A Dream come true

Annette has always loved music she loves to sing and she is really good. She loves Greyson Chance. what happens when one of her friends tells her uncle who just happens to be Scooter Brauns . Scooters helps set up a meeting with Greyson, Justin Bieber and One Direction as a gift to Annette. Will this be everything Annette has hopped for or will some thing go wrong?
This is my first story I hope you like it.


13. Date night


"Annette you ok"asks zayn snapping me out of my thoughts. "Yea sorry" I tell him smiling. We go back to the hotel and I shower and change into jean shorts and a black tank top. "Annette will you go to dinner with me tonight asks Greyson. "I would love to where are we going" I ask "it's a surprise but wear a dress and no makeup" he says smiling at me "ok what time?" I ask him as I sit down next to him on my bed. "We leave at 6:30" he says hugging me tightly well it's only 12:45 I have plenty of time. "Ok" I say snuggling up against his chest. "Oh nobody told us it was snuggle time yells the lads running over to us and hugging me. I start laughing and Justin's I the door way "come join in"  I say  waving him over. He slowly walks over and sits down with use. All 8 of us lay there hugging and laughing. We decide to play truth or dare. "Truth or dare Annette" says Liam "dare" I tell him "I dare you to do a twit cam with all of us right now." He says knowing how much I hate people knowing who I am. "Fine" I say Justin gets his lap top and gets it set up well the other tweet about it to the fans. When it's on we all get close and I sit on Nialls lap we introduce our selfs then the fans start to send up questions. Some are for me and they want to know who I am. " my name is Annette I'm from Charles town West Virginia. I just turned 14. I do dance gymnastics cheer karate and I sing a little. I'm about to be a freshmen in high school" I tell everyone. Then people start asking if in single or taken. "Everyone back off she is my girl" says Greyson kissing me. We all burst out laughing. When we calm down we go back to reading the questions one of them asks if I can sing right now " what do want Annette to sing right now"asks justin seeing the tweet people start sending in all different request I see some one wants me to sing supper bass so I agree. " we'll I guess I'm singing super bass" I say pointing at the tweet. I sing the whole song and when I stop the guys all clap and cheer. The fans send in a ton of positive feed back. This will take some getting used to though. We answer more questions and mess around but after a hour we stop its only 1:50 so we watch a movie. I slowly start to fall asleep. When I wake up all the guys are gone and its 6:10 I get up and take a warm shower the put on a white dress that is sleeveless  and lace on the top and it stops mid thigh. I straighten my hair so that it falls all the to the top of my Butt. I put on my white flats and grab my hand bag. It is already 6:27 I go into the living room and Greyson is waiting. He has on a really nice black suit and looks in readable. "Wow you look beautiful" says Greyson hugging me. "Thanks but I think you look better" I tell him smiling. "We'll you look amazing without you make up on" he says kissing my cheek. We walk outside ant there is a limo waiting. He opens the door for me. When I'm in he gets in "Annette close your eyes he says well outing a blind fold on me.  The ride is very quit. When we come to a stop greyson helps me out of the limo and pulls off the blind fold. When I open my eyes I see a picnic sett up in the woods and candles set up everywhere "wow this is amazing!" I say hugging him tightly. "Any thing for you" he says leading me over to the food. "So how is this for a second date" asks greyson "I well this is the only second date I have everyone on." I admit to him "wait nobody has take. You on a date he say shocked.  "We'll I'm just really quit in school an I look worst the usually with my glasses on. " i Tell him looking at the ground "I bet you look adorable with glasses on. Why haven't I seen you wear them. " he asks. "We'll  I wear my contacts when I know I am swimming or active this way my glasses won't fall of. I wear them to school and when I am home." I explain to him. "We'll I really want to see them" says greyson kissing my cheek making me smile. We start to eat and te food tastes so good. We talk about random stuff and I ask him questions. "I made up my mind I'm going to take LA and Scooter up on their offer." I tell him as we are getting in the car" that's great now I won't have to fly to see you all the time. We will see each other more now" he say kissing me as he sits down next to me in the limo. "That's part of the reason I'm choosing this also cause its am amazing opportunity for me" I tell him as we pull out of the kiss. This boy is to amazing I would do anything to even be friends wih him. This is all such a dream I never thought anyone would like me but out of all people it's greyson chance. This is so far the best summer ever. "The rest of the guy s will be very happy too." He tells me.   When we get back to the hotel I go to my room and put on sweatpants  and a tank top then take out my contacts and put on my glasses. I call my mom and tell her about everything. The I call scooter to let him know that I want to sing.  When I get off the phone I go into be living room and all the guys are in there. "Told you that you look good with glasses" say Greyson as I sit down next to him. Hearing him say this makes me smile he is so sweet.  "Let's play truth or dare" yells Louis we are sit on the floor "truth or dare greyson" asks Louis. "Dare" says greyson. "I dare you to not to talk to Annette until I say you can" say Louis we all starts laughing except for Greyson. "Not going to last long" says justin. Then greyson leans over and kisses me. "You didn't say any thing about kissing he says to Louis.  Louis starts to pout. So I crawl over and sit on his lap and hug him. " haha I get Annette time" says Louis holding me so I can't get away.  "Annette time"I ask "we'll we love cuddling with you cause your hugs are te best so it's called Annette time" explains Justin I just laugh at how weird they all are.  "Aww I love you too" I say crawling out of Louis lap and sit with greyson. "Truth or dare justin" asks greyson "truth is it true you smoked weed." Asks Greyson. Justin's smile fades away "yea" he mumbles looking at the ground. Hearing him say this broke my heart. I get up and walk to my room. I can't believe Justin not only did he yell at me but he also did drugs. I lay down on my bed and close my eyes. I can here the guys yelling at Justin I grab my iPod and listen to music. Then I hear someone knocking on my door I get up and let them in. Greyson walks into the room and hugs me. "You ok?" He asks following me to my bed and sitting down "yea just a little upset. Nothing important. " I say putting on a fake smile. "It does matter how you feel you don't know how much you mean to us." Says Greyson grabbing my hand intertwining our fingers "honestly you say that now but a week ago I was just some fan you never noticed or cared about." I say looking at the ground. "Now that we know you we have all gotten close to you and most of all I'm crazy about you. Thanks to fans like you I keep doing what I love. Without you I would not be here either" he say lifting my chin up so I look at him. His eyes are so amazing and brown that its in believable  I never thought love a first sight was real but now I do "I'm crazy about all of you but I'm just hurt that Justin is not what I thought he would be" I say then a crawl up to my pillows and get under the blanket and Greyson follows behind me after he kicks off his shoes. He raps his arms around my waist well I promise you that he is very sorry about it. " says Grayson kissing me on the top of my head. Then there is a know at my door "who is it" asks Greyson. "Niall" he replies "come in" I say approving it. He walks in and lays down on the other side of me. "It's a good thing you have the biggest bed " says smiling I just nod in agreement as I lay my head on Greyson's chest. " I wanted to let you know that tomorrow we will all be on the Ellen show" he tells us sitting up. Yea that's just what I needed to hear. I love her show she is too funny."cool" I say exited. "Good night." He says as he kisses my head and leaves to walk out th door then ther is a loud crack of thunder and everything goes black. Niall turns on his phone for light and I hang on to Greyson as if my life depended on it but I have never like storms " can u guys stay in here." I ask quietly. " sure just let me get the lads"Niall says as he walks out. A few minutes later Niall comes back with the lads and Justin. Niall sits next to me and rubs my back "this is not a good time to say this but I'm really honestly sorry about earlier seeing you like that crushed my heart I am leaving after the storm blows over. But just know that I'm sorry. " says Justin as he walks back out the door. "Wait" I say quietly and they all look at me "Justin no matter what I'm going to always love you. But you have no idea what Beliebers have gone through for you and you are willing to do some thing this stupid. So many girls died durning cut for Bieber but you just continue saying that is was not true. What does Selena think about this. But after everything that I have gone through the last thing I want is for you to leave." I say getting up and hugging him.  I pull him to the bed and we all start to fall asleep.




sorry this was short but I've been packing and I have been packing and tomorrow I have a sleepover to go to so I wont have time to update. I also need new characters so if you want to be in the story tell me your Age, height , personality. if I chose you you will play my best friend at camp! so let me know if you are interested.

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