson gets the beach bag. We walk to the beach right behind the hotel. I lay my towel down and take off my coverup. "You get more beautiful everyday." He sings as he hugs me. "Trust me I don't" I say "you do never say that." He says kissing me cheek "why do you always do that soon as I compliment you, you push me away and shut down?" he says standing in front of me holding my hands. " I'm not used to it. I also disagree with most of them I'm nothing special." I say looking down. "Annette you don't get if your so amazing and beautiful. you might not be perfect but your as close as it gets. I love you so much and you don't get." says Greyson before cupping my face in his hands and kissing me gently. His hands slide to my waist and my arms around his neck with my hands in his hair. my feet leave the ground as Greyson lifts me I wrap my legs around him, I feel him smile in the kiss. he deepens the kiss and I feel all the love between us. who would have thought the guy that I have been dreaming about would be kissing me on the beach.

We pull apart and I lean my forehead on to Greyson's " I love you so much I hate when you put your self down. Please promise me that you will stop." He says smiling at me I nod my head and he puts me down. I run to the water and dive under. I resurfaced and greyson is laughing like an idiot. "What's your problem?" I ask "well you kind of forgot to take of you close so no they are wet and you did even notice." He says calming down. I look down and see he is right I get out and take it off and let the down hoping they dry "Shut up" I say fake pouting. "I love you princess" he says kissing my head. "Your luck I love you too." I say as we walk back into the water " how did I get lucky enough to have such a beautiful girlfriend like you" he says kissing my cheek " well I don't know but I have the guy I have always loved as a boyfriend." I says splashing him. Then it turns into a splash war. Soon I get tiered and his arms wrap around my waist from the back. "I hate you mess up your fun but what's up with you and justin." he says kissing between my shoulder blades. "I still love him I always will. He changed my life so I can never hate him." I say "well you need to make up cause I know from what scooter told me before we met that you love him so much." Says Greyson looking at me "well I love you more" I says kissing him I wrap my arms around his neck. We pull apart "I'll never get tiered of hearing that."he say "neither will I" I say Peking his lips. I lay down on my towel and Greyson lays down next to me on his side smiling at me "why are you smiling at me like that?" I ask looking at him "cause I love you and your beautiful." he says kissing me making me giggle lightly in the kiss. h pulls away ad kisses my noise "I love you too." I say smiling at him. "would you like to go to dinner" asks Greyson looking at me worried. " I would love too" I say kissing him lightly no the noise. "Good cause their is no one else I would want to spend time with then you" he says smiling at me, all of a sudden I get butterflies in my stomach again. " you want to head back to the hotel." ask Greyson. "No can we watch the sunset first" I ask leaning on his chest "yea" he says playing with my hair. Both of us just sitting there enjoying each other in quiet when the sun is fully set I feel Greyson lightly kiss my head. "I love you baby girl" he whispers. "I love you too" I whisper intertwining our fingers.

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