Beautiful mistake

One summer Elena and her caousin April went to a 1D consert and unexpected yet fun stuff happens . Read to find out


3. chapter 2

April's P.O.V

when Niall went to go tell the boys I went and got in the trunk since I saw that their wasn't enough space for all of them to fit. So Harry went in the passenger seat ant the rest of the boys in the back.

                                                                         Elena's P.O.V

When Harry got in the passenger seat I tried so hard not to fangirl then the other boys came in I heard giggling from the back and then I heard the back door open and soon after that I heard the trunk door being closed. Is everyone ready and buckled up I said. Yes they all said in unison. I drove off and turned the radio on. The first song that popped up was kiss you. I started singing to it and the boys looked at me for a second then sang along with me. we finally arrived at the arena and before the boys ran off to their dressing rooms they told us after the concert to come back stage to get to know each other better. April and me went to our front row seats. And the boys came out and performed. Before they started Niall came up to April with the microphone asking what her name was and all of the sudden out of nowhere a shoe hit April in the head and screamed that bitch into the microphone. April ran off after that and I noticed she was crying but I was so spaced out looking at Harry.

                                                                          April's P.O.V

After what had just happened I went to the bathroom to clean up my face and when I got out I bumped into someone and fell in my ass watch where your going. I said

I'm sorry. he said

I looked up and saw a boy who looked just like Niall only he had black hair and a lot of tattoos

Hey you look just like a boy I know. I said

Really?!? he said

Yeah!, well I never introduced myself, my name is April Collins. I said

My name is Jason Lovato. he said

Are you by any chance related to Demi Lovato. I said

Not really. He said

OK, so how many tattoos do you. have Jason. I asked

I have 8 tattoos. he said

Cool. I said

Do you have any tattoos. He asked

Yeah I have 5 tattoos. I said


I got to go now talk to you another time. I said

Ok bye April. He said

In my way backstage I saw Natalie my enemy the girl that threw the shoe to my head

Hi fat whore how is your life. Natalie said

Leave me alone. I said and walked away I cried all the way backstage

                                               Elena's P.O.V

I was waiting for the boys to come backstage. Then the door opened I thought it was the boys but it was April. 

What's wrong April. I asked

Natalie that's what happened. She said crying

Don't cry April she's not worthy of your tears. I said cleaning her face with a make up remover cloth

I'm ok . she said then the boys walked in laughing at something that Louis said.

Hey guys. they said

Hey we both said at the same time.

what was that about out their Niall said

can we not talk about it okay. April said

okay then, I'm hungry Niall blurted out. So he went to find something to eat.

Hey love what's your name. Harry said sitting next to me

Elena Collins. I said

What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. He said making me blush

Thank you. I said

No problem. He said

                                                                   Zayn's P.O.V

 As soon as Niall came back I asked if they wanted to go to a club

Yeah they all said in unison we all got in Elena's jeep and this time I was the one in the passenger seat like I wanted to.

We got to the club and went to a booth I asked Elena if she wanted anything to drink

El- Yeah can I have some vodka

Z-Alright  ill be right back

El- Ok

So I went to the bar and got 2 full cups of vodka and went back to the booth.

Z- Here you go El

El- Thanks Zayn

Z- No problem

I sat next to her and joined the conversation she had with Harry

So where do you live. Harry asked El

Well I wasn't born here I was born in Puerto Rico and I moved here with April these year.

Well who do you live with. I asked

She took a sip of her vodka and answered my question.

I live with my dad and April. she said

Is April related to you. Harry asked

Yeah she is my cousin but we act like sisters. she said

We thought you guys were friends. I said

Yeah people often think that. she said

Zayn me and the lads are gonna get going now are you coming with us. Niall said

Waite a sec. I said

El were leaving. I told her

But Zayn I don't want to go let them go we can stay here. she said

Alright but just for a little bit longer. I said to her

yay thank you thank you thank you. she said

Niall I'm staying with El make sure you get April back home.

Okay we'll get her home safe. Niall said

Take care of Elena. lou said

don't worry lou i'll take care of her.

Zayn make sure she doesn't get home this is the first time she drinks. April said

what!? why didn't she tell me.

Because she wanted to try it even though she doesn't like it and she ended up drinking more. April said

okay i'll take care of her you guys go home. I told them

After they left I went back inside the club and I didn't see her were I left her. El were are you. I yelled I heard somebody yelling "woooo". El!!!!!! I screamed and all of a sudden I saw her standing on a table with her shirt off. wow alright control yourself Zayn. I went and got her down off the table and helped her put her shirt back on.

El your drunk

Ja no I'm not. she said all drunk

yes you are anyways I'm not going to argue with you lets go. give me your car keys.

get them yourself. she said all tipsy.

were are they. I asked her

in my back pocket. she said. I grabbed her keys from her back pocket and got her in the car then buckled her seat belt. I closed her door and went around to get in the drivers seat. I drove to my flat since I couldn't take her home all drunk. we got to my flat and I opened the door then closed it after she got in. as soon as we got in I had this temptation to kiss her. And so I did. and she kissed back and you know were that lead to.

                                                                     * Next Morning *

I woke up and saw El next to me and all that happened last night came back to me. I got up and put some boxers on and a pair of sweatpants. After I got dressed my phone was Niall.

Z-Hey Niall


Z-What's up

N- nothing we were just wondering if we can go to your flat


N-good cause were at the door

Z-okay bye


I went downstairs and opened the for the boys. Zayn they all said in unison. W all went and sat down on the couch and talked.

So what did you guys do after we left. lou said

Well Elena was so drunk that she got on a table and took her shirt off. I said

oh god I cant believe I missed that. Harry said. we all started laughing.


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