A Dream come true

Annette has always loved music she loves to sing and she is really good. She loves Greyson Chance. what happens when one of her friends tells her uncle who just happens to be Scooter Brauns . Scooters helps set up a meeting with Greyson, Justin Bieber and One Direction as a gift to Annette. Will this be everything Annette has hopped for or will some thing go wrong?
This is my first story I hope you like it.


4. Dance

"You guys need to figure out where everyone is sleeping" says my mom "okay" I say to my mom. "your father and I are going you stairs" says my mom "goodnight" I say hugging her. They go up stairs "we should watch a movie "says Katie. Justin and Greyson pick a horror movie. " Netty wont sleep tonight.' says Katie.The movie starts and I jump and hid my face in my hands. greyson raps his arm around me "don't worry ill protect you" he whispers in my ear. I lean my head on him "thanks" I whisper. I slowly drift to sleep.

the next morning I wake up in my room. I roll out of bed and take a shower. I put on my black sweet pants and a grey tank top with a baggy tee shirt over it.. I walk down stairs and everyone is in the kitchen."Good morning" I say leaning against the wall because all the chairs are taken. "come sit says Justin. I walk over and sit on his lap. "Annette are you ready to go?"asks my mom. "yea"I say about to get up but Justin wont let me go."Cause if so we need to hurry we have a lot to do of and you only have an hour to day between gym and vocals so you have."says my mom I nod. "oh and Katie you want me to drive you home or is you mom coming to get you." asks my dad. "Can you take me home." asks Katie, "sure" says my dad. I say goodbye to Katie then Greyson Justin and I leave. "How long have you been doing this stuff? "asks Justin "I started gymnastics when I was 2 then dance at 4 then vocals at the age 9."I tell him. "Wow that amazing "says Greyson. Justin turns on the radio and super Bass is on. I sing along and Justin and Greyson join in. When its over we laugh. We pull into the packing lot. We walk into the studio and a ton of girls run up to us and ask for pictures. I walk the guys up stairs to the viewing room. "I'll be down there ill be back in an 2 hours." I tell them well pointing at the studio I will be in. I walk into the studio and the girls come up to me asking how I know Justin and Greyson. when class starts Mrs. Taylor tells us that we have a companion coming up in a month. She gives me a solo and lead in the group dance. I'm super exited cause I really love to dance. After dance I go up stairs and give the guys a hug. "what would you do if I had put up a video of you dancing on the internet." asks Justin smirking "why did you do that" I stay hitting his arm playfully. "cause you were really good" say Greyson ticking me "thanks and guess what" I say well jumping on Justin's back "What" they ask at the same time."i get the lead in the group dance and a solo for the competition." I say getting off his back to get in the car. "That's great" says Greyson smiling at me. That smile is so amazing I get butterflies in my stomach



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