A Dream come true

Annette has always loved music she loves to sing and she is really good. She loves Greyson Chance. what happens when one of her friends tells her uncle who just happens to be Scooter Brauns . Scooters helps set up a meeting with Greyson, Justin Bieber and One Direction as a gift to Annette. Will this be everything Annette has hopped for or will some thing go wrong?
This is my first story I hope you like it.


11. Meeting

I slowly start to wake. I look at my phone and its 8o'clock I get out of bed and I have my dress on still then I remember Greyson putting me in bed last night. I get in the shower and put on my peach colored lace shorts and a white tank top. then slip on my white flip-flops and I leave my hair naturally curly. I finish by applying a small amount of makeup. Then I walk into the living room me and Niall share. He is sitting on the couch eating, I go and sit down next to him" good morning" he says smiling at me. "hey" I say looking at him and laughing at how much food is on his platen. he has a ton of bacon pancakes and some eggs. "what" he says putting down his plate "just wondering if you have enough food there"i say well trying to stop laughing. next thing I know he starts tickling me. I try to get away but I cant I toss and turn and laugh so hard I can hardly breath. then I here the door open and some one else jump on to the pile then a few more they all lose balance and we fall of the couch. I end up siting on top of one direction. I quickly get up and run in my room with niall behind me. when he gets close enough I grag his arm and flip him on to the bed. when he falls all the boys laugh and I start hitting him with a pillow. we are all laughing like idiots. I walk out of the c=room and sit in the couch and start eating nialls food. by the time the boys walk out all the bacon and pancakes are gone but the eggs are on the plate since I don't like them. "what happened" he yells looking at his plat, I smile "how did you eat all of that he asks laughing again! I just sit there and smile. "Where did you learn that move ask Harry referring to me flipping Niall when he is like twic my size"I used to do karate but I quit a few mounths ago cause I was highest in the class and getting nowhere" I explain to them as Greyson walks. I run up to him and hug him smiling. "Dude you tiny little girl friend fliped mr fat Niall. " says Louis laughing. Niall a smile fades away fast as he walks to his room. "Dude you just called him fat"says Liam. I go and knock on his door he doesn't answere so I walk in quit. He is laying on the bed with his face in the pillow. I walk over and lay down next to him " he didn't mean it"I say quietly Niall turns on to his side and looks at me "yea he did and all the fan are always picking on me too and it it is hard." He say crying " who cares what they say they are just girls that don't know you you should look at what the Directioners say about. We all love you so much. You are cute talented smart funny And so much more. Thanks to you I learned to stops listening to everyone else." I say wishing I wouldn't have said the last thing " what do you mean I thought you" he asks looking at me I look at the time and its nine o'clock "I used to be bullied but then I changed schools. And I used to starve my self and cutt but then I started to listen to music more and more and thanks to you music I found a reson to stop."I say ready to cry. I have never told any one that Niall sits up and pulls me into his lap and hugs me letting me cry on his chest "Annette you we so amazing I'm sorry you had to go through that it must have been hard." He says whipping away my tears with his finger. I rap my arms around his neck and he stands up and walks in to the livening room swinging me around. When he puts me down I stay at his side. " I'm sorry Niall says Harry giving him a big hug. Greyson walks over to me and raps his arm around my shoulder " we need to go says justin walking into the room. We all nod and I get my phone  and put it in my hand bag along with my wallet. We get into to cars then we head to the studio. I sit next to Greyson and Niall on the ride. "You ready" asks Greyson hugging me as we get out of the car. "What if I do something wrong or if he doesn't like me " I ask freaking out. The guys hug me "he will love you" says Niall we walk into the studio and are told to go to recording studio one. when we walk in scooter and LA are in there. I hid behind Niall "where is Annette says LA. Niall steps out of the way leaving me standing in front of LA "hi" I say quietly. "hi sweetheart" says LA hugging me. Oh my gosh is this really happening "You ready to sing" asks Scooter "yea I say quietly. "then lets do this" says LA siting down in the chair be the control board. I slowly start to walk into the booth when Greyson stops me. "Annette stop worrying you will be amazing" he says then he lightly kisses me. I smile and walk in to the the both. I decided to sing titanium, when the music stops I walk out of the booth they are clapping and smiling. "wow you are amazing" says LA hugging me. "really I thought I was off"I admit. "well I really want to set up a meeting with your mom and dad so maybe we can set something you" says Scooter did he really just say that. I want to jump around and dance but then it hit me what about my gymnastics I have worked so hard on it I just got a spot on the east cost team, am I ready to give it all up?


I hope you hope you liked this chapter I will try to put up an other one later today. Let me know what you think.

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