Remember Me

A girl lives in the outskirts of a town in Paris. She is an ordinary girl and no one ever pays much attention to her. She had always liked a boy that she met when she was 16 and she had never met him after that party in the summer. People always called her a nobody so she knew that she would never meet him again, because he has a girlfriend that protects him like a diamond necklace.


4. The Letter from Juliet(Alexander's point of view)

She jumps into the car and asks for the chauffeur to leave as soon as possible and the car drove off. Without a word she shoved the letter into his arms and said selfishly, “Its for you parents.”

We got to the city and she jumped out of the car and got surrounded by her posse that she did not notice that I drove off. I asked the chauffeur to take him home, and straight for home he went. I walk into my room and grabbed the scissors on his desk and cut the letter open.


Dear Alexander,

We haven’t met or talked in such a long time, but I have something very important to tell you. My family is trying to tell me how to feel. You know that I love you and I know that you love me, but you have to be together with Felicia and be her diamond necklace. I rejected the marriage offer my father gave me. My father doesn’t care that I rejected it, but he wants me to leave as soon as possible. I have tried to mention you, but he refuses, because you are one of the richest and well known family’s in the area and my family is just a nobody. It is so difficult, because our love is so real. Don’t be afraid, because I will convince my parents and I promise that we will make it out of this crazy mess. This is our love story and I won’t let anyone ruin it. Please just come and visit me. I want to meet you soon!

 Love from your beloved,


I just sit there with tears running down my eyes. I knew I wanted to be with her as much as she wanted to be with me.

“I am coming Juliet. I love you...” I whispered to myself and walked out of my room.

My parents had nothing wrong with being together with Juliet, but they just felt bad for Felicia who thinks that I am going to propose to her.

My father puts a small bag that only a small coin could fit, into my hands and said, 

“Follow your heart”, and walked away from me.

My mother nodded and walked away with him.

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