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4. Pool time!

I woke up to a bright light in my eyes, I guess after Niall left the room I really had fallen asleep. All I could remember is Niall kissing my cheek, but maybe that was just in my dream. 

Dammit I thought to myself. I cant believe i couldn't remember. 

I slowly stood up and walked out to the pool where everyone was. "Look who it is" Harry said spalshing me with some water. I half smiled at him and walked over to zayn who was bathing in the sun and plopped myself down right next to him. 

I guess he was sleeping because I could hear a slight snore, He had sunglasses on so i couldn't really tell if he was asleep or not, I slowly peaked under his shades and saw that his eyes were shut. I giggled and walked over to the boys having a drink under their gazebo, man they had a really sweet place! 

I sat down next to Niall and he put his hand on my thigh then looked at me and smiled. "How are you feeling?" he asked. 

"Im alright" I said giving a fake smile. 

"So Natasha! Niall and I have something extra fun planned, I know it will brighten up your day!" Liam said winking at Niall.

I wasent really in the mood for anything at the moment, I just wanted to think about my parents, and family and god I wish they were here right now. I continued thinking that its better off if i try and have fun rather then being depressed. 

"naaaatasahaaaa" I head Liam's voice call. 

"yeah" I said as i quickly snapped back into focus. 

"Ready to go?" he asked me. 

"Don't I at least get to know where were going?" I asked. 

"nope" Niall said laughing then standing up and reaching for my hands to help me up. 

"Thanks" I blushed

We were in the car for a good 20 minutes when we arrived in a carnival, they must of known that these were my favorite places to be. I had so many memories from going to carnivals with my friends in previous years. I was so happy to be here.

"THANKYOUUUUUUU" I said jumping up and down then walking over to Niall and Liam and kissing them both on the cheek. 

we walked in and Liam was headed straight for the washroom. 

I coninued walking with Niall and my leg was starting to hurt. He noticed that i started going slower and slower and he looked over to me. "want to take a break" he said pointing to a bench. 

"nono im fine" I said fakingly. 

I pushed through the pain and man did it hurt, "okay we should take a break now" I said almost collapsing on the bench under umbrella. 

"look cotton candy!" Niall said acting like a little kid and pointing to a cart in the distance. "Ill be right back" he continued. 

The cotton candy cart was pretty far away and Niall was soon out of sight. I sighed and was sitting all alone until a boy sat next to me. I scooted over and he looked at me and tilted his head. 

"What is a gorgeous girl like you doing here all alone?" 

"umm .. im not" i said giving him a dirty look. 

"Yeah cause im here" he said cupping my face in his hand. 

"Stop!" I said pushing his hand away and standing up which causes a really sharp pain in my leg. 

"shiiiiiiiiiizz" I mumble 

"you okay baby" He said walking over and putting a tight grip on my hips, I couldent seem to escape his strong hands. 

"who are you?" I asked him sternly. 

"I'm the boy of your dreams" He says cockily. 

"In your dreams" I said kneeing him in the balls, he only made his grip tighter and he grabbed my butt. 

"HELP" I screamed. 

He started leaning in to kiss me but I turned my head and pushed him off as best i could. I saw Niall running towards me as he punches the guy right in the jaw and he falls to the ground. I jump into Nialls arms and start crying. He put his hand on my back and one on the back of my head to comfort me. "I'm sorry for leaving" he said upset. 

I did not say a word, I just continued to cry and wiped my eyes. I hugged him tight one last time.

 oh how i loved his hugs. 

"Thanks" I said giggling and pointing at the guy whose mouth was bleeding standing at the water fountain. 

Liam walked over to us. 

"hey guys ! wjhat did I miss?" Liam asked.

I looked over at the guy at the water foutain and then back to Liam, "not much really, now lets go enjoy our day" I said. 


Authors note: I apologize for the extremely boring chapter. FAN ME!, Like <3 comment and tell me what you think please! :) & fav! xx love you guys :* 




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