A Dream come true

Annette has always loved music she loves to sing and she is really good. She loves Greyson Chance. what happens when one of her friends tells her uncle who just happens to be Scooter Brauns . Scooters helps set up a meeting with Greyson, Justin Bieber and One Direction as a gift to Annette. Will this be everything Annette has hopped for or will some thing go wrong?
This is my first story I hope you like it.


8. A fun day

I wake up to Greyson lightly shaking me, I open my eyes and he smiles at me"hey you mom told me to wake you up so you don't miss you lesson"he says standing up."ok" I quickly get showered and wash my hair and put on my white skinny jeans and a light pink tank top with a green sweater over it I also put on my white flats. Then I skip down stairs. The guys are all waiting at the door."your mom and dad left and they won't be home till Tuesday" says Liam giving me a side hug. "But the good news is we are you babysitters till next Saturday ." Says Louie "wait why till Saturday if they get back on Tuesday?" I ask "we'll now that its you summer break you are coming to California with us" says Harry " thank you!you guys are the best." I say getting in the car. "We leave today so when we get home pack all of you stuff that you want to take." Says Justin starting the car. I'm so exited to go somewhere. This summer break will be amazing.

When we get to the studio I go right in to the recording room to she my teacher. Slowly all the guys flow in behind me. Today I am singing so sick by Ne-Yo, I love this song. So I go into the recording booth and the music starts I sing the lyrics. Halfway trough the song Justin walks in and sings with me. I never though that this would happen. When the song is over I hug Justin , and go out to the boys. "Wow when they said you could sin they weren't kidding,!"says Harry. "Thanks" I say hugging him. "Will you guys sing with me" I ask the lads. "Sure  princess" say Niall. We go back in and we sing One Thing. When my time is up we head back to my house.  Me and Greyson go up to my room and he helps me get all of my stuff packed so I don't forget a thing. I pack all of my shorts and tank tops and my bikini. "I can't wait to see you in that" says Harry walking in "dude she's 14" says Greyson. I hit Harry in the arm "sorry Annette I forgot." Says Harry. I smile and put it in my suit case. "All packed" I say Greyson picks it up and takes it down stairs for me. "Thanks" I say siting down on the couch. Turning  on the TV. E news is on and there is a picture of me"so who is this girl that's been hanging out with One Direction justin bieber and Greyson Chance." Say the reporter I never thought that I would be on TV. " look Annette says zayn handing me his phone! There is a picture of me and Justin comments of people wondering who I am. I hand it back to him why do they want to know who I am I wonder "Annette what would you say if I set up a meeting for you with scooter." Says Justin. "What if he doesn't like me" I ask quietly greyson rapped his arms around me " he is going to love you" he says. I nod "we need to go if we want to get there on time." Say Liam. We get into the car and head to the airport. When we get there everyone is shouting an screem and asking who I am. The guys tell them that my name is Annette. They start asking me for autographs so I walk I've and sign.  When we get on the plane I get the window seat and Greyson sits next to me. I buckle up and lean in to Greyson's shoulder. He raps his arm around me. I start to get cold so greyson gives me his jacket. We talk the whole ride when we land we get our stuff and head to he hotel. It is huge we get our own rooms with connecting doors."let's go to the beach say Niall jumpin on my bed. We all get on out bathing suits I put on my jean shorts and a lose tank top. We walk down to the beach and there are people laying in the sun and in the water. I take of my top and shots. The guys won't stop looking at me "take a picture it will last longer" I say laughing. They all turn red I run down into the water with the guys following behind. We splash each other. "Annette show us what you can do" says Harry so I do a walkover double back tuck then a cartwheel back handspring and land in a split. They all look at me amazed. "Wow that was amazing" says Liam hugging me. Then a few girls run up to us and push me out of the. One of them walks up to me "you should kill yourself you don't deserve to know them" she says skipping away to the boys.  I get my stuff and run back to hotel. Why do people say stuff like that if you don't know the person. I get into the room and take a long shower and put on shorts and a tee shirt and I let my fall down my back. Then my phone rings and its Greyson. I answer it and on the other end he his freaking out. I explain to him about what happened. He say that they are on their way back. I sit down on the couch and watch tv. A few minutes later they walk into my room. They are dressed and clean so I hug them. "Never do that again"  says niall hugging me tightly. I nod sitting in down in Justin's lap "we were freaking out cause we didn't know where you were" says Louis. "I'm sorry. " I say hugging him. "Its ok just don't do it again" says Justin rapping his arms around me. "When is the meeting?" Asks Greyson  " tonight we will see scooter then he will tell us when we will meet LA." Says Justin. I start smiling like an idiot I can't wait. "We should get ready it is already 6 o'clock ans I told him we would be ready at 7 o'clock." Says Justin. We all get up "wear something nice"  Says Justin walking out. I find my black sleeveless dress its tight in,top then puffy at the bottom ans stops above my knee I put on my black heels. I curl the end of my hair. It falls down my shoulders. Then I put on my make up.  Then there is a knock at the door. I open it and it's Justin " how do you feel about going to a movie permiere  tonight" he asks. "Sure what movie" I ask "the hunger games" he says. That's my favorite book so I'm super exited "wear what you have on" says Justin hugging me. I follow him out of the room and into the hallway where they are waiting for me.


I hope you enjoyed it I wrote it well I was at camp. I was going to put it up last night but I was at a Jonas Brothers concert. I was so fun i'm glad they are coming back. Go follow me on twitter and kik me @adtoth26 if you have any qustions or comments

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