A Dream come true

Annette has always loved music she loves to sing and she is really good. She loves Greyson Chance. what happens when one of her friends tells her uncle who just happens to be Scooter Brauns . Scooters helps set up a meeting with Greyson, Justin Bieber and One Direction as a gift to Annette. Will this be everything Annette has hopped for or will some thing go wrong?
This is my first story I hope you like it.


14. Daytime television

In he morning I wake up and my head is on Greyson's chest and his arms are rapped around my body.  I gently try to slip out of his arms and when I get out I go to my dresser to get out my outfit. As I get it all out I feel to arms rap around my stomach I turn around and rap my arms around his neck "good morning" he says in his irresistible morning voice.  I kiss his cheek then say"good morning". He lets me go and go into the bathroom I take a quick shower then put on an off white dress. The I apply my makeup and skip out to my room.the boys are still asleep and greyson is leaning against the wall. I walk over and he raps his arm around me. I grabs my phone and take a picture of the guys then a pic of me and Greyson. "Send me that will you" he says kissing my cheek I send it to him and he sets it as his lock screen.  "I think it's time to wake them up " I say with an evil smile   Greyson just laughs.  I take a running start and jump on to the bed and start screaming and going crazy. They all start to freak out and me and greyson just laugh. When they finally calm down they pick me up and tickle me. "No please stop" I scream laughing when they all stop we lay there laughing.  " we leave soon go get ready say scooter walking in. The guys get you and I decided to change into black shorts and a white tank to with a small lace sweater over it. Then I grab my black wedges and put them on and fix my make up. Then I walkout I to the living room and justin is sitting on the couch I go over to the counter and lean against it. " come sit" says Justin patting the spot next to him. I slowly walk over and sit down.  Honestly I'm still mad at him but I do love him " Annette i am so sorry. Not only am I mad at my self but your mad at me too and it's killing me" he says looking at me. "I know your sorry now but will you be next time you want to. And it's not that I'm mad it's more that I'm disappointed in you. You have everything most people wish for but the way you have been acting its seams like you are ready to throw it away. You have so many people that love you. They are not only fans but friends and family that love you more then you know." I say looking at him. Then scooter walks in  and Justin gets up and walks away. "Annette do you know" asks scooter "yea" I say quietly. "He has never felt so bad but everytime you are around he is ready to cry." Says scooter sitting down next to me. "That just makes me feel worst I don't want him to feel like that around me" I say looking at the ground. "It's nice having you around you bring out the old justin and we all miss it"says scooter as he gets up and heads to the door. Then Greyson walks out  I run over and rap my arms around his neck. I try to keep In the starts but I'm not doing very the tears roll down my cheek. When I'm done crying Greyson gets a tissue and wild away my makeup  "is this about Justin he asks"asks Greyson  I simply just nod Greyson and I walk outside right past everyone on get into the car. "Please stop cry it kills me to see you up set"says niall getting in the car with the rest of the lads. "Ok." I say leaning on to  Greyson. "Yea today you get to be on TV that's exiting " yells Harry acting all crazy. We all laugh at him. "There we go" he says pointing at my  smile. "You should keep it it looks nice on you. "Says Greyson kissing my forehead. "I like this look to" says Louis hugging me. "Thanks guys your the best." I say looking at all of them smiling. We pull up to the stodio where they film the show and waking inside. "I can't belive this is happening" I say hugging greyson when we walk into the dressing room justin is in there. His eyes are all red his cheeks are wet from tears and when he sees me he starts to cry. Pattie try's try's to calm down but he walks in to the bathroom and locks the door. I stand the in shock ready to cry I have seedy cryer all my make up off so I don't have to worrie about it. Greyson raps his arm around me and I lean on to him for support  " you must be Annette. You are the first person to make him realize he be is not him self but he won't talk to us will you. Give it a try." Say pattie Greyson tightens his grip around me  " I'll give it a try" I tell her I slowly walk over to the door and knock " Justin it's Annette can I come in." I ask quitly I hear a click and turn the handle walking in flossing the door behind me. Justin is sitting up against the wall next to the door. I sit down next to him "I'm so sorry" I say quitly well looking at the floor. "This is not your falt I'm that one that needs to be sorry." He say looking at me I lightly rap my arms around his neck he pulls me into his lap. And crys on my back. "You are the best." He says kissing my cheek and looking at me I wip away the tears on his cheek. I stand up and he follows behind me and we walk out.  Justin walks over to Pattie and hugs her "I'm sorry" he whispers to her. "You are on in ten" says some man walking in OMG I forgot what I'm here for "Greyson and Annette it's ok to admit you are a couple just be careful Annette becareful on what you tell people cause if something personal slips out to many people will know" says scooter leading us to where we will walk out From. "Give it up for Justin Bieber Niall Horan Louis Tomlinson Zayn Malick Harry styles Liam Payne Greyson chance and new comer Annette." I hear Ellen say we walk out as all the people clap and screaming we walk over to a large couch that first all of us. Well the music continues we each hug Ellen and wave at the fans. When the music stops we sit down I on the couch it goes Greyson me Justin Niall Harry Liam Louis,And Harry. "So Annette we haven't met yet how old are you." Asks Ellen smiling at me. "Well I just turned 14 not to long ago.   "I say smiling. "Happy birthday " says Ellen smiling at me. Thanks" I say "now for the most important part I want touching  to raise you hands if you are dating someone." Says Ellen smiling Greyson Justin Louis zany and Liam and I raise out hands. "Ladies there are only two on the market so act fast and gentleman you are out of luck cause Annette it taken." Says Ellen we  are start laughing. "Who are you too dating."asks Ellen looking at us "I am standing this beautiful girl."Says Greyson raping his arm around me everyone goes crazy. "Well they are together as long as Greyson treats her right"says niall looking at Greyson. "So you guys are the big brothers taking care of Annette well you are here. "I asks Ellen laughing "it's more like Annette takes care of us"say Justin laughing along "well we will be right back after this commercial break says Ellen   I let out a big breath "Annette you ok you have been shaking since we got on stage"asks Greyson. "I just have really bad stage fright"I explain to them Greyson puts his hands on my waist "don't worry we are all here with you"says Greyson kissing me on the lips lightly I feel like my whole body is about to melt. When we pull apart and everyone goes crazy. My cheeks are turning red and I hide my face in Greyson s shoulder. The camera man starts the count down to let us know we are back. “well you guys missed the cutest thing during commercial break but obscenity on video and we are going to play it soon as it us ready"says Ellen looking at me smiling. Carp now everyone is going to see that. "But until then Annette tell us what you like to do"Ellen says to me “well I do all styles of dance. I'm best in my state and on the east cost team for gymnastics. I used to do karate,I'm on my schools cheer team and I sing a little.“I say smiling  "how do you find time to do that. And do your school work."asks Ellen "I'm a a+ student in school"I explain. "Greyson you picked a good one."says Ellen laughing. He kisses my cheek "yea she is amazing."says Greyson looking at me. “so Justin what's going on with you and Selena "we are happy and enjoying life"he says smiling. "that's great" says Ellen smiling "oh looks like to video is ready" says the camera man. Ellen nods and we all face the screen. thankfully you can't understand what we were saying you just see Greyson putting his hands on my waist and us kissing. "awww aren't you two just so cute." says Ellen laughing. I hide my face in Greyson's chest "aww you just get cuter." say Ellen . The rest of the interview Ellen asks us questions. at the end of the interview we go back stage and get all of our stuff and head out to the car. As we are walking there are a ton of fans out side. The guys are shining things and taking pictures with the fans. there are so many girls and there are one or two boys and some parents.  "can I take a pic with you "says a girl walking up to me. she looks like she is only 5on 6 years onld. " sure sweetheart" I say bending down to her level her mom takes the picture. "my brother over there thinks you are really cool." se says pointing ar someone with their back to us when he turns around I notice its Dylan. he walks over and I hug him " hi Dylan" I say smiling at him hey was in almost all of my classes this year but we never talked. "hey I cant belive you are doing all of this stuff." he says smiling at me "ye this is all so crazy did you see the whole show." I ask them "no I my sister wanted to come and see is she could met any of you guys scince we are in town.' he says  " well have you met the other guys" I ask looking at his sister. "no there are to many people over there." she says looking sad."well I think I can change that. I say waving the guys over."did you know that Dylan has a crush on you ." says his little sister. "sierra why the heck" yells Dylan "whats you beautiful." says Greyson kissing my cheek. " I want you to meet Dylan and sierra. me and Dylan want to school together" I say putting on a fake smile. "oh hi cutie says Justin hugging sierra. "oh my god your j-Justin Bieber." she says jumping up and down. " aww she is too cute." I say watching her. "yea she is a great little sis." Says Dylan smiling at me. "why don't you guys come to the pool with up" says Justin. "that sounds great but I need to go maybe another time." says  his mom looking at us. "oh well maybe another time" I say hugging sierra. "yea" says Dylan hugging me befor walking away. "ready to go" asks Greyson I nod and next thing I know Greyson picks me up and runs over to the car and getting in all well still holding me. "so your cute talented smart and strong. wow my boyfriend is amazing" I say well kissing him this kiss last longer then normal. "dude have you even thought about the fact that when you are 18 she will be 16." says Justin causing us to pull apart "how long have you been there" I ask looking down at the ground. "long enough to know that Greyson needs to watch what he does. dude it wont look look good when you are 18 and she is 16" says Justin says. "well there are only 2 years between us so its not that big of a deal." says Greyson turning all serious and mad "also have to think about the fans how will they react to you dating" says scooter from the drivers seat. "Well I don't care what they think." Greyson says as we pull up to the hotel. "Did you forget that  the girl siting next to you is a fan." says scooter as we all get out of the car and walk into the hotel "I know and its one of the resons I like her and nothing is going to change that" says Greyson pushing scooter on to the ground. "I know that but just don't forget about the fans they are the resone that you are here" says scooter before getting up and walking away. I start to walk away, I have never seen Him get mad like that and now that I have I never want to again. I get in to the elevator and Greyson follows behind me, the doors slowly close. "Annette I'm sorry I yelled earlier I just go mad I am tiered of them always telling me what to do." says Greyson standing in front of me. "Its ok." I say quitly Greyson reaches out to me and I flinch. "see this is not okay you should not have to worry if im going to hurt you which is some thing that I would never do." he says ready to cry. "lets just forget this never happened." I say well raping my arms around his neck. He just stand there and crys "it's ok nothing is going to change"I say lifting up his chin so he is looking at me  I lightly push my lips to his but he does not kiss back  I pull away "fine I give up if your going be like this leave me alone let me I'm know when you pull your head out of your butt"I say walking out of the elevator. And going in to my room  before I know it the tears are running down my cheek as I fall in my bed  

********************greyson's pov 

As I try to reach out to Annette she flinches I really scared her down  stairs. She raps her arms around my  neck  the tears start rolling down my cheek "it's ok nothing is going to change"she says softly. Then she lifts my head up and lightly pressing her lips to mine when she notices I'm not kissing back she pulls away "fine I give up if your going be like this leave me alone let me I'm know when you pull your head out of your butt" she say then walks away. More tears start to roll down my face no girl has ever made me cry before I think I'm in love with her but I just messed it all up  I slowly walk other room  I open the door and she is laying on the bed asleep. I look at her sleeping her beautiful brown eyes are all read and puffy and you can see the tear stains on he cheek. Then I see red Merck on her wrist next to small little scars. Seeing this just makes me lose it how could sheep some thing like take to her self . This is all my fault  if I wouldn't have been such a jerk to everyone we would probably be swimming or doing something together. I walk over to the bed and gently kiss her wrist her eyes slowly start to open "why would you do this "I ask pointing at her wrists more tears countdown her face I sit down on the bed and pull her into my lap she is so thoughts it's easy to do she puts her face in my chest and continues to cry when I finally calm her down I press my lips to hers she kisses back right away and raps her arms around my neck as I rap mine around her small waist. The kiss is filed with passion and love. I lick her bottom lip asking for entrance but she won't let me in,how stupid am I she is only 14 she slowly pulls away "I'm sorry"I whisper leaning my head on hers  “it's okay"she says looking me in the eyes and smiling lightly.Then there is a knock at the door"I have someone I want you guys to meet "calls Scooters voice "one sec please"she says back. 

****************Annette's pov

When Greyson finally calms me down he presses his lips to mine. I kiss back right away,this kiss is long and filled with passion and love.  Greyson licks my bottom lip asking for entrance but I just can't let him in I slowly pull away "I'm sorry"he says leaning his head on mine "it's okay" I whisper giving him a light smile. then there is a knock at the door "I have someone I want you guys to meet" calls scooter "one sec please." I say back getting off of Greyson's lap. "Where are you going." asks Greyson getting up." to take off my makeup." I says hugging him before walking in to the bathroom. I take of all of my left over make up then wash my face. I look for a first aid kit but remember it is in the living room. I try texting Greyson but he doesn't respond I wash of the blood and its not noticeable at all. I walk in to the living room and they are all sitting on the couch with someone else I try to get the first aid kit with out being noticed "oh there is Annette." says Justin pointing at me "what are you doing over there" asks scooter. I quickly look around and I see Greyson's hoddie. " just getting this I was a little cold and forgot to bring mine." I say putting it on. Then walking over " oh my gosh your Hunter Hayes." I say freacking out they guys look at me in shock. " the girl that like rap, rock, and pop is into country too." says scooter in shock. "I live in West Virginia. I really like your song I want crazy." I say well sitting down on Greysons lap. "thank that means a lot to me." says hunter smiling at me. OMG Hunter just smiled at me. " how would you two feel about singing together" asks scooter smiling at me. 'that would be super awesome." says Hunter smiling at me. " I would love to but I don't sound good singing country." I say all of their smiles fade away. "come on give it a try." says hunter smiling at me waiting for me to say yes."fine I will try" I say smiling at him. "cool we should meet up tomorrow after lunch at the studio."says scooter standing up."cool I will see you then" says Hunter waving at scooter we all wave and watch scooter leave  "let's going swimming"yells Louis jumping up. “sure Hunter you want to come "ask Justin standing up "cool just let me go to my room and change "says Hunter. "Hey um before you go can I get a picture with you"I ask quietly "yea definitely sweetheart "he says walking over to me. Greyson takes the pictures Hunter leaves me and Greyson are left standing  alone "let's get you cleaned up"say Greyson pointing a my wrists I just simply nod  ans follow him into the kichen  I hop up on the counter and he cleans my cuts "I like it that you are younger it gives me a resone to be protective "he says smiling at me making me giggle. "Thanks" I say off the counter Greyson lean  down to kiss me but I run away in to my room and lock the door. I start laughing  uncontrollably when calm down i put in my hot pick strapless bikini then put on my knitted cover up. I walk into the living room and Greyson is sitting there with Hunter I skip over to them and an evil smirk appears on greyson's face. I quickly hide behind Hunter “whatever you are thinking about don't do it“ I say looking at greyson. "What did you do"asks Hunter “I was trying  kiss her but she ran away and now I'm going to get her" says greyson jumping to get me. I run out the door and down the emergency stairs with greyson following close behind me. "I'm going to get you." he yells getting closer. I fly out the doors and in to the lobby. I look behind me for Greyson and he is not there. then when I look forward its to late I run right into someone. I land flat on my face "oh my gosh are you ok" I hear an Australian accent ask I feel someone lift me up." you ok" asks Greyson helping me up." um yea im so sorry for running into you like that." I say looking at the other person. "oh my gosh you are Cody Simpson I say smiling. "its ok Annette don't worry about it"  says cody. I look at cody and he is almost a whole foot taller then me and really fit. "dude I didn't know you were getting in today" says Greyson giving cody a bro hug. "oh yea you and justing have a concert her  tomorrow at 7. is Carly coming?" I ask smiling at the to guys. "wow someone is a fan. Have we met before?" asks cody looking at me. "kind of, I saw you when you were touring with BTR and I got to come on stage and sing with you cause I won a radio contest." I say smiling " oh yea you voice has changed so much since then." says Cody looking at me .  " Hey bro." says alli codys sister walking up. "Hey" says Greyson Hugging him. "So I finally get to met you Annette' says Allie hugging me. " its nice to meet you." I says smiling. " I finally have a girl my age to hang out with." she says smiling " I know how you feel." I say "hey" the guys yell in unison we all burst in to laughter. "you guys want to come swimming us" I ask.  "yea we would love too" replies Alli. we link arms and leave the guys standing there alone we go to Alli's room and she changes "So what's up with you and Greyson." she asks as we walk down the hallway. "It all is so unbelievable to me, he makes me feel special and I really like it." I say smiling at the floor. "aww that great and now I have a girl my age to hang out with." says Alli. "yea hopefully I will be here longer." I say smiling "well if it make you feel better Greyson has never introduced his girlfriends as his girlfriend and the way he looks at you I know its true love." says Alli as we walk into the pool area. All the guys are in the water "oh look who decided to show up finally. says Justin jumping out of the pool to hug me and Alli. "long time no see" says Alli smiling at him. "come get in beautiful" says Greyson. I walk over to the diving board and do a front tuck into the pool. When I come up all of the guys and alli are clapping. "thank you thank you very much."I say smiling and swimming over to the others. "chicken fight"" yells harry "I call Annette." yells harry cody Greyson Liam and Justin all once. " I chose Greyson this round" I say laughing going over to Greyson. "that's only cause he is your boyfriend he gets you." Say Justin. "I get Alli" yells Cody tackling her. we all start laughing "oww I rather go with Justin." says alli hiding behind Justin smiling.  "that's olny cause you like him" teases Cody with a large smirk on his face. "ew that's weird" yell Alli and Justin at the same time. I hop on to Greyson's shoulders and alli does th esame to Justin. " I want to play" yells Niall climbing on to Harry Shoulder. " 1,2,3 flick" yells Liam making me laugh me and Niall attack Alli at the same time causing her to fall in to the water with a loud splash. then I go at Niall. he tries to pull me off but I grab his arms and he goes crashing into the water. "wow Niall is taken down again by Annette." yells Louis laughing. I stand up on Greyson shoulders "wow carefull." says Greyson. I dive off of his shoulders and into the water. I slowly swim over to greyson "oh Annette that bathing suit looks greate on you "whispers Greyson as I rap my arms around his neck "thank you i say pecking his lips. Everyone else is in the deep end splashing around. "so I have gotten to ask you about what you thinks about all of this." says Greyson looking at me "this is the best thing ever I love getting to spend time with all of you guys its a dream come true for me." I says smiling at him "I'm glad to hear that." says Greyson before kissing me. this kiss again if filled with love and passion I think I'm falling in love with Greyson.  Greyson's hands slid on to my waist and pull me closer and licking my bottom lip begging for entrance. Am I ready to let my grad down? I think I'm ready so I let him in the kiss intensifies I feel Greyson smirk against my lip causing me to giggle. I slowly pull away and bitt my lip as I look at Greyson. "don't do the lip bitting thing its to much of a turn me on." says Greyson smiling at me . We all mess around for a little more then I finally start to get tiered "I'm going to go back to the room you guys." I say getting out of the pool. "we will come too" says everyone getting out of the pool. "Ok" say smiling at them as I dry off. When we are all dry we go up to our rooms to get cleaned up. I hope into the shower and wash my hair. when I'm done I get out and get dressed  in my grey sweat pants and a blue tank top.  then I brush my hair putting it in a ponytail and go into the living room. Everyone is already sitting on the couch so I sit down between Greyson and Justin laying my head on to Greyson's shoulder. "lets watch a movie. "says Justin putting in a movie. halfway through the movie I fall asleep.


sorry for not updating a lot lately but I leave for the beach tomorrow so I won't have Wi-Fi so probably wont update but I will try to. Oh and thank you for reading I almost have 80 readers that's crazy. I didn't think anyone would read this but thanks for reading. it means a lot to me the only reason I was writing tis was for fun.

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