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7. rain rain rain

**later that day** 

"Kirsten come with me" I said grabbing kirsten's hand and pulling her to mine room. 

Liam was laying on his bed watching a show when we walked in. 

"Hey girls" He said sitting up 

"hey Liam, we just came in to put out swimsuits on" I said. 

"Ill just go see what everyones doing" Liam said while getting up and walking out of the room. 

"here" kirsten said while passing a blue bikini to me, I caught it and put it on. I looked completely different because i never wore really revealing clothes or shown off my figure. 

"DAMMMMMMMMM GIRL" Kirsten said as I laughed. "you look so good in that bathing suit!" 

I laughed and looked at her. "Just wait until harry sees you in that skimpy thing I said laughing. 

"HEY!" she laughed and threw a pillow at me. 

We both laughed and made our way back outside. We had no idea where the boys had gone so I went over and stole Nialls iced tea and we sat on the lawn chairs and embraced the beautiful sun. 

Darker clouds were starting to settle in, "well that's a bummer" Kirsten said. 

I ignored it and stayed laying down until i felt rain drops splashing against my skin. Next thing I knew it started to pour. 

We started walking to the door and it was locked. 

"you have to be kidding me" I said looking over at kirsten. 

The boys were inside. I could hear some music blasting from up stairs. we went and checked all the other doors and they were all locked. 

We started banging on the back door as loud as we could but still nobody came down. 

" I didint know the day was going to turn out like this, im sorry" I said looking over to kirsten who was shivering. 

"D-d-doont worry about it" she said. 

I was starting to get cold myself. we started screaming at the top of our lungs 



But still nobody came downstairs. 

"Lets call harry on 3" I said, kirsten nodded in return. 



"HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" we screamed at the top of our lungs. Finally we saw all the boys coming down the stairs and running towards the door. 

as soon as zayn opened the door i ran to niall who held a blanket seeing that i was frozen cold. he put on over my shoulders and hugged me. he was so warm i just wanted to cuddle and fall asleep in his arms. 

Harry did the same for kirsten. 

"i i im sorry girls, i didint know you were out there so i locked the door" zayn said. 

"Its alright" i said looking up from nialls chest. 

"come with me" Niall said. 

we walked up to our room and he went in his closet and grabbed me a big hoodie of his.

"here" he said. 

I threw the sweater on and it was so toasty warm and it smelled like niall. 

"come" he said patting the empty space of bed next to him. 

I layed down next to him and was still shivering. our legs intwined and i suddnley felt warmer and cozier and I almost started to doze off. 

"Wait! what about kirsten!" i said looking up at him

"Dont worry, she can stay the night, harry will take care of her" He said wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me tighter. 

I snuggled up close to him. 

"Thankyou" i said. 

"Natasha.. " he said. 

"yes" I questioned while looking up at him. 

"this is probably not the best time for this ... but umm ... I really like you, more then i have ever liked anyone before" he said looking deep into my eyes.

"Niall I like you too! " I said happily. 

his eyes lit up like a bright summer day. 

"I just had to get that out and see how you felt, I mean after you kissed liam .. i .. i .. " 

"I NEVER KISSED LIAM!" I said sitting up. 

"but he said that you kissed him-" 

I stopped Niall in mid sentence while i crashed my lips into his. He put his hands on my hips and we passionately kissed until i pulled away and placed my hand on his chest and my head on his. 

"i like you niall" I said biting my lip. 

"Ill explain everything about liam tomorrow, because i didn't kiss him i can tell you that" 

Niall pulled his head away and I layed back down. 

"Goodnight beautiful" H e said while kissing my forehead and laying down beside me. 


Authors note: what do you guys think?!?!?! comment and tell me :) anything is appreciated! 

I apoligize that the chapter wasent very long and its kinda sloopy and boring but I am super tired and It will get better :) ;) 

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