A Dream come true

Annette has always loved music she loves to sing and she is really good. She loves Greyson Chance. what happens when one of her friends tells her uncle who just happens to be Scooter Brauns . Scooters helps set up a meeting with Greyson, Justin Bieber and One Direction as a gift to Annette. Will this be everything Annette has hopped for or will some thing go wrong?
This is my first story I hope you like it.


5. Gym and vocals

   We get to the gym and the only people there are the coaches. Today I have to work on my floor routine which is super awesome because the music is What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. The guys stay on the floor with me. I run through my routine perfectly on the first try so my coach lets me go early "so now we have two hours you want to stop to get something to eat before you vocals class?" asks Greyson well walking into my room. "Sounds good ill be down after I change" I say grabbing my black skinny jeans and my white lose flowing tank tops.. I take a shower and wash my hair After I get dressed I walk out in to my bathroom and in to my room and Greyson is laying on my bed. "hey" I say walking over to my jewelry box. I take out my black studs and put them in. then I start on my make up. "Annette what are you doing" asks Greyson walking over to me "putting on my make up" I tell him "You don't need makeup" says Greyson putting his head on my shoulder. "thanks "I say kissing his cheek and putting on the rest of my makeup. We go down stairs" ready to go" I say getting my bag and putting my keys and wallet in it and sliding my phone in to my pocket. "okay says Justin I put on my black heels and go out to the car. We decided eat at Ihop. when we walk in we are seated right away. We are waiting for our food to get to our table. a few people come  up to us asking for pictures I gladly take the pictures for the girls. when we are done eating we go to the recording studio. I start to get nervous about singing in front of Greyson and Justin. when I walk in my vocal couch starts talking to the guys well I do my warm ups. When im done she hands me Castle on a Cloud. I already know this song so it wont be to hard. I start to sing the song and when in done the guys just stand there staring at me. I wonder what they think.

***************************************Authors note

So this is my first story so let me know what you think. if you are enjoying it so far like and favorite it, it would mean a lot to me. I am writing this during my summer break cause I really love writing. so if you have and ideas you and send them to me on twitter. My Twitter instagram and kik are adtoth26 so go find me. MUCH LOVE!!!!!!


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